Trailer: Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania” Trailer: Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania”
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Trailer: Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania”

One week after the Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg-starring That’s My Boy bombed, we get the trailer for Hotel Transylvania starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. But the real star of the film is director Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Sym-bionic Titan) who is making his feature directing debut. Hotel Transylvania will rise or sink on the merits of his direction, and it looks like we could have a fun and campy popcorn-movie on our hands. The Sony Pictures Animation film will be released on September 28.

  • feep

    Yeah, this looks amazing, day 1.

    The animation is bringing a new level of wacky I’ve never seen in CG features. There was some really funny timing and poses in this. I’m really hyped.

    • Mike

      By the look of it, I think Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs did more with wacky and kinetic CG. This looks really interesting though..I’ll definitely be seeing it.


      It´s Gendy in 3D!.

      Love how he is doing ¨holds¨in 3D. most CGI films are not stylized they move the character all the time.

      This is pure ChuckJones and TexAvery in 3D.!!

      Looks way better than Monsters 2

  • If nothing else, it’ll challenge the way CG animation is treated in terms of comedic timing and movement: although potentionally it could just be another Madagascar in that regard. The story seems a campy good natured story but in the monster genre: though that could be done well potentially

  • Bruce Watkinson

    At first, I was quite unsure if I wanted to see the film or not, despite the excellent monster designs & general aesthetics.

    But after watching this trailer, I’m definitely going to see it! The part with the contact lens just slayed me.

  • That was much funnier than the first trailer. If Genndy’s influence was apparent in the animation for the first trailer, it’s wonderfully BLATANT in this one. Stylized CG animation…I love it. Oh, and the actual writing isn’t too bad either. I will definitely be seeing this.

    (And I gotta say, 0:16 really caught me off guard. It horrified me AND made me laugh!)

  • Richard

    “Yeah, it’s a mess back there.”

  • Was my face red.

    Yes Amid. Just the direction. It’s not like the characters or the story or the script are important to an audience enjoying a movie. Loving his work though and what it has brought to this film.

  • Love Genndy. Love the animation. The story seems fun. This may not be a film destined for critical acclaim, but it looks like a fun film with very appealing characters. A good film in our book! :)

    • wever

      Yeah I’m gonna ignore the critics on this one.

  • Mat H

    I laughed really loud at the “why did that hurt me” gag.

  • Trevor

    That mummy is the coolest design ever

  • Roberto

    I loved every single minute of it. Count me in.

  • Count me in…visually, this just POPS.

  • Jenovasilver

    OMG I haven’t laughed this hard since Wreck it Ralph…this is how you show trailers. I throw my money at you Genndy/Sony/Sandler. You’ve won this round!

    • wever

      But Wreck It Ralph isn’t out yet.

      • Jenovasilver

        In reference to the trailer…probably should’ve mentioned that.

  • Is it sad when the kids cartoon starring Adam Sandler looks like it will appeal to adults more than his ‘adult’ comedies?

    • Funkybat

      Adam Sandler is probably headed for “Eddie Murphy Land” where his only funny work is as a voice actor. I used to love Adam Sandler’s movies (for what they were) but the last few years have been mostly clunkers, with only his “dramatic” roles being enjoyable. Same could be said for Jim Carrey.

      As for this movie, the second trailer has definitely piqued my interest, it looks less one-note and funnier than it did in the first trailer. It looks like this film may out-Dreamworks Dreamworks when it comes to funny slapstick 3D. Not every animated film has to have heartfelt drama and gravitas (though I wish Brave had a bit more…)

  • Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania
    Such a scary place (such a scary place) such a scary face…

    Nice variation on the crotch trauma gag. “Why did that hurt me?”

  • Bud

    I wish it would shut up. Non stop blabbing and very juvenile. Another children’s film made by a very large committee. Knowing how much sony has spent on this over $200 million), it’s hard to believe it’ll ever make a profit.

    • Are…you serious? Too early on to be saying that!

    • Koopagirl

      *Pats back*
      Its okay, friend
      We ALL are still recovering from Madagascar 3’s Afro Circus.

      Dreamworks why? D:

  • Sarah J

    I’m not really into movies that are nothing but silly and comedic, buuuuut this looks like it could be good, I like the animation, and I do like Genndy and would love seeing something from him.

  • Russell H

    Liking what I see so far; reminds me of MAD MONSTER PARTY.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Only turned up to 11.

  • This is going to be like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! Can’t wait till comes out in theaters!

  • This looks really fun and the visuals are fantastic. I hope Genndy has a huge hit with this.

  • Scarabim

    I agree with Dracula about removing contact lenses. That’s why I went back to wearing specs.

    Cute trailer. I just might see this.

  • At first I was seeing it just because Genndy was directing it and the animation looked nice.
    Now I’m seeing it because it looks hilarious!

  • Taco Wiz

    Did anyone else call the number mentioned at the end of the trailer?




    It’d be cool viral marketing if it wasn’t based around puns.

    • Russell H

      Too bad the phone number couldn’t be “Transylvania 6-5000.”

    • Funkybat

      What’s the pun there? Is it hidden in the number phonetically or something?

  • James

    Was Frankenstein diving off of “It”?

    Actually looks pretty good, and much more promising than the last trailer indicated. The animation and art style along with the snappy pacing and timing were good enough to make even the clunkers chuckle-worthy. Definitely looking forward to this.

  • Ryan

    Yeah, Mad Monster Party comparisions all the way here – doubt it’ll be as good as MMP, but it’s worth a go. Also has a bit of a… Gravedale High thing about it? Maybe not.

    Honestly speaking, I was enjoying the trailer until that human turned up. I know he’s needed to make a story out of the thing, but I’d’ve been happier with just a load of monsters enjoying their holidays!

