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“Wreck-It Ralph” First Images

This week we are getting our first look at Disney’s next animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph. USA Today got the exclusive first pics from Rich Moore’s film – and the teaser trailer should be online tomorrow. I’m actually excited about this film, because from all indications it will be a big change from the traditional fairy tales and animal adventures Disney has been producing of late. The film re-teams director Moore (from The Simpsons and Futurama) with writer Jim Reardon (Simpsons, Tiny Toons, Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse… not to mention, Wall-E), bringing a new comic sensibility to the studio. Bring it on!

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  • Jorge Garrido

    As in Bakshi?

  • Joe

    Are those Q-bert characters in the top image?!?!!? Nice!

  • Dave O.

    Did Disney acquire the Q*Bert characters???

    • FigmentJedi

      The full image also has characters from Street Fighter, Resident Evil zombies and what looks like Deku Scrub Link. This is basically Roger Rabbit with video games.

      • Or Toy Story.

      • Ermy

        Where is the movie about cereal box and merchandising mascots?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Sad to see the ol’ Q on such hard times. He doesn’t need a cherry, just one of those green balls to get him through the day!

    • wever

      I assume a lot of old video game characters are unfortunately in the same situation.

  • Michael Sheehan

    A pretty full trailer screened with Ratatouille (and presumably other Pixar films) during the AMC screenings on Memorial Day weekend. Seemed very charming, fun, and looked great. A group therapy session featured Bowser, Pac-Man ghosts, Q-Bert and Ralph among others. Pretty lengthy trailer, and it expressed the full story pretty clearly. Looking forward to this.

  • Sat

    This is looking very good, not to mention that it’s world of 1970s-80s-90s video games characters is very appealing to me. Roger Rabbit of video games indeed. Though I wonder how well known any of these characters are to the general public.

  • Tedzey

    Pretty exciting. I especially like how they captured Jane Lynchs likeness in the second picture!

  • Mapache

    You can see Bison in this part of the image
    And quite a lot of other characeters I don’t know.

    And tell me if you can spot Zangief and Chun Li in this one.

    • JMatte

      Do I also spy the dinosaur from “Meet The Robinsons” in the first one? Top of the picture, coming out of a doorway like place?

      • AJ 2010

        It could be Bubs or Bob from bubble bobble I forget which ones which.

  • Looks puzzling, but I hope it doesn’t just exploit elements of the geek culture to attract audiences.

    • Sarah J

      Agreed, I hate this whole “pandering to nerds” thing the media has been doing a lot lately.

      • axolotl

        Yeah! They should spend more time pandering to jocks and cheerleaders!

      • I’m a nerd, so if it’s HONEST pandering, then I’m all for it ;)

    • Mapache

      Looks like something -by nerds for nerds-. Those are the kind of people who did never really care about being nerds. Not like working for Ralph Bakshi or Matt Groening was mainstream then.

  • Austin Papageorge

    Which episodes of The Simpsons did Jim Reardon write? I thought he was only a director.

    • Billy Batz

      Jim Reardon was a Supervising Producer/Director on the Simpsons as well, he is a film genius!

  • Man, if you had told me Rich Moore would be directing a Disney animated feature and Jim Reardon would be his head of story, I don’t think I would have believed you. What a crazy project this is.

  • Ralph looks like Li’l Abner after he’s been exposed to gamma rays!

    • John A

      Actually, he reminds me of “Primitive Pete”the caveman (from an old Disney safety film) which resembled an young Ward Kimball caricature.

  • Kristjan Birnir

    Not sure about this film, wreck sound slike we are in for disaster. What needs happen to convince disney to stick with hand drawn animation.

    • Steve

      Tangled made a lot of money (600 mil worldwide). Princess and the Frog and Pooh didn’t.

      Also, I wouldn’t bet on the success or failure of a film based on whether or not the title contains the word “Wreck.”

      Honestly, this sounds like a hit.

    • Sarah J

      Disney was hoping that The Princess and the Frog would reach Lion King levels of success, which is hard to top. The movie did well, but due to competition from a few other movies at the time, it wasn’t as successful as it could have been. Main problem was that Disney was holding it to too-high standards. (Winnie the Pooh, they hardly gave that movie any advertising, of course it wasn’t going to do well) If traditional animation is to make a comeback, a traditionally animated movie needs to become a big hit.

  • Looks good to me. I love the 8-bit posters.

  • A Writer

    You can see Chun-Li and Zangief walking by Q-bert, and if you comb the background you can find M. Bison.

  • Julian

    “Wreck it Ralph”, does this main character guy have anything to do with Ralph Bakshi? Because I swear he reminds me of that gross slob in Adult Party Cartoon.

  • I can’t wait to see the trailer! It looks like it’s going to be good!

  • Gerry

    This movie will prove to Hollywood how big an audience exists for 1980s gaming references. Potentially quite massive. Sports the stench of a hit but how big? If it delivers look for a decade of cheap knock-offs.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Oh thanks for being obvious there, I can’t wait! (being sarcastic of course)

  • E. Nygma

    Pixar and Disney are getting harder and harder to tell apart ever since Bolt.

    • Julian Carter


      I think they’re very different. I hope it stays that way.

      • E. Nygma

        Why? because they look the same. I mean that as a good thing to me. I have liked the last few Disney movies, and I love Pixar, but you can tell they are being tied together even closer.

    • Kristjan Birnir

      Thats quite a sad thing,


  • tredlow

    I love how the stars are people I like from very adult projects.

  • I like it.

  • Lib

    This film really needed to have a pixel art look.

  • bones

    How the hell are they getting the rights to these Nintendo characters? It seems like Nintendo keeps a very tight reign over their copyrighted characters.

    Well, however they did it, I can’t wait to see it.

    • Tredlow

      Nintendo saw what Toy Story did to all those toy franchises. Yes, this ain’t Pixar, but it’s pretty close.

  • Rod Tramonte

    Does anyone else agree that Ralph looks a lot like “human Shrek” from Shrek 2? I´d call him “Shrek-It Ralph” ;-D