Disney’s “Prep & Landing – Operation Secret Santa” Disney’s “Prep & Landing – Operation Secret Santa”

Disney’s “Prep & Landing – Operation Secret Santa”

Disney Animation followed up its CG Prep & Landing TV special from last year with this new 7-minute short, which premiered on Tuesday night during the telecast of A Charlie Brown Christmas on ABC. In case you missed it (I did), they’ve graciously posted it onto YouTube. I loved the first one, and this is a worthy little follow up. Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton wrote and directed. And yeah, that’s Betty White as Mrs. Claus.

(Thanks, Bruce Wright)

  • peter wassink

    Graciously not available in the Netherlands…

    • Mac

      I don’t think it’s available outside the US. I’m in the UK and haven’t seen the first special either as it never aired on a regular channel (maybe it was on the Disney Channel – I don’t have it). After hearing so many good things, it’s a shame Disney aren’t doing their best to introduce these characters to people around the world.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I kinda expected that anyway (let alone the kind of restrictions YouTube dishes out these days, though some have been able to bypass that pretty OK with a few tricks I don’t know of).

    • Peter H

      Nor the UK!

  • Adorable shit.
    it really is, these guys have created great shorts with these Prep and Landing Elves, the shorts are not pretentious, and the humor ain’t full of stupid pop culture jokes, it’s actually good storytelling.

    Arthur Christmas looks bad after this.haha,jk let’s wait.

  • Randy Koger

    This stuff is too much fun!
    Really well done with great animation and pacing. Normally I hate this kind of Super Pop Culture Twisting kind of stuff, but this was truly funny, kinda charming and superbly done.
    Congrats to everyone that worked on this!

  • Can’t watch it in the UK.

  • Dan Spacik

    Horrible. Subtlety doesn’t exist in animation anymore.

    • Gobo

      I’d like to hear more about why this is “horrible”. Seemed smartly written, well-animated, and charming to me.

      • Dan Spacik

        It’s a nice premise buried in a gadgety action film. What’s the point of 90% of the film? To parody action films? It’s meaningless and a waste of time, especially for children – animated junk food.

      • @Dan: If it wasn’t thru gadgets, it would be thru sneaking or disguising…oh wait but that would be a parody of the old Pink Panther & Bond movies from the 60s…mmm I guess we could have them use some magic?, oh no, that’s been done before so many times and harry potter does it so often, and that harry potter’s junk too.
        How else would you solve the elve’s mission?
        I’m serious ,how else. (I’m assuming you did not see the longer episode where they set up that these characters use modern and futuristic gadgets constantly).

  • Iain

    Missed out on this as well. Thanks for posting it.

  • Jay

    What character is silhouetted at 4:15 (when Mrs. Clause talks about things she doesn’t want in the House)? It looks like Br’er Fox from Song of the South which would be a good jab at the Disney House for completely disowning that movie.

    • A Dude

      Yeah, but it’s not Br’er Fox.

      It’s Nessie.

  • TempleDog

    Yoink! Graciously my ass, ABC has pulled it! Scroogy phucks, I wanted to see this!

    • Joe

      I’m watching it on youtube right now.. don’t know why you can’t see it

  • Not every video that’s on the Internet has to be on YouTube (although people think that must be the case). The short is viewable here:


    • Mac

      Thank you. I really enjoyed this little Christmas short – it’s made me eager to watch the first one (which is available on You Tube)!

  • Dan

    Fantastic work! Hats off to everyone that worked on it.

  • Ben

    That was really great!

  • AdrianC.

    Appealing designs and animation, suitable voice cast and succinct—an overall nice short film. I’m pleasantly surprised!

  • Paul N

    I didn’t like this short as much as last year’s special the first time through, but I liked it much better on a second viewing.