<em>Night of the Werehog</em> <em>Night of the Werehog</em>

Night of the Werehog

Here’s the entire Sonic The Hedgehog short (mentioned previously here), released to You Tube today by Sega:

  • SlappyHappy

    Thoroughly impressive… But I still don’t like what they did to the game series… They should’ve made stuff like this BEFORE Archie Comics ruined it too.

  • Joe

    Cute cartoon, though the whole Werehog gimmick seemed half-baked. I mean, he’s transformed by the full-moon, yet he remains a werehog after the following morning.

    Still, it’s nice to see a videogame adaptation these days that doesn’t try to take itself seriously.

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    This is the first time since the early 90’s, that i’ve seen that much work and love put into a video-game-based project (that includes video games). as if making an coherent animated piece about a pretty bland videogame character wasn’t impressive enough, this actually has a better level of animation in it than most animated features do today, as it doesn’t rely on poorly-written dialogue to carry the motivations of the characters through. (because that usually fails, anyway)

  • Justin Weaver

    Werehog aside, that was a great cartoon! We need a LOT more animators like these guys!

  • And all without dialogue! We’re years past the time when Sonic was “rude” and had “attitude.”

  • Possibly the best piece of animation Sonic has ever starred in, it reminds me a lot of those old Mickey cartoons where he’d sneak around a haunted house for no real reason other than that it makes a fun film, and it works on a level where you don’t have to be a Sonic fan to enjoy it.

    ‘VE Animation Studio’ are a crazy talented bunch, they’re getting so good now that they could potentially take on some of the best in Hollywood. I’d love to see them try, be it a feature film or more short films like this.

  • THAT wasn’t weird at all. Not even a LITTLE weird. (sarcasm)

  • William Massie

    Really nicely animated and designed short here! Thumbs Up!

  • As cool as the designs are and without the incredible pretension that sometimes gets into video game films it doesn’t really encourage me to immediately check the game out. I’ll need to read more about it first, especially with how disappointing this series has been this decade.

  • FP

    Waving a Polaroid picture doesn’t make it develop faster. Sonic’s a idiot. Also, that camera looks like no Polaroid or Kodak SX-70 ever made. There’s no room for the film pack or feed mechanism. I cry “shenanigans”.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    I’ve always hated Sonic’s ‘cool’ design (the paper-cutout design in the credits was way more fun!).

    This short was awesome. I wish feature productions here would come out being THAT FUN. Look at all of those crazy faces they were able to make! Look at how Sonic’s teeth moved and how his face changed shape. There’s was a lot of really cool things in this!

  • Carlos

    Wow, very impressed. Even more so without a word spoken. This animation studio is super talented it seems. Good job Sega, looking forward to the game.

  • Sarah

    Great animated short by VE studios, I have to say I’m very impressed how this short came out. I can’t help but wonder though if I would have enjoyed this piece even more if a) the actually game it’s promoting looked interesting and b) If they had replaced that new little purple Sonic character with Tails. But hey, I’m just nit picking. The ending was very adorably sweet.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    On the plus side: the CG animation was really good, especially the fur effects. I also appreciated that they weren’t resorting to dialog to further the story — grunts and laughter aside, the body language had to tell the story, which is what classic animation is all about.

    On the minus side: the story (which has no relation to the “Sonic Unleashed” game if I understand it correctly) looks like some kind of “Sonic meets Casper” hybrid where a ghost babe takes the Casper role and the two photo ghosts vying for her ectoplasmic affections are Casper’s uncles. Also Chip, Sonic’s sidekick in the short as well as the game, was way over the top; his overacting reminded me way too much of the reaction shots of the adults from Michael Jackson’s misbegotten “Dangerous” video.

    Certainly not canonical WRT Sonic, but an impressive bit of filmmaking in its own right.

  • Ama

    Adorable! I wholeheartedly approve of this. If only the game were this good! Whoever did the story work on this short should’ve done it for the whole game, not to mention, I can appreciate these characters way more without the cheesy dialogue. I’m beginning to think that Sega’s time would be better spent making excellent animated shorts like this rather than mediocre video games.

  • I’m really impressed how appealing this whole short is. I can watch it and enjoy it without being a Sonic fan. I also give major kudos to a short with absolutely NO dialogue (I was almost dreading them to suddenly blast obnoxious lines in there; most pleased that they didn’t!). It flows really well, though I thought it ended a bit weak and had points that I didn’t understand until afterwards. It also would have still been spectacular at half this length, but it pulls off the 10 plus minutes without the action/fight sequence feeling completely cliche.

    Nitpicking done: this is still a fabulous short! Animation was top notch, and the simple designs didn’t distract at all.

  • I enjoyed that much more than I thought I would. Very well done.

  • Kim

    I like it yet I don’t like it. Can’t explain, maybe it’s just mixed feelings. :D

  • Uh… who’s the flying Pomeranian? I’ve been keeping tabs on the Sonic series for a long, long time and I don’t recognize him at all.

    Good video, at any rate. It definitely has a Casper vibe to it… I thought those actually were Casper’s two uncles at first.

  • Karma

    That was almost as bad as Sonic’s actual video games since Sonic Adventure 2.

    Note that I say “almost”.

    Anyway, I pretty much hated this. About as much as I hated Sonic Unleashed and even Sonic 2006.

    And when will they stop with these idiotic new characters flying out of every corner?! They only continue to get worse. And I honestly didn’t think they could come up with a worse character than either Shadow or Silver.

    There hasn’t been a decent new Sonic character since Knuckles. This “Chip” is past the point of scraping a barrel that’s already been dug clear through the bottom.

    Make it stop. End the pain.

    Sega seriously needs to retire their mascot for good.

  • Meg

    This is lovely!

    Cannon-schmannon, if any franchise today could do with some self-contained, light-hearted shorts like the Disney/Merry Melody cartoons of olde it would be Sonic.

    More, please!

  • Umiyuri

    To the people commenting: Among you are some of the only people I have found who have a single negative comment, and the only person to have a completely negative reaction. That alone should speak volumes about the quality of the cartoon.

    Karma, if you seriously need to complain, then complain to SEGA directly. Take all action legally possible to get your way and kill the Sonic series off if you so want, since apparently SEGA has already done so. But you’ll find a long line of people who don’t agree with you that is just as long as the line of those who do.

    One thing I hate is people who have problems and don’t do a single thing about them except complain to a general audience. Your problems will never reach SEGA that way. I know venting your opinion may sound right, but all it does is bug everybody around you and not get any work done.

    Also, I doubt SEGA will listen so easily anyway. Sonic games give them the majority of their profits. Remove them and the company’s pretty much finished. Obviously, they won’t let the series die so easily. And don’t forget that there’s many people who will still buy and play the games, draw the characters, make their own stories and comics and even their own homebrew games on the computer, even when the series is long over, regardless of people like you.

    Personally, in my opinion, this is possibly one of the best things SEGA has done for the franchise, and I can’t wait to see more of these.

    (And there is voice acting for anybody who’s confused, just no obnoxious scripting or dreadful voice direction such as the kinds that plagued STH2006, Riders and SA2:B. And the 4KiDS VAs can obviously do their job much better without them. Not to sound snappy, but comments like Karma’s just get me a bit riled up over these things.)

    To Joe in specifics: There apparently wasn’t a complete sunrise, so he stayed fluffy like that. Also, from an artistic view, it symbolises the female ghost’s happiness, the end of Sonic’s fight, and also gives better light for a photograph.

  • Shelby

    Awsome. Poor Chip, I’m surprized he didn’t have a heart attack.