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A rare frame from Popeye Vol. 3


I admit it. I love seeing classic animation I’ve never seen before. I particularly go nuts for original title sequences of cartoons that had been cut 50 years ago for TV broadcast. Long time readers of this site already know this.

So what is so unusual about this Popeye card above? It’s simply the rarely seen opening graphic to the first post-Fleischer Popeye cartoons. This title treatment (above) only appears at the head of two cartoons – You’re A Sap, Mr. Jap and Alona On The Sarong Seas (both 1942) – immediately after the ousting of Max and Dave Fleischer. The next release (A Hull Of A Mess) is the first to proclaim the series “A Famous Studios Production” (the new entity created to produce cartoons for Paramount release), and feature a new animated title treatment.

More about Popeye opening titles appear here, and Popeye Vol. 3 goes on sale September 30th (amazon link).

  • Hulk

    Wierd. For a second there I thought the pipe smoke was a nuclear explosion. It would be fitting for the time it was made and theme of at least one of the cartoons. I’m not being a wiseass here either.

  • Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you’ll soon let us know the bonus features (including the 15 cartoons) of this and the LTGC.

  • Chuck R.

    It’s ironic that this first appeared before an anti-Japanese wartime cartoon. Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but the corncob pipe is almost completely obscured by type, leaving what looks like an eerily prophetic nuclear blast.
    Any insight on exactly why it got such little use?

  • Christopher Cook

    Curiously, the redrawn Fleischer Popeyes would use a badly rendered edition of the zoom-out from the pipe to show Popeye just before the opening titles (instead of the “A Paramount Picture” title card). The “Popeye” type in the screenshot would be used from that point on through the Brodax cartoons.

  • Hulk, I too noticed the atomic mushrooming smoke, but 3 years before the atomic bomb was finished, I doubt that this is anything more than just a strange prophetic coincidence. It may also just be this particular frame gives that illusion. Nonetheless- what a terrific rare title!

  • Richard

    Jerry, I’m all for Popeye DVDs.

    But there’s been not a single post about how the Looney Tunes Golden Collection is THE LAST GOLDEN COLLECTION (no worries, the others will be posted under a different title).

    I think that’s pretty big news. At least more newsworthy than panda dolls.

  • Richard – I will be posting some new, exclusive information about the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6 next week. In the meantime, I suggest you read about it at here: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Bugs-Bunny-Looney-Tunes-Comedy-Hour-Volume-6-Update/10026

  • Kevin

    The opening for one of the Supermans from the Fleischer-Famous transition has similar problems with the opening (no reference to either studio)

    interestingly, Alona’s a.a.p. retitle also had no reference to a studio, while You’re a Sap was branded by a.a.p. as a Fleischer.

  • Bugsmer

    That’s nifty, Jerry. This title card shows a lot of power.

  • Richard

    Jerry Beck says:
    “Richard – I will be posting some new, exclusive information about the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6 next week. In the meantime, I suggest you read about it at here…”

    Thanks Jerry! Can’t wait for the post…I LOVE the Golden Collections to death!

  • Rat

    I’ll point out that it’s not just nuclear explosions that produce ring-shaped smoke or even a mushroom-shaped fireball.

    IOW, it could very well be meant to represent an explosion.

    We tend to think of the mushroom cloud being the iconic shape of a nuclear blast, as if the explosion shape itself was invented at Alamogordo. This is merely because in our imaginations the shape has become an icon to signify a nuclear explosion. In 1942, the shape merely meant explosion.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    As per usual, I have my copy of POPEYE THE SAILOR 1941-1943, VOL. 3 on pre-order and cannot wait until September, and I’m sure our surprises will not end with the Fleischer era in black and white and the first two truly Famous Studios cartoons! The full color cartoons may be the most interesting because we’ve seen these for too long as having A.A.P. openings and closings which have even cut into the openings or closings of the cartoon and ruined the tail end graphic of a gag or two! I do hope that this one has even more cartoons from the Fleischer era as special features. My ultimate wish in the best of all possible worlds was that Warners would have allowed you to cross-lisence and bring us a few actual Paramount prints of some of the last Fleischer miscellaneous shorts, and I’m not necessarily talking about the HUNKY & SPUNKY films. Perhaps, in POPEYE, VOL. 2, for example, we could have gotten a full color print of “THE KIDS IN A SHOE” or one of the later musical cartoons which rarely ever get seen in their entireties! Yeah, I know it would mean a lot of money, but such a come-on would really pull in the skeptics who almost put the kibosh on this series by ignoring the first 4-DVD box and complaining about the special features! But, this is minor stuff, now, and the series does soldier (you’ll pardon the expression) on. To me, just having these POPEYE shorts totally uncut and looking (and sounding) fantastic is enough.

    And hooray, too, that we’re in for more news about LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION 6. Looking at that incredible list of titles (hooray for Bosko and Buddy) makes me obviously wish this set were in my hands right now…and that we were indeed getting two instead of one volume!! Sorry, man, but when it comes to these and classic MGM cartoons, I’m extremely greedy!

    It sure indeed is a hot time in the old town, tonight (Bosko’s original theme song, right?)

  • Zavkram

    That looks great! I can’t wait for Volume 3 to come out…

  • Zavkram,
    I can’t wait for Volume 3 and 4 of Popeye and I can’t wait for the titles of the additional 15 “count ’em” 15 cartoons in LTGC 6 that Jerry promised to reveal this very week (among with exciting news about the bonus features).

    I also hope details about the bonus features in Popeye 3 will be soon known.

  • Martin Juneau

    That’s a great title card! I can’t wait to see the first Famous Popeye for the first time and to the 15 bonus cartoons in the LTGC 6. Thanks again Jerry!

  • chris ford

    Jerry, it is great to see more popeye cartoons being released. Will we see a volume 4 within the next year?