Chuck Jones, Ken Harris and Ben Washam Chuck Jones, Ken Harris and Ben Washam

Animators at Work

Chuck Jones, Ken Harris and Ben Washam

Animator David Nethery has created a wonderful