    • I don’t know, I find myself quite liking the “plot”, even if it were placed with other situation or characters. In fact that’s the main reason why I like this trailer more than the first one.

      It is very cliched in concept: boy meet girl, father doesn’t like boy and makes his life impossible. We have seen it in Meet The Parents or even, with the “monster” twist, in Shrek 2.

      But this looks like it’s going to be handled in a way that keeps the familiarity and true-to-life situations of the premise while at the same time taking advantage of the animation medium to make it wild and crazy (see the discussion where the Count sends the human to the corner and makes him suck his thumb). Which is the perfect combination for an animated comedy.

      In fact I really hope they are capable to make all the story about the conflict between the Count and the kid, without needing another “villain” character. The fact that the “villain” (the Count) is the main character looks interesting and probably will work better than Megamind or Gru, cause here his evil actions seem to be product of his ignorance or stupidity about the humans so hopefully his “redemption” won’t be so radical, he only needs to learn to accept the kid.

      I quite like the fact that all the potentially “syrup-y” scenes in the trailer manage to be cute but funny at the same time, like the Count making the scary face in the middle of the song for her daughter or the kid looking kind of silly , which will probably make the love story more relatable than those with a “perfect” Disney prince. The girl does look pretty and smart, but one clever character surrounded by idiots is usually a good source of comedy too.

  • EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS in cgi zipping from one pose to another. LOUD. Adam Sandler’s last two films were flops at the Box Office.

    • CG_Animator

      Sandler has no involvement other then lending his voice… so it’s not his movie.

      I often find that Sandler’s best movies are the one he didn’t write or direct.

  • The Zombie laughing got me. And the contact lens scene. I think my son and I will have a great time at this film.

  • The animation really is quite marvellous, and I found myself really enjoying the trailer.
    Sandler’s voice keeps being a sticking point for me though. Not that I don’t like the guy – in fact I love him when he’s got good material and a good director – but I just feel like his voice is miscast.
    It’s certainly a fun voice, but it’s not gelling with the visual design of the character for me. I think I’d be 100% excited about this film if there was a slightly different voice choice.

    buuuut there’s no reason to speculate on what might’ve been.

    So I’ll see it.

    • Funkybat

      Sandler might not have been my first choice for Dracula, but at least he doesn’t seem to stick out so much that it distracts the audience. The whole time I was watching “Astroboy,” Nic Cage’s voice kept pulling me out of the world the film created because all I could think about was “IT’S NICOLAS CAGE.” He’s gotten to the point where he’s like Pacino, he’s “playing himself” whether he wants to or not.

  • SR

    They must have monkeys cutting together these trailers. Beneath all the horrible editing and dialogue misplacement, I think this looks like a potentially fun film. Animation is the star here! Can’t wait! But I wonder… did they really need all those A-List actors?

  • Matt

    Looks pretty fun.
    I LOVE the monster designs. I like the concept of a hotel for monsters, and a human (who obviously does not fear them) stumbling in.
    The fact that Tartakovsky’s attached makes it icing on the cake!!

  • Dan Kyder

    This looks reeaally promising. I missed Cloudy in theatres because I idiotically judged it by the awful trailers. Not making that mistake and missing out again, this looks brilliant!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I laughed. Guess I’ll have to give it a shot.

  • I loved the pace. The idea of having to stayed glued to the screen to catch all of the gags, is very cool. Providing the film has the same energy as this trailer, I’m in! I also like the “Monsters Retreat” premise. :)

  • Ed Thompson

    I was not really looking forward to this movie. Yes, it has Tartakovsky as the director, but in the early stills and trailers the characters looked generic to me. I want the movie the movie to do well, not because I like Tartakovsky–ok, not ONLY because I like Tatakovsky, but because I want animation movies in general to do well. The trailer did what it was supposed to do, make me want to see more, but I am still not sure about this one. And I think the trailer also did something I’m tired of, which is give away too much of the plot.

  • MissConception

    I’m kind of liking the angle they are going for with the human character. When I first heard about the premise of the movie, I was half expecting a nervous, self-conscious teen who was very scared by all the monsters around him. But I like him as oblivious, optimistic, and tenacious. It provides a less predictable contrast between him and his surroundings.

  • When I saw the newest trailer and realized it had a lot of “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” chromosomes I decided that I am SO THERE on opening day. This looks fabulous!

  • Paul M

    Amid: “Hotel Transylvania will rise or sink on the merits of his direction”

    Not necessarily. The way Adam Sandler’s career has been going, his name alone could sink it.

    I will see anything that Genndy puts his name on, however.

  • mat

    So is the human in a costume or did he get turned into a frank monster? Does the girl know he is human or does she think he is a monster? (that would explain the monster outfit)

  • Dan D

    I hate to disagree but this looks terrible!

    The movie looks like the characters were designed by an artist who had no fundamental understanding of drawing, color theory or appeal.

    Looks more like an animation student’s first pass in a character design class than functional designs for a film.

    • Jack

      Uh…didn’t Craig Kellman design some of these characters?

      • Dan D

        Making fun of Amid. See new Snow White design article.

  • I’m a massive fan of Genndy’s, but based on the “if you put a nut shot in the trailer your movie will stink” theory, I’m now officially worried.

  • Billy Bob

    Well, Genndy didn’t WRITE it so I that will explain some apprehension about the story. And trailers ALWAYS stink so….

    I don’t expect much from feature stories anymore. Hopefully though they will stick with the interplay between Drac, Mavis and Jonathan and won’t stick some hackneyed “VILLIAN” in there just to have one. I HATE that.

    Otherwise, I LOVE the posing. It’s TOTALLY Genndy!

    Also the Mexican dub sounds REALLY good!