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“The Prodigies” trailer

Opening in France next May via Warner Bros., is this epic, Akira-like feature film, directed by video game veteran Antoine Charreyron (Tomb Raider VI).

(Thanks Ed Austin, via Blastr)

  • Iain

    The idea on this looks intresting, though it all just reminds me of “Inception” and the string of modern DC Comic adaptations and the visuals aren’t theatrical release worthy.

    • My thoughts exactly, “Inception” came to mind the moment it went passed the Warner Bros. logo….I’m surprised that WB is allowing for it to happen…makes it more like a parody than a serious movie.

  • Chris

    The production value of this looks more like a video game or a tv show then a movie.

    • Josh Scherr

      Haven’t played a lot of games recently, then? ;)

  • Jen

    The scale of it looks epic but the production value looks low. It feels like light and color was mostly left at whatever the computers churned out. I’m still interested in seeing it, though!

  • JMatte

    I tend to follow the “don’t trust trailers” rule, but I also get a video game vibe out of it. Wait and see then, if it gets distribution on this side of the pond.

    So may European productions we’re missing *sigh*.

  • I’ll see if (if it comes to Canada haw haw)!

  • Ron

    How often has there been a cross-over from gaming to features and tv? That’s something I haven’t seen reported or commented on much. We often hear about directors like Tim Burton and Brad Bird who move between the worlds of Animation and live action but I would like to hear more about artists who move between gaming and features- and or tv.


    • Stephen Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro are developing videogames (one of Spielberg’s projects, BoomBlox, has already been released), and Makoto Shinkai, director of Voices of a Distant Star, started off making games before he did animation. Pixar story artists helped with Epic Mickey.

  • Jeff Haynes


  • Demetre

    Ho hum.

  • Around the Corner

    All of CGI has come to articulate the hormones of a seventh grade male. It has to do more and it can start by doing less.

  • VG

    Strange movie trailer! But interesting Sci-Fi story!

  • “It looks like a game” [i]phrase[\i]

    A common critique of CG imagery, usually said with an air of knowing insider discernment and intended as a damning put-down while not appearing to be aggressively negative.

  • timmyelliot

    The render quality/music makes me think it’s an animatic for really cool action sequence in a live-action film.

  • Karen

    Looks cheap and juvenile. Might be OK for young kids, but it looks like another style over substance cartoon to me. Without the style.

  • Deran

    I guess there’s no irony that a film developed by a former video game director looks just like a video game (albeit, one on the decade old PlayStation 2).
    And to add insult to injury, Tomb Raider VI: Angel of Darkness, the game Antoine Charreyron worked on is notorious for being the worst in the series and nearly killed the franchise. It’s failure even led to the dissolution of Tomb Raider’s original developer, Core Designs.

    Fate may not bode well for this film.

  • Don’t even insult Akira like that. Granted, the story and idea may turn out to be decent. But CG is not for everything.

  • will

    I can understand people comparing the visuals to a video game aesthetic, but that doesn’t automatically mean that the visual style is bad! It’s a choice like any other, and it could prove to be a very effective choice.
    I personally LOVE the style, though I will admit that the seemingly massive Inception influence is worn very much on it’s sleeve.

    I’m going to give this the benefit of the doubt.

  • Is it a joke or something ?

  • moritz

    I’m really looking forward to see this film. They followed an interesting non-photorealistic approach. From what I can see here I also expected a bit more. But it’s really hard to judge from the youtube-quality Trailer.
    I’m sure they’ll have some cool sequences in the film! ‘Inception’, ‘Akira’ whatever inspiration/similarity seem obvious, I just hope the screenplay works good.

  • It felt like scenes from “The Matrix,” “Swordfish” and various other movies collected together to make something not new. At best, I’d rent it.

  • Gummo

    To deal with something other than the visual style for just a moment:

    There can be other subjects for superhero movies than the end of the world, y’know.

    I’m so sick of apocalypse-porn.

  • Steve G

    I think you guys are getting hung up on the visuals. Not everyone is going to make a CG film with the same money and time that DW, Pixar, Fox do or can. I assume you’re not suggesting that TS3 or HTTYD wouldn’t have resonated as much with audiences if the animation hadn’t been as slick.
    What is interesting about this is it is clearly not intended for a ‘family’ audience and hopefully more of a PG13/R audience – the same audience that Renaissance was aiming for.
    I’ve nothing against ‘family’ CG films, but I’m hoping that WB gives this a wide enough release (though I doubt it) to get more studios and indies interested in more mature films.

  • Alissa

    Anyone remember Skyland? ‘Cause that’s what this reminded me of.

    It looks old, like 1997 videogames old. My Dsi games look prettier than that.

    Hopefully the story will make up for the visuals, but right now it looks like the generic teens-get-superpowers plus bucket loads of angst.

    Not really impressed right now.

  • Im getting tired of looking at bad Video Game-esc low poly CG thats being trounce around as the next big thing in animation. I’ll pass.

  • Wow. One over-used cinematic cliché after the next. Zzzzzz.

  • I am feeling the overall vision, but the level of
    production value is standing in the way for me right now.

    How cool would this be if it were actually drawn??

  • Definitely looks like Skyland, or Iron Man Adventures style CGI. Which isn’t automatically bad for television, but hardly worth shelling out the bucks to see in the theater. I’ll stream it on Netflix in a few months.