<em>Pasta For War</em> <em>Pasta For War</em>

Pasta For War

Pasta for War is a “1930s war propaganda film made to seduce naive rigatoni to join the fight against being eaten”. Dirtected by Zach Schläppi.

(Thanks, Dan Fiebiger)

  • I guess Pasta must be funny.

    We did a “CarTalk” episode where “going green” inspires Tom and Ray to use pasta to fuel vehicles. Eventually, there’s a huge demand for pasta and war breaks out.

  • If George Pal and Leni Riefenstahl mated you might get something like “Paste for War”.

    I remember seeing that on a big screen about 10 years ago at one of the World Animation Celebrations in L.A. The Youtube doesn’t do it justice for how they succeeded in mimicking that propaganda film look.

    Little stylistic touches like the awkward sound edit are clever touches.

  • oops… “pasta” not “paste” :-(

  • I applaud the art direction, but I’m taking a calculated risk and saying this is probably c.g. and not really from the 30’s. I don’t know of any process available at that time which would allow for such smooth surfaces and animation.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  • Well, all I had to do was Google, Zach Schläppi and there was my answer. Nice film Zach.

  • Zach Schlappi is a class act. I worked with him years ago at Blue Sky, and remember seeing his short back then. Great stuff!

  • Keith Paynter

    “Would you like to know more??”

  • Julius

    Everywhere CG. Thats why whole name (date included) is written in commas. But yeah after reading description I thought it was something from 1930s as well :)

  • Great to see this here! Zach is a talented fellow and he got all the details just right. Huzzahs for Schlappi !!