“This Papaya Tastes Perfect” by Ian Cheng “This Papaya Tastes Perfect” by Ian Cheng

“This Papaya Tastes Perfect” by Ian Cheng

Mainstream motion capture performances have the paradoxical effect of looking both flawlessly perfect and utterly unconvincing and unnatural. The problem is that the directors who use motion capture aren’t interested in exploring the artistic possibilities of the tool they’re using so much as wanting an off-the-shelf technical solution for recreating something that already exists–human actors. Thankfully, there are artists like Ian Cheng and his fascinating mo-cap experiment This Papaya Tastes Perfect. In it, he explores a more honest form of motion capture that hasn’t yet been cleaned up into a sterile imitation of live-action, and in the process he discovers a more expressive and intimate use of the technology.

Cheng described the film to us as such:

Performed under the influence of whiskey, wrecking the mocap suit. . . .dirty data resulting in 3D animation as drunk and unprofessional as the characters within it. Un-integrated stupidity one-to-one at scale with its form. Note: you might have to tilt your laptop sideways or watch it on your cellphone.

MEMORY: Christian de Vietri & Ian Cheng
CHOREOGRAPHY: Madeline Hollander
THANKS: Mark Bowman, Paul Chan, Clay Deutsch, Pierre Huyghe, Roy Pak, Erik Wysocan

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  • GeneRasputinHole

    or watch it on-the-floor drunk?

  • Sat

    I never found a way to mute anything on Vimeo. Is there one? At minimum, I still can hear sound. Because I’m sure this video works better with the soundtrack of my choice. By coincidence Albinoni’s Adagio was working very well.

    That said it’s looking very cool, I like how much is going wrong there. I LOVE buggy CGI. I remember messing up my Nintendo 64 games with a Gameshark to make them look horrible. I made James Bond run through disco-floor colored snow in Siberia and fight formless bunch of polygons on spooky music. Everybody else was begging me to put it back to normal though.

  • Spencer

    Similar in its merits to the “going to the store” shortie that was posted a couple weeks ago!

    This is definitely better than Polar Express.

  • Iritscen

    It’s bettah than Cars.

  • That’s some cool crap.
    I like stuff like that.

  • Dario

    I prefer the aweful CGI Tom and Jerry… My God!

  • oooh f**k THIS IS GREAT. thank you so much for posting this amid… it is so damn good to se this between all the very boring 3D shit out there. thank you! great video.
    one of the best vids in the last months for me.