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Studio aka’s Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Studio aka has completed a 25-minute film adaptation of the children’s book Lost and Found. The film, directed by Philip Hunt, will debut on the UK’s Channel Four on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. It’s about the friendship that develops between a boy and a lost penguin who shows up at his doorstep. The film is narrated by Jim Broadbent and scored by composer Max Richter (Waltz With Bashir). Sounds like a charming film and looks promising too.

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Lost and Found

  • a reader

    “8 Ball Bunny”, anyone? Hoboken!

    No, seriously, this looks very appealing. Will be fun to watch for UK people, too bad for the rest of us.

  • This looks to be based off the children’s book “lost and found” by Oliver Jeffers.. Looks fantastic!

  • Everything this studio does looks amazing. I hope we get a chance to see this in it’s entirety here on this side of the Atlantic.

  • Congrats on finishing it guys! Looks gorgeous.

  • Jovan

    Yes, it’s based on the book of Oliver Jeffers. I reallly like how they capture the personal style of Jeffers to illustrate.

  • I saw Phillip Hunt at Pictoplasma and he was brilliant. This looks amazing.

  • Is this CG or Stopmotion? It has such a pleasant handcrafted look that I can’t quite tell!

  • Lovely! I have the book by Oliver Jeffers. I love the book illustrations and I think it would have worked as a 2D film as well, but I must say I absolutely love the look of this film so far! It really captures the spirit of Jeffers’ book.

  • diane

    what a lovely cartoon i have phoned my grandson to tell him to watch the repeat on Boxing Day

  • I watched it today and all I can say is _awesome_. I absolutely loved every aspect of it, from the story, the art design, the animation to the music.

  • I happened to have read this picture book at a relative’s house eariler in the year, without knowing that, at the same time, one of my favourite studios around today were making an animation of it.

    My initial thoughts after seeing the special: I want to kill the narrator. I want to kill him SO MUCH. All the additional visual information which needed to be added to expand the story to a half-hour slot, as well as being able to animate how one thing leads to another, meant that the text was no longer needed – let alone an expanded version of it which obliterated the surprise ending by making it clear what was going to happen again and again throughout the story. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it, of course; the overall style other other than that is faultless. I particularly liked the penguin’s fidgeting; they’ve captured the movement of children, or a type of them, so well… And then projected it onto a penguin, and made it look completely natural. :)

  • Matt East-Jones

    I happened to catch this while wrapping presents and really really enjoyed it. everything was done right. the waves of the sea were amazing, no idea how they did that and i thought emotion in the boy and penguin were nice too.

    looking forward to Boxing day so i cant watch it again with the family

  • Lorien

    Watch this on the replay on Channel 4, my 7 year old caught it as it finished and I thought he must’ve confused it with something else. The book is a firm family favourite, as are all the Oliver Jeffers stories. My 18 month old, 7 year old and 3 year old nephew were spellbound by the animation. As were the 6 adults in the room!. Incredibly beautiful as a stand alone piece. Wonderful imagery and excellent interpretation of the book.

    Have to say, I LOVED the inclusion of the infamous rubber ducks, nice touch.

  • stephen yates

    I absolutely loved this cartoon. best thing on tv over christmas. it was on twice and I watched it both times. will watch again online as well. wonderful stuff! aged 53

  • cheryl owen

    My grand daughter watched it with me on Boxing Day and absolutely loved it. I would love to get a copy of it for her for her birthday. Any idea where I can get one from>

  • Sean

    I just watched this on Channel 4.
    What a beautiful animation. Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  • glyni

    I thought this was a lovely cartoon, no words needed. It was brilliant.

  • I saw this movie last night and couldnt stop crying-its such a beautiful film!!!!!!!!