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Up-and-Coming: Miwa Matreyek & David O’Reilly

Digitopia by Miwa Matreyek

Wanted to put the spotlight this morning on two young animation filmmakers whose work has caught my attention and who I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Irene Kotlarz, the director of the upcoming Platform Animation Festival introduced me to the work of Miwa Matreyek, a recent grad out of the CalArts Experimental Animation program whose films combine CG, illustration, live-action and live performance. There’s the sense of a well-formed artistic voice throughout her films, which is uncommon among younger filmmakers. Her work can be viewed at SemiHemisphere.com. Be sure to check out the “Digitopia” video.

Moving on, a few months back I posted a link to a rather experimental bit of CG called RGBXYZ. At the time, I didn’t know who had produced the shorts. It turns out that the filmmaker is David O’Reilly from Ireland. More of his work can be seen at DavidOReilly.com. It’s always exciting to see somebody taking CG into a more stylized direction, especially when they’re as fearlessly experimental as OReilly has shown himself to be. He has a digital short called WOFL which has some fascinating compositional ideas and camera moves. I was also surprised to find out that he did the animation for Shynola’s Beck music video “E-Pro,” which is also posted on his site.

WOFL by David OReilly
  • Miwa’s stuff always delighted me whenever I saw it! Her stuff was rad even back during the Santa Barbara Days. Keep up the great work Miwa, I’m glad folks are beginning to take notice!

  • Donald

    There is a prank call to Pixar on the technicolon site!! Great post!

  • I really dig the wofl short. there are a couple moments that were kinda WTF but i liked it. very nice.

  • MattyJ

    Don’t miss O’Reilly’s venetian snares videos:


  • Jeffrey Gray

    That background with the trees, does that remind anyone else of Mary Blair’s backgrounds from Once Upon a Wintertime? Especially when there would be stark white trees over a pitch black sky…

  • Mark D

    It actually reminds me more of the Thief and the Cobbler layouts, really stylised but with a kind of mathematical precision.