“Sayonara” by Eric Bates “Sayonara” by Eric Bates

“Sayonara” by Eric Bates

Canadian artist Eric Bates made Sayonara while studying animation in Japan at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. “This story was inspired by my life in Japan and having to say goodbye myself,” he wrote on his site. “Every part of this animation abstractly relates to my experiences, friends, foods, things I saw, and things I felt over this time.”

I love the mix of minimally rendered CG, detailed puppet modelmaking, and hand-drawn animation It’s fun to watch how he put it all together in this video:

(Thanks, Tim McCourt)

  • Wow. Very nice work. Thanks for including the ‘making of’ reel.

  • I second the motion. Wow…

    Great storytelling. Simple but touching. Wow.

  • Waw, cudos. That’s some real experimentation, with great results as well.
    Wish you guys all the best.

  • Cool! I’m really Pleased you posted it! It’s such a great piece, I really enjoyed it.

  • Beautiful indeed. Love mixed media animation!

  • Caresse

    That’s incredible! I love the “Making Of” as well. It looks like a solid team!

  • i love, love, love mixing mediums like this. and what a flawless combination of such disparate software and materials. so good.

  • Amazing film. So much feeling perfectly captured with an inspired mix of techniques. I love this film.

  • vineet

    loved it

  • As an animator who spent two years living in the beautiful country of Japan, this speaks volumes. It’s a feeling that’s so hard to explain and you’ve done a great job here.

    Wonderful little film, maybe I’ll go make one myself…

  • wgan

    he’s got any eye for detail i like the way when that kid’s squatting his legs constantly moving to adjust, very nice and natural looking animation (and made by hand!)

  • sam