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Animation Auction


Ron Stark of S/R Laboratories in Westlake Village, California, sent me his latest animation auction catalog and it’s loaded with goodies. There are some amazing Disney, Warner Brothers, UPA, and Hanna-Barbera cels, drawings and backgrounds, but I was especially excited by several Private Snafu (above) and Seaman Hook originals. Most of the catalog is a collection of jaw-dropping Disney cels and backgrounds (like the Donald Duck title card below).

The event takes place Monday, May 26 and 27th, 2008 and it is not an internet auction – it’s a telephone auction, and Ron personally speaks to all bidders. You can preview all 255 lots online starting Monday, May 19th at S/R’s WebCenter. If you need assistance or have questions the telephone number is 818-991-9955.

  • None of the images are appearing, I’m afraid.

  • Charles, as I say in the post above, the images will appear online starting Monday May 19th.

  • Jay Pennington

    No, he means the images you tried to include in the post. The filenames appear in the post but not the images. :)

  • I noticed this on my Netscape browser. On Safari the images appear. I’ll look into the problem.

  • I just ran a test—after seeing the images in Safari (beautiful!), I took note of their full filenames and attempted to open them in Firefox independently of the Brew webpage. The browser then gave me this kind of message: “The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.”
    Errors no, snafus yes; this is peculiar.

  • OliverB

    Is there a way to save any of these images at all?

  • Now they appear.
    anyone knows, as OliverB said, if there’0s a way to save the images that appear on that marvellous website?

  • Scott Harpel

    Wow, wowie wow wow (in my best Walken)

    If only I where a rich man, that has got to be the nicest set of Disney art all in one place, I wonder if any of this stuff came from Ollie’s estate? Sigh, I need to be done with school so I can start collecting!