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“Tron: Uprising” Series Trailer

A promising first look at Tron: Uprising which will begin airing on Disney XD in summer 2012. A ten-part micro-series will precede it this fall. Charlie Bean (Ren & Stimpy, Samurai Jack, Robotboy, and of course, this short) is directing and exec producing, and the amazing Alberto Mielgo is also contributing to the project.

(via Super Punch)

  • Nero

    Funnier than THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW.

    • w’ever

      We need a thumbs down function.

  • Bruce Boxleitner?? Tron will actually be in this Tron?

    • Justin

      Is that really that surprising?

    • Jorge Garrido

      “How about that Bruce Boxleitner? I hate his guts.” -Norm MacDonald.

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Recently saw some of Robert Valley’s character development for this, which was incredible. Looking forward to the show, I hope it keeps the stylization and exaggerated proportions of Valley’s drawings.

  • Nice! :)

  • tgentry

    Looks pretty solid. I’m looking forward to it!

  • ElDoDo

    So, swapping Scott Willis for Mielgo :)

    I can’t help but thinking that Tron doesn’t really work (at least conceptually) without the contrast of live action and cg, but this does look interesting.

  • Clint

    The human characters look kinda iffy, but the rest looks cool! I might give it a watch when it’s released.

  • Bill

    I’ve seen longer clips. This does look good.

  • Alissa

    Looks cool, lots of blue. But don’t we know how it’s gonna end thanks to Tron: Legacy?

    I’ll probably watch it anyway, those lightcycles were awesome.

  • Michael

    Who’s producing this? Is it a Disneytoons, TVA, or an outside company?

    • JavaJunkie

      Disney TVA.

  • Everything’s so shiny! My short attention span will be pleased!

    I am enjoying the decision to use hand drawn faces on those 3d models; a very smart design choice, imho

  • Finally a cartoon that looks like it was made for the 21st Century. I will check this out…

  • I’m looking forward to this!

  • I was never got into Tron, but I have to admit this does look pretty cool with an interesting combination of 2D and CG, so I’ll give it a watch when it comes on.

  • reza

    The ‘buy one get one free’ short is soooooooo good! holy crap. lets get more of that instead

  • Mark

    Looks as cheap as the movie did–only with a stronger script.

    • ScoJo

      Really? I think it looks incredible. Maybe you have to watch the HD version. I saw it on the Disney XD site.

  • amid

    It’s a little hard to tell from the brief length of these clips but I don’t see any 2D in the characters, only cel-shaded CG. Can someone confirm that all the characters are computer-animated?

    • I can confirm that the characters are 2D hand drawn – at least their faces are. I saw a longer test clip at the studio and it was pretty spectacular. The clip I saw included a dialogue scene and the characters were hand drawn as far as I could tell.

      • Paul M

        Why are they doing a TRON cartoon with 2d cell shading in it at all? Are they worried the CG artists aren’t advanced enough? Mainframe animation was doing better than that more than ten years ago with season 4 of Reboot or the first episodes of Action Man. To make a tron cartoon and have it look like the new GI Joe or something seems absurd

  • Keegan

    Why are people praising this? It’s more “cartoons about pre-existing properties”.

    • …So, we have to hate things that are pre-existing properties?

      In my book. If it looks good – why not enjoy it?

  • Aj

    This looks great. I cannot wait for this.

  • Paul Reubens..

  • Kyle Maloney

    the CG looks surprisingly good, but I’m not on board with the hand drawn mix. it clashes too much for me.

  • I’m glad to see shows like this and the new Thundercats. These are the sort of adventure stories I wanted to see as a kid.

  • Looks compelling, I might give it a try.

    Am I the only person tired of Elijah Wood’s bland white guy “voice acting” voice? Or maybe the point is to be generic?

  • Larry Koster

    “Am I the only person tired of Elijah Wood’s bland white guy “voice acting” voice?”

    Yes, you are.

    This looks pretty good to me. DTV is getting their game together.

    I just hope Glen Keane doesn’t leave WDAS like that rumor circling around, that would be a huge blow to their rebirth.

  • Eric

    Wait, who said that? Keane is going to DreamWorks? I don’t buy that. Where did you hear that?

    • Don’t tell anyone but I heard Glen is going to DreamWorks and they’re going to make his version of Rapunzel there.

  • NC

    Hopefully there will be some actual action in this and not just two hours of dialogue and a couple action scenes already shown in previews. If they can Daft Punk back for the score though, than I’m in.

  • For some reason, I have gotten a batman beyond vibe from watching this intro.

    • ScoJo

      It’s funny, I said “Batman Begins”…as in the Christian Bale one. I don’t think you’re far off. I’ve heard Aeon Flux too.

  • Steven M.

    Not sure if I like it or hate it. I’ll need to see more.

  • Wait. What? I thought I was the only person liked that movie? I mean this looks awful/meh but am I to understand that somebody somewhere is still spending/hemorrhaging money on the Tron franchise and I might yet get my threequel?


  • ScoJo

    This looks so rad. I’ve always been mildly interested in Tron, but this evokes a feeling more like “Batman Begins” for me. Just one man’s opinion…