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1934 Lantz studio photo on ebay


Another great eBay find.

The seller wants too much money for this admittedly historic Walter Lantz studio staff photo. Anyone got $4 grand to spare?

It’s dated September 1934 and it’s a who’s who of great names in the field (and it’s autographed by everyone as well), including Tex Avery, Ed Benedict, Cal Howard, LaVerne Harding, Bill Nolan, Leo Salkin and Lantz himself. Wow!

(Thanks, Kevin Coffey)

  • Great photo, plus Oswald is still recognizable!

  • What an incredible photo!
    Pity it can only be afforded by Tim Cohea and end up being left in some desk drawer in Phoenix to crumble.

  • George

    Are there even TEN people on the planet who understand what this picture is all about? I recognize about three names in the list but that’s it. That’s more than the average person looking at the eBay listing is going to know for sure.

    Amazing what people think they’re going to get for stuff on or eBay. I’ve seen rip-offs for out-of-print DVDs, games, and such, but this is among the most hopelessly overpriced obscure items I’ve seen in a while.

    The lister is not going to get a $4,000 starting bid on this thing, let alone $100 I’d think.

  • Pedro Nakama

    $4,000.00! Do you think it’s worth it? For that price you could by a computer and make your own cartoons!

  • Brad Constantine

    Right Click…Save As…Wow,
    Just saved 4 grand.
    Thanx fer sharing.
    I’m as happy as Tex is in the photo…
    Looks like Oswald had his ears done by this point…

  • If I understand it correctly, it’s autographed by those artists. That should make it worth the price. I’m personally interested in animators autographs, you can see my collection on my website ( I wouldn’t let my autograph book go for that price and I only have a few old timers (I do have Lantz).

  • Del Walker

    Tis’ a wonderful photograph, and if Universal had any appreciation for their animated studio heritage, you think they’d take steps to aquire it!

    Also, Jerry wouldn’t this be a nice “extra” for inclusion in a gallery on the next Lantz archive DVD ???


  • Good Lord,
    it is just a photo. Great collectors’ item but…hey, 4000$??? I maybe pay that price for original prints of “Secrets of the Caribbean”, the original cut of “Red Hot Riding Hood”, “Spree for All”, “Cat O’ Nine Ails” and “Accordion Joe” all together.

  • I think it is worth the price,you wont see such legends on any other photograph together let alone autogrpahed as well. As jerry did point out it is historic I hope he gets a lot for golly

  • Chappell

    I wish someone would buy this. Then donate it to good hands… Sigh.

  • Joe

    Yea, $4000 is too high — and besides, they’ve been trying to sell this thing for at least the past three years on their own site. Good luck to ’em.

  • Joe

    This isn’t the only one of these in existence either. Others are signed as well!

  • Detroiter

    I could be wrong, but because this photo has appeared in many different places and always with these same exact signatures, I would guess that there are no original signatures on the item that is being sold on e-Bay. It looks like a photo that includes signatures in and not on the photo. $4,000? Maybe not.

  • Joe

    I believe these are actual signatures as other copies I have seen of this same photo are signed by the same artists in different places on the photo. I know for a fact that Ed Benedict (also pictured in the photo) had a copy that was autographed differently than the one being offered here.

  • I was under the assumption it was the only one in existence. If there are others, then that 4 grand price tag doesn’t make sense.Good thing I didnt have 4 grand to spare cause they would have had a sucker!:)

  • This is a great thing to find so close to Tex Avery’s 100th birthday. I don’t think I could spare $4000 for it though. I might be moving in a months time.

  • Rusty Door

    It seems the individual selling the photo is knowledgeable about the Lantz staff. (I didn’t know Jimmy Dietrich scored some of the cartoons or that animator Jack Carr specialized in puns). This information and the high asking price for the photo makes me wonder if the seller is a relative of one of the Lantz employees.