Panic Attack Panic Attack

Panic Attack

According to this BBC report, Fede Alvarez uploaded his short film Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!) to YouTube last month, on November 3rd, and now has a $30 million dollar contract to make a feature length Hollywood film — to be produced by Sam Raimi!

Alverez’s four and a half minute film (embed below) was made for $300.

  • Tom D

    ¡Capitán del Cielo y los Gigantes del Hierro!

    Congratulations to him. This is cute, but I’m more curious about the film he pitched that got him the deal.

  • Wes

    $300…. so he was using bootleg software? Also, a lot of depth of field for an over the counter camera. Was he using a lens adapter? There’s another $1000. plus dollars. People really love that “it only cost $XXXX bucks to make!” story. But still very nice work indeed.

  • Mike

    What did he spend the $300 on? Coffee?

  • Matthew

    I don’t believe for one second that he made this film for what equates to 300 US dollars. That’s just pure nonsense.

  • someguy

    this is an excellent proof of concept. I just hope there’s a decent story attached to the project otherwise, what’s the point?

    on another note, and this is not meant to bring it down or anything, it’s actually a reason I’d love to see this made, is that it reminds me a LOT of one of my favorite games for the xbox 360; Earth Defense Force 2017.

    although it lacks the totally awesome and cheesy dialog…

    why couldn’t Monsters vs Aliens have been more like that?

  • squirrel


    I been hearing development deals with, for example, DreamWorks, out of very unexpected and obscure sources, for another example, a self-help book… in the past 5 years. Only 5% of these deals actually turn into a movie.

  • “Oh my god. YOU. Boy. I want you googling around the clock until you find me the next Neill Blomkamp! I don’t care how long it takes”

    (a few seconds pass)

    “I found this. Its kind of average.”

    “My god man, IT WILL DO! Find me his agent.”

  • Saturnome

    Well that’s some nice CG effects, but can you make a Hollywood movie from that ? More important, can you get a director job simply from that ? I’d offer a visual effect job or something like that…

  • Need an alternative to “Panic Attack”? Check out our short film series “ATTACKAZOIDS!” It’s stop motion animated robot propaganda at it’s finest!

  • Tim Hodge

    If all the equipment was either borrowed (or he already owned it). If he used company software after hours. If all the actors were volunteers. If all the labor was gratis (in exchange for a piece if the pie later). Then it is feasible to pull a feat like this off for a very modest budget.

    Even if this cost him $3000, this is an impressive film. I want to see the rest of the story.

  • Chris S

    …$300… I bet this will stir up the craigslist craizies. “Hungry Animators Wanted…” Yes world, animation is cheap and easy, look at this guy! So quit your bitching when you think you need more money, more time, more animators, better hardware…. You should be more like Fede Alvarez, all of you.

  • x

    Yeah, those giant robots must’ve cost like a zillion dolars.

    After seing that i felt japanese. It’s really great and cathartic see landmarks go down in flames, and understand the progression of the destruction. For example, had that huge brick building been removed for real, i would have a better view out the window.

  • Who cares if it wasn’t $300, that’s still freakin rad for something that massive to happen to the dude!! I say good on him!

  • Dock Miles

    Technically impressive (who cares about the budget), but so conceptually D.O.A. that I don’t know why I should care or even be interested. Stale.

  • Cody Covell

    ID4 with robots…. can’t wait for that blockbuster…

  • Chris B

    Anyone here realize this short was made in another country? so our fees more than likely are different from where he came from. Good job regardless how much it cost :) because he sure did get a nice contract if it is true!

  • howdybobo

    POINT is, WHERE did they SEE the potential of a movie in there? Unless I am blind, there is nothing out of ordinary there (concept-wise).
    P.S- Can somebody please call me blind so I can be at peace.

  • autisticanimator

    Bootleg software? The effects were very low quality to me and could have easily been done in Blender….

  • someguy

    “POINT is, WHERE did they SEE the potential of a movie in there? “

    robots blowing things up seems like a pretty good starting point. Also, considering it’s Sam Raimi who set up the deal, it’s likely to be a cheese-fest.

    geek rats love cheese.

  • Professor Widebottom

    Does Blender (if that’s the low-end software) composite this well; image track, etc?

    Instead of speculating can we just have the filmmaker’s phone number and ask?

  • Hmmm… I predict nothing will come of that. Nothing close to $30 million anyway.

    It looks nice but I don’t get the Hollywood rushing to his door part since he’s not showing anything different from what they’ve already done numerous times over in Transformers, Sky Captains, and War of the Worlds? Don’t they get a giant killer robot script under their door everyday?

    I believe the $300 dollar part. That could be a year’s salary in Paraguay for all we know.

    I wonder… has Sam Raimi actually said he paid $30 million for this? $30 million for a first time director? Can anyone name another instance where a first time director or screenwriter got $30 million? What does $30 million get you in a first time director that $10 million or $5 million would not?

    Remember “405” when it hit the internet BIG about 8 years ago? They were going to be big. They had a development deal…

  • I don’t think a lot of you folk get it.
    For starters, it doesn’t matter how much the dude made this film for, he made it using his own resources full stop.
    In any case, this short does not reflect the basis for the upcoming feature, it is merely the inspiration, who knows what they’ll make…. it might great, no one knows…
    Yes, I am biased, I was born in Uruguay and during the political turmoil of the 70’s I often dreamed that giant death robots would turn up and burned the place to hell.
    I don’t know the people behind this short, I’m ignorant of the film scene there but I wish them well all the same.

  • joe s

    reading a yahoo story regarding this. the director stated he will not make a full length feature from this short, but will start from scratch with another sci fi idea.

  • Uli Meyer

    Ronald Emmerich has made a career out of making movies like this with not much more story to them. Except they cost a tad more.
    Good luck to the guy and hats off for making this off his own back. Well done…

  • guest

    wow. that´s called a “short” nowadays?
    it´s a vfx reel.

  • timmyelliot

    $300 is what he paid for the extras ($5 each + food)

    It wasn’t what he paid for his software or hardware. You can read his comment here:

    He used
    3dMax for 3d
    Aftereffects for comp
    Glu3d (a liquid simulation plug-in for Max)
    FumeFx (a smoke simulation plug-in for Max)
    RayFire (building collapsing)
    Boujou for camera tracking
    Premiere for editing

  • christy

    holy shit! i can’t believe all the ‘critics’ on here!!!
    even if you don’t like this, the guy made something he wanted to make and then something great happened to him. the link above timmyelliot posted was cool-they explain how they did it and the creator sounds like a cool guy. it just goes to show: do/make what you love and at the least you’ve made something you can be proud of at the end of the day and at the best you have sam raimi producing your next project!

  • I think this is terrific and can be nothing but a benefit to animators who should all have work somewhere online.

  • goldenrusset

    explosion bukkake

  • I think it’s a wonderful example of the digital revolution in cinema all over the world.
    Where a few years ago the big studios did impressive and ridiculously expensive stuff, now every kid can make cool things on his computer at home. Congrats the this guy! I hope that a lot of people will get ideas and hopefully get the same luck.