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A Cookie model sheet


A Brew reader sent me this link from ebay, wondering ‘what year this Betty Boop model sheet was from, or did the seller mis-identify this Fleischer character?’ The seller had identified it as a Warner Bros. model sheet – and he got that correct… it is a Warner Bros. model sheet, but certainly not Betty Boop. looneybuddy1.jpg It’s an early model chart for “Cookie”, the girlfriend of Buddy in several Looney Tunes entries from 1935-36 (click on Looney Tunes frame grab at left for larger image). Since it’s something you don’t see everyday (at least, I don’t), I thought I’d post it on the Brew for our enjoyment.

  • What’s Bobby Bumps doing in a Looney Tune?

  • Stephen

    The model sheet makes Cookie more attractive than the animators could make her. In the cartoons, her anatomy gets a little odd…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Some cool poses there, could get interested in buying that!

  • Del Walker

    Somehow Cookie looks way more mature here than she ever did onscreen. Wonder if Buddy’s model sheet avoided some of the boyish stature as well…..

  • Kenny Martinez

    That has to be the least “looney” Looney Tunes card of them all.

  • Hmm…Why are her legs longer and the skirt shorter than in the frame grab? Notice also that the head is not the same shape on the Model Sheet as in the frame grab. Even with the addition of a chin, simplified hairdo, and a rounder face, it is still close enough to BETTY BOOP to have been considered a design infringement. The paper looks too clean, lacking in aging as well. The mini “slip” suggests that this might have been done in recent years. Are we sure this is authentic? There is no studio stamp showing in the lower right hand corner. By the way, BUDDY owes more to DREAMY DUD than BOBBY BUMPS.