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‘No Pets Allowed’ trailer

Nicely done test piece for a proposed feature by Headless Studios and Six Birds Productions in Barcelona.

(Thanks, Mike Stanfill)

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  • Mr. James

    Awwhhhh MAN! I love this and when can I buy tickets to midnight screening?!

    Love the characters, textures, everything.

  • FLipante!
    this is just wonderful, I love everything about it,
    And the Mom makes me think of Brad Bird’s Family Dog.

  • Mark


  • looks awesome

  • killskerry

    Oh man. Love it, love everything about it. This is some of the most creative and fun 3-d design for human characters I’ve ever seen especially for a feature film.(the mom character is my favorite)

  • pure class

  • Didier

    Love it. I hope it can make it to the theatres.

  • I LOVE THIS! The shapes and silhouettes are just wonderful.

  • AaronSch

    Where can I buy advance tickets?

  • Ridd Sorensen

    WOW. Great character design. Nicely done trailer! Can’t wait to see this.

  • Love it. Love it. Love it.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Excellent. The trailer was extremely well done, and the acting was bang on. Bravo!

  • Ah, cute! Everything was executed brilliantly! I hope it goes into production if it’s not already and makes its way to Canada – it’s a shame when we miss out of brilliant theatrical releases from none – American productions. Fingers Crossed this one makes it!

  • Looks great

  • Rebecca

    Hahaha! That totally made my day!! Great character designs! Love the umbrella bird that floats down at the end too!

  • ZigZag

    Fantastic. Taking notes now…

  • Great work Jose!