“Pombinha Branca” by Fernando Augusto Dias “Pombinha Branca” by Fernando Augusto Dias

“Pombinha Branca” by Fernando Augusto Dias

As long as we’re exploring student CG from around the world, here is Pombinha Branca by Fernando Augusto Dias, produced while studying at Melies–School of Cinema and 3D Animation in São Paulo, Brazil. Undeniably bright and charming, it probably makes a stronger impact on Brazilians who are familiar with the nursery rhyme on which it’s based. In fact, it won the best Brazilian student film award at this year’s Anima Mundi festival.

Director and Animation: Fernando Augusto
Character Design: Fernando Augusto and Dalton Muniz
Musical Production: Fernando Augusto and Ítalo Lenker
Arrangements: Lua de Prata Group
Sound Designer: Herbert Perez de Lima

  • Pombinha Branca is very good and very well done (I love the 40’s theme designs) but doesn’t translate to North American audiences.

    Everything is great until the impeccably dressed boyfriend bird hoarks that loogie onto the floor. Is it socially acceptable in Brazil to spit like that in public, let alone onto your girlfriend’s floor? And her reaction is equally foreign as well – I would have expected to see more of a shocked reaction. But she takes it in stride as if this is normal, albeit rude behavior. To a North American audience, gobbing on someone’s floor would/should be a relationship “dealbreaker”.

  • Yless

    It’s unacceptable to spit on the floor in Brazilian homes. Her reaction was to throw her boyfriend out of her home. It was indeed a “deal breaker”.How more shocked should her reaction be? Kill him?

  • Jonathan

    Note to student film makers: Your titles/ credits should never be longer than the film itself.

    • Tim Hodge

      Only exception to that rule: “Bambi vs Godzilla”

      Marv Newland gets a free ride on that one.

  • Diego

    Neat. But what caught my attention is that half the video is taken by credits. Shouldn’t there be a law in filmmaking allowing for only a fraction of the film to be credits? I submit the following ratio: 5/8 credits tops. More than that and you’ll be sentenced to 5 years behind pegbars (couldn’t resist).

  • Ben

    Yeah, I would say she had a shocked reaction and then angrily shoved him out the door. Seemed like something we could relate to in North America as well. I loved the design work in this. It’s kind of funny how everything was happy, until he spat on the floor, and the film ground to a halt.

    • At the moment the film ground to a halt – is exactly the point where the movie should have begun. The story should have EXPLODED with action to counterpoint the measured and polite opening. Teach him the error of his ways – either with an up-tempo song – or a meat cleaver… either one would do.

  • Hahaha what? Cute little rhyme then HOARK! and that’s the end? Well I did laugh out loud…