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Animation History Round-Up

Dan Gordon comic

Golden Age comics by animation artists Rod Scribner and Dan Gordon.

Even B-animation studios get love online: “Why we love Famous cartoons.”

Terrytoons animator Carlo Vinci: Artist first, animator second. A valuable lesson if there ever was one.

Paul Julian bg border=

The greatest Warner Bros. background painter: Paul Julian.
Ample evidence here, here and here.

Lovely pre-production art from Dick Williams’s Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Rubber hosey goodness: The Office Boy, a Flip the Frog short by Ub Iwerks.

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  • Boy oh boy, there has never been a greater time to be an animation student! I was lucky enough to go along on the Carlo Vinci trip with Steve, and I was blown away.

    Never before has there been such wonderful access to the history of cartoons. Thanks for posting this round-up!

  • C. Stulz

    Those “Raggedy Ann & Andy: the Musical” model sheets are fantastic!
    Any word on when we might get this lost gem on DVD?

  • Chuck R.

    Wow! Great links. The Hans Bacher postings are coming so fast, I can’t really keep up. It’s worth it to check his blogs daily. Loved the Raggedy Ann art too!

  • red pill junkie

    Those backgrounds blow my mind! :-)

  • Thanks for pointing people in the direction of appreciation for Dan Gordon and Paul Julian.

  • I really enjoyed the “Artist First, Animator Second” link. It’s a very important fact and note that I keep trying to tell myself and others…and what’s reeeaaally strange is I just got done telling someone about how older animators began as artists, and how many students (myself guilty) and up-and-coming animators seem to lack that rooted artistic knowledge.

  • Jack

    “Raggedy Ann and Andy” was barely released about fifteen years or so ago, with little promotion, on VHS. It has become a rarely-seen animated film.

  • The best? Very close friend, but I’m afraid Maurice Noble still holds that title.