<em>Pivot</em> <em>Pivot</em>


The push back against realism in computer animation continues with Pivot, a striking and confident CG short from The Netherlands. It’s designed and animated by Kevin Megens, Floris Vos, Arno de Grijs, and André Bergs. The caricatured animation and design-oriented approach to filmmaking is packed with clever visual ideas, which helps one forgive the lack of originality in the story. Sound design by Alex Debicki also adds to the overall effect. Pre-production art and more information about the filmmakers at PivotTheMovie.com.

(Thanks, Charles H.)

  • FP

    1: I like this.

    2: Did these guys do a car commercial that’s airing now on TV? I forget the car, but it has the same style of 3D characters, with the same flat-shaded, deliberately popping normals. A bunch of colorful musicians play, and then a car does a car thing and an announcer says some car stuff.

  • Nice visual style, but whenever a cartoon ends this way, a little voice says, “Here we go again!”

  • Pedro Nakama

    Nice! Thanks for posting.

  • FP

    Okay, the car maker is Honda. Here are two of the ads I’m talking about that resemble PIVOT’s style:

    http://tinyurl.com/y87v2vp (Quicktime, 17 megs)

  • Nice Low Poly work. I really like style and animation, not the story, I expected to see a new story, but it didnt happen.

  • Wow, that was very clever and I have to say the execution was spot on. Very cool indeed!

  • Great film noir quality to this. And the soundtack is really good, too.

  • great stuff… great touches here and there and all over… plus, I have some pants like that

  • I liked it. I can see what you guys mean about the predictable ending but still very cool.

  • A rather well directed thriller. Predictable, but still very well done !

  • Chase shorts seem to be more and more popular!
    Very sexy, especially the sound design.

    Erg mooi werk.

  • Very cool looking! Radiohead had an “internet only” video a few years ago which looked a bit like this which I’ve never been able to find since.

  • From Memento: “So what am I doing? I’m chasing this guy. No, he’s chasing me.”

  • To David Gale,

    I think you mean the video for their number ‘go to sleep’.

    See the image http://www.3dawards.org/nominees/images/go_to_sleep.jpg

  • Yup, that’d be it. Thanks, Yi Zhao.