“Up In The Sky” By Antoine Robert And Arnaud Janvier

“Up In the Sky,” a cheerful pastel-colored translucent fantasy for the Swiss group 77 Bombay Street, was directed by Antoine Robert and Arnaud Janvier. They made the video at Paris-based Cube Creative. See the animatic and pre-production art on Arnaud’s blog.

  • http://www.sofoca.cl Andrés Sanhueza

    I love this song, yet I thought the live-action video was pretty dull (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzBQL5b36ww). I’m glad they did a new and more upbeat one.

  • Carlos Herrera

    Gorgeous colors, design, and music! I love this!!!

  • huh

    The animation overpowers the audio. Direction-wise a faulty choice. But man, what a compliment to have your visuals be the focus/pull/attraction of a MUSIC video. Well done!

    Also, great song. Interest peaked, checking band out :)