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A Popeye publicity photo


Speaking of Fleischer Studios (as I did in the post below), I love these Paramount publicity shots. Here’s a great photo from 1938 featuring Popeye with one of Paramount’s top box office draws at the time, Dorothy Lamour. Click here for full length, larger image.

(Thanks, Mark Sonntag)

  • Oh me goshk, did Olive know about this?

  • Stephen

    Why choose Olive Oyl when you can cozy up to Dorothy Lamour? Avast!

  • A little close, isn’t he?

    I yam what I yam!

  • That is truly priceless!! I had the extreme fortune of doing a SHOW with “Dottie,” here in New Orleans….about 4 decades after this picture. What a hoot!

  • Brad Constantine

    That’s one lucky sailor there.

  • If a CGI Popeye were done to look anything like the mannequin in the photo, it would be downright scary. Give me the hand drawn Fleischer version any day.

  • Samjoe

    Where’s Popeye’s other hand? Hmmm

  • Tim

    As a big fan of animation and the lovely Dorothy Lamour this photo is awesome.

  • V.E.G.

    Dorothy Lamour is the best known in Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movies. Popeye’s voice over is Jack Mercer and that his trade mark. The First Popeye voice over was William Costello, but got fired after two years.