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Wall-E Trailer

Pixar has released the final trailer for Wall-E before its June 27 release. All I can say is that I really want to see this film! And this is coming from somebody who’s not a particular fan of robots or sci-fi. It’s just that this film looks refreshingly different in so many ways.

I’m also predicting that Wall-E will be a huge success, if only because the title character reminds me of E.T., visually and also in its endearingly innocent personality (not to mention the name). Considering how moviegoers embraced E.T., I think it’s a safe bet that audiences will be similarly receptive to the character Wall-E.

Wall E and ET
  • Yeah I’m really looking forward to Wall•E as well. I can definitely see the comparison between E.T. Though I think he has more in common with Johnny Five from Short Circuit.

  • Wall-E has always seemed more like Johnny Five from “Short Circuit”, to me. One of the earlier trailers even recycled that film’s crushed-insect motif.

  • Ever since the first teaser, I felt this would be better than the only other Pixar movie I really liked, The Incredibles. Next to monkeys, kids LOVE robots so it will be huge. Plus, there’s not much voice acting (rather than the R2-D2 speak) which you don’t see in a movie. That’s what sold me on it.

  • e.t.
    johnny 5
    Anyone else think Wall-E looks more like that Mars Rover that nasa sent to mars years ago?

    Either way, this film looks unique and adorable. And anything with robots is always a plus.

  • David

    I always thought that the other animated robot movie that got so much acclaim, Iron Giant, was basically the same movie as ET.

  • Sarah

    I watched the trailer last night and I’m already in love with the little “mars rover.” I look forward to seeing this more than Ironman…Eh, lets say its tie.

    And please don’t compare WALL-E to Johnny 5, I really hated that movie when I was kid and I don’t want to be reminded of him when I watch this in theaters.

  • Congratulations (in advance, I guess) to Pixar, that looks very good, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the best Pixar movie yet.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Superb. My must-see movie for the year. Radio-controlled Wall-E’s are going to be the hit toy of the Xmas season, too.

  • Wow, a feature-length Pluto cartoon with a robot. I’ll pass. And who the hell thought it acceptable to settle on the Johnny 5 ripoff design?

  • I love the movie not only because of its unique storyline, but by proving the world how awesome Pixar is, by having a non-talking character play the main role.
    I can’t wait to see how it’ll play out.

  • Homer J. Simpson

    Anyone remember the old R.O.B. accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 80s? That’s what Wall-E immediately reminded me of.


  • Johnny Five – STILL ALIVE!

  • joecab

    I think it’ll do well, too, but E.T. was over 25 years ago, and I don’t think any similarity to it will help or hinder. Johnny-5 was my first impression too until I actually watched the trailer. They really come up with an interesting variety of features at Pixar, don’t they?

  • Im just wondering if we will now see a wave of cute robot themed movies and series after this one….since the funny talking animal movies have reached their peak?

    But definitly Johnny-5….. sorry.. i mean Wall-E looks like a winner. Cant wait! :)

  • Christopher Olson

    So far, WALL-E reminds people of Johnny Five, R2D2, the Mars Rover, and now E.T. the Extraterrestrial. So does that mean WALL-E is going to go to be just as successful as each of them?

    Well, I won’t call Short Circuit a success, but it apparently made an impression since we all remember it.

    Oh yeah, and I’m really looking forward to this film too!

  • Just wait till you see some of the animation those Pixar cats came up with… damn near perfect.

  • PCUnfunny

    Simpson: Yeah it does look like Rob. Anyway, I am with Thad. I am really not interested. This looks like it would only be good for about 7 minutes. I really whish Pixar would actually break out and do something bold.

  • Killroy McFate

    I was thinking VINCENT from “The Black Hole”. But seriously, why the big goo-goo eyes? R2 was basically a beeping trashcan, and the world fell in love with him.

  • joecab

    Oh, man: Vincent! Why did you have to remind us!

    PCU: Let me just add that for many of Pixar’s previews I thought “hmm looks interesting” but nothing that made me get really anxious to see it. I think they kinda go easy on the trailers to surprise you and let reviews and word of mouth do their job. Ratatouille didn’t wow me, either, but that turned out to be an absolutely wonderful and touching movie: one of their bests.

  • red pill junkie

    Yeah, a mix between E.T. & Johny 5, but a damn good one!

    I expect great things from this movie aswell. The only thing I didn’t like that much was the fact human character that appears by the middle of the trailer. Maybe I expected something more realistic, which I am more than aware goes againt the main Pixar Credo… but still, this movie talks about a pretty serious issue: pollution & complete enviromental breakdown as the ultimate result of a careless consumer society. Maybe the message would sink deeper if the humans looked more realistic?

    PS: Yes, I know all the “Uncanny Valley” discussion, and I agree with it, but then again… the people at Pixar didn’t use cartoon humans when they launched a fake website last year to promote this movie (you remember that one, the BuynLarge site?)

  • Ed J.

    ” R2 was basically a beeping trashcan, and the world fell in love with him.”

    R2 didn’t have to carry an entire movie. Wouldn’t have worked with that particular design.

  • I’m surprised no one noticed a third connection to E.T. – Ben Burtt, who did the sound design for R2D2, E.T. and now Wall-E.

  • Joe

    Wall-e doesn’t look anything like Johnny five. It’s been my experience that people that lack creativity tend to draw comparisons where there really are none. The only thing that Johnny five and wall-e have in common is they are robots. Have you looked at pictures of each? They look no more identical as bugs bunny does to daffy duck. (and all youhave to do there is rip the bill of daffy and give him a set of ears) Wall-e has a semi square head and round eyes so it must be a Johnny 5 rip off!

  • Keith Paynter

    “No disassemble!”

    I will reserve judgement until I actually see the film. I didn’t see either Cars or Ratatoullie when they originally ran in theaters, but have since, and am now fond of both, especially Cars – and it looks so-o-o-o amazing on Blu-Ray disc.

  • GhaleonQ

    I adore Pixar and all, but I’m worried. The animation and cinematography look unimaginative and the slapstick is, well, really poorly done. Is that all that the movie is?

    The last time I felt foreboding, it was about “Cars,” and we know how that turned out.

  • Jake Riley

    Yeah–“Cars” has made 3 or 4 BILLION dollars, has a sequel on the way, and is one of the most popular films of it’s year. Every kid of an entire generation knows each of those characters incredibly well.

    It turned out pretty well.

  • Joe, you seriously can’t see the resemblance? The head and the tracks, the infinitely upturned gaze? the slapstick goofiness, and the squished bug? Not that it’s even close to copied, but it just hints at the generic nature of Wall-e’s design. Still, could be awesome.

    Someone did the groundwork… http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/6858/johnnywr1.png

  • Joe

    they look just as much a like as a toaster does to a bread box.