Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage
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Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage

Last November we reported on a new 14 minute Imax film from director Ben Stassen (Fly Me to The Moon) and Belgium based nWave Pictures called Around the World In 50 Years. Since then, the film was apparently expanded to feature length (85 minutes), populated with an English language voice cast (Stacy Keach, Yuri Lowenthal, Melanie Griffith, Kathy Griffin, Ed Begley Jr., Pat Carroll, Tim Curry, etc.) and released in Europe. In fact, the film was just nominated for a Euro Film Award.

Will it be released in the U.S. and be qualified for Academy consideration this year? Is it any good? Does it remind you of another Oscar winner from 2003?

  • Law

    The production values look great, but I keep having Finding Nemo flashbacks while watching the trailer.

    • Chelsea

      I agree- especially at 0:30

  • Bob

    Was that Randy Newman at the beginning?

    “The sharks, the piranhas, the snakes and the humans”
    -But that won’t stop Sammy and his friend

    lol not for me.

  • All they need is a surfer dude fish.

  • I saw it in Annecy. It worked as a rollercoaster-3D film (with all the familiar old-fashioned in-your-face effects) but not as a story. A lot of environmental issues are brought up but most of them aren’t really affecting the preposterous journey of the main characters. Kids loved the cute design, though.

  • kool

    honestly would have to see the film to make any kind of opinion. but yes there are parallels to nemo

  • Nemo flashbacks I the only one who don’t find the turtles cute at all? They creep me out. The faces really give me the heebie jeevies. In nemo they had the beaks and sweet sleepy eyes that real sea turtles have.

    These things look like human skulls covered in melted candle wax. They look like…humanoid infants that have met with some horrible fire related accident that took their noses and ears. Creepy fleshy baby faces on turtle bodies…~shudder~

    • Jabberwocky

      I was going to say the same thing. I’m getting a very creepy uncanny valley vibe from these turtles. Their faces are way too human and not enough turtle.

  • Mark

    Those are TURTLES? Look like every other cliche of European animation designs.

  • John

    Was this animated in India?

  • I’ve been a turtle for 98 years. And these, are NO turtles.

  • Matt Sullivan

    plagarist-er..not bad.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Animation used to make me so happy.

    …then I see things like this and I hate everyone and everything.

  • Was my face red

    Why do so many people continue to get all hot and bothered about derivitive childrens animated movies? There’s lots of other kinds of animation in the world kids, but you keep running into McDonalds to complain that they don’t serve gourmet food.

  • Peter H

    What sort of dumb title is “Sammy’s Adventure The Secret Tunnel” (apparently without punctuation!)? Does it mean we can expect an unending series of Sammy’s Adventures? A TV series, maybe? But “Sammy’s Adventure” is a poor title for anything.. maybe a series where each creature has an adventure.. but then “The Secret Tunnel: Sammy’s Adventure” would have been better.

    No, just a title thrown together by committee then!

  • Part of me is really happy that it’s possible to make animated features on a smaller budget than those available to the US studios, but another part of me is annoyed that they keep using the precious opportunities to make guff like this (and I’m judging it solely on it’s trailer, and lumping it with fellow Nemo-likes such as Shark Tale and The Reef or whatever it was called) rather than decent stories.

    Also “Around The World In 50 Years” was a much better title than the one it’s been lumbered with.

  • Barry

    Best 3d in a 3d movie ever. Period.

  • I agree best 3D ever. Good story for its target audience. Great experience for any audience.