<em>The Third & The Seventh</em> by Alex Roman <em>The Third & The Seventh</em> by Alex Roman

The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman

This is one of the most beautiful short films of the year. Everything you see is CG except for the photographer (shot on greenscreen), pigeons, timelapsed growing flowers, the flying airplane and sky backgrounds. Stunning realism, artfully done.

(Thanks, Gibbs Rainock)

  • Adam C

    Wow, that was pretty amazing. Fetishising bokeh, CG or not, is always good.

    I would have assumed every shot in that was real (ignoring the floating spheres of water), if it weren’t for one thing – the attempt to simulate hand-held camera movement. Even though it wasn’t extreme and was only used in a few shots, it immediately gives it away. Same for the ‘manual’ focus pulls. I see it time and again in special effects animation in TV and movies, even video games. The Battlestar Galactica shakeycam. It just feels to me that rather than make everything feel real, which is surely the intent of using the shakeycam, it makes it immediately clear that the whole thing in fact isn’t real. It’s as though the uncanny valley applies to camera movement.

    …which is a shame, because the otherwise slow, precise, almost clinical or mechanical camera movement that is used throughout the film, works brilliantly, and suits perfectly the nature of what is being ‘filmed’

    But otherwise, it’s amazing. Great use of the Gattaca soundtrack.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I quickly forget that it’s CG at all, and without the description above wouldn’t have been looking for it for most of the film, but take it instead as simply a great art film. The shakeycam didn’t really do much to drop me out of the film, although the flying books did seem a bit more mechanical than the balletic pacing of the rest of it. Great, great work.

  • corey

    Would there happen to be an HD download anywhere for this?

    It’s amazing.

  • corey

    Oh duh, sorry, I found one on the vimeo site.

  • Scott

    It’s OK. Seen it done better. And if you watch the “making of” documentaries, you’ll see that there’s a lot of live action plates used.

    But it’s nice.

  • Terrifying

  • amy

    wow! that is really lovely.

  • Peavolov

    outstanding piece demonstrating the power of diligent CG construction. should be applauded.