Shane Acker’s “Plus Minus” trailer Shane Acker’s “Plus Minus” trailer

Shane Acker’s “Plus Minus” trailer

Shane Acker (“9”) is back with a new sci-fi fantasy, now in production at Gnomon Studios – part of L.A.’s Gnomon School of Visual Effects where Acker is on the faculty. Here’s the teaser for Plus Minus:

UPDATE: In breaking Shane Acker news, it’s just been announced that Acker will direct a live action Thomas The Tank Engine feature film.

(Thanks, Justin James via Twitch)

  • Gene

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  • I have totally been waiting for this since I saw “9!”

  • Paul N

    He’s come a long way since “Hangnail” :0)

    • Brecht Debaene

      Haha, I saw the resemblance as well. Couldn’t remember where I had seen it before though.

  • Chris

    This looks interesting but I am concerned that it might be exploiting students. It is great for a reel but so is paid work. That said, I do not know how the film is being financed or if it is strictly all free student work.

  • Co-directed by the director of Battle for Terra?

  • man…i really dislike muddled character design like this. couple that with the bad color choices (i.e. – make everything brown) and it makes for a completely unappealing product.

    you can do “depressing post-apocalyptic” without being boring. can’t you?