<em>Quantum Quest</em> – the next <em>Delgo?</em> <em>Quantum Quest</em> – the next <em>Delgo?</em>
3-DCGIFeature Film

Quantum Quest – the next Delgo?

Here’s a heads up on Quantum Quest – the Movie, a 50 minute 3-D Large Format film with an amazing ensemble cast of recognizable voice actors, a lame story and cliche characters & dialogue. It has Delgo written all over it. It opens in museums and Imax Theatres starting this month.

(Thanks, Al Young)

  • FP

    I thought short films intended exclusively for IMAX exhibition were supposed to be crappy and unappealing.

  • mick


    Good luck to them i guess, it is too easy to kick holes in this

  • Gee. I dunno about this one…

  • Jim F

    I just had some sick…

  • Why aren’t there laws against this?

  • Well for one thing this is pretty dreadful but….

    MAN how sad is it they named a character Dave just because they had to have a space odyssey joke in there. That is…almost unreasonable dedication to a really tired old joke. (that has been done in everything from Wall-e to Happy Feet)

    Think about it…somebody planned out the WHOLE script and they wanted this one reference to space odyssey in a children’s movie so badly….they named the main character Dave.

    So watching this you would have to presumably sit through at least an hour of film before you even get to the part with the parody.

    Just….just wow.

  • FINALLY! a movie about sub-atomic particles! Now THESE are characters an audience can related to!

    but seriously, this looks like a promo for a playstation 1 video game, except less fun.

  • Rock and Rule 2

  • FigmentJedi

    But unlike Delgo, this looks somewhat entertaining. Stupid, but entertainingly stupid.

  • Erin

    The photon bitching to the sun had me flashing back to Antz.
    I can’t really say much about the film though. It may just be a victim of extremely crappy trailer-editing. Some of the ideas sound pretty nifty as a way to get kids interested in astronomy, but it seems like it might just be too many ideas for a 50 minute film.
    I mostly take issue with the character design though. That alien chick is….creepy. The full-figured body combined with the grotesque, Bratz-esque eyes is jarring. Even Na’vi ladies didn’t suffer from THAT design offense.

  • It can’t be the next “Delgo” if they spent less than 10 years making it.

    I think we should get over the idea that every animated feature (and technically this is a short) needs to be a lasting cultural monument for all time. It’s an indy film and they had to cut some corners just like live-action indy films do. Good luck to them.

  • rhinotonight

    Neil Armstrong…..is in this movie?

  • Wolf Lahti

    I can hardly wait to not go to see this.

  • THIS?! I remember this! This was discussed on the brew last year, wasn’t it?

    I thought the project had fallen apart.

    The ‘flying into the sun’ animation is okay. Other than that… well…

    At least some animators had work! Good for them.

  • Speaking of Delgo, what happened to Fathom Studios?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    This sort of thing makes me miss the Bell Science Films. At least some of those were directed by Frank Capra.

  • Chris S.

    Wow, that looks bad. But the worst for me was the cliche surfer-type dude who will take “Dave” to a far off place by riding the rad waves of the universe, complete with cheesy “Woo-Hoooo!!!” scene. If they made it any crappier, I might not have noticed how poorly they tried to rip off Finding Nemo.

  • Grant

    You mean…there’s MORE?


  • So it’s 3D IMAX but not widescreen?
    For some reason it reminds me of mid-90’s CGI TV shows like Reboot and Beast wars. Kind of.

  • Honestly, I thought Admiral Fear looked pretty awesome… so I’m wondering why he has that pitiful monster-under-the-bed-looking guy running around and screwing things up. If I were an admiral, and my last name was Fear, I’d take a more “hands-on” governance approach.

  • Tedzey

    was there a big lipped alligator talking to the main character?!

  • I’ve always felt that films like this one, Delgo, Ant Bully, etc… have benefited from a sort of CG movie bubble where some undeserving projects get good financing just because the medium is hot. (Sort of how there was a slew of bad 2D films around 1992.)

    Under different circumstances this would’ve been an unheard of Direct to Video with no notable voice talent. Instead they can afford to “class up” things with famous names who probably only have a couple lines each, like Burt Reynolds and Kelly Ripa did in Delgo.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Those two opening shots are totally in the Star Trek opening.

  • I loved Delgo and expect to love this too.

  • squirrel

    Granted, the character animation looks a bit better than on Delgo. The story and rest of the visuals still feel awkward though.

  • A number of animators on this still haven’t been fully paid for their work (which was completed well over a year ago). Some never saw a dime. Nice. You just gotta love this business.

  • Isaac

    Movies like these remind me just how professional the films by Dreamworks, Pixar, and Sony really are. Maybe a single minute of professional-quality 3D animation really does cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Strawdog

    If this is a regular theatrical release, its pretty abysmal, but its mostly forgivable if this was made as primarily an educational film; the kind of thing they show in the IMAX theaters of museums for field tripping forth-graders. In that context this actually looks a lot better than most animated educational videos.

  • Patrice

    There are some very decent character animation in this, I can’t tell about the whole thing but so far there seem to be some appealing bits in it.

  • jic

    Does the finished movie contain on-screen image credits like the one in the trailer? I know that this is supposed to be a quasi-educational film that will be shown in planetariums and the like, but way to take you out of the movie!

    Following your links above, I was surprised to find that Delgo actually got a wide release. I had assumed that they had cut their losses and went DTV. From what you wrote, they probably would have been better off if they did. As bad as this new movie looks, I think it will do better than Delgo simply because it is the sort of thing that school field trips get taken to.

  • Russell H

    Hey, it could be worse: They could have decided to do a 3-D CGI remake of THE STRANGE CASE OF THE COSMIC RAYS

  • (Looking at their voice cast)

    Wow. They really went all out for something that would last about a month in IMAX theaters. I think this is the next “Fly Me to the Moon” rather than the next “Delgo”.

  • While this doesn’t look like it’ll become an indie darling any more than Delgo did (and that some of us might be able to do better modeling while getting our eyes pierced,) I think it’s encouraging that making full length CG films is becoming as easy as making a cheap video cam movie. In the near future someone will leverage cheap 3D into a decent film.

  • Anthony

    I kinda think this said all there was to say, and even then, maybe that was too much…

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Just goes to show you..after all these years, ripping off STAR WARS hasn’t gotten out of style.

  • Tamara

    That was almost painful to watch.

  • vzk

    Technically, a 50-minute-long film isn’t a short.

  • Bob

    Wow, this looks bad. I feel bad for the fellow students who are forced to watch it on a field trip.

  • rachel

    This looks pretty dreadful to me. Why they didn’t save the money they must’ve spent on their all-star cast (Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Alexander, James Earl Jones, William Shatner, Neil Armstrong, Abigail Breslin, and the list goes on) and beef up their animation budget instead is beyond me . . .

  • Can sombody say “Convoluted?”. All visual problems aside, the premise is needlessly complicated.

  • Hugo Guinness

    This movie screened at the dome imax in San Diego a few days back. The producers were there. Despite the trailer, the movie doesn’t suck. Its no masterpiece, but its better than the expectations set by the trailer.

    Turns out most of the cast practically donated their performances – the big names charged something to keep the riff-raff from wasting their time, but it was still peanuts compared to their normal fees. So it isn’t like money was ‘wasted’ on the big names – this production was pretty frugal all around.

    And from what I heard the cast were very much into the production for example, Shatner and Jackson both took the effort to educate themselves on the actual science and were able to speak pretty well on the topic in video interviews intended as supplements on the DVD/BLU-RAY.

  • eldorado

    Sorry- its off topic, but maybe some of admins can make a news with the (as far i know) first The Illusionist Trailer.

    Its in Russian, but its not a problem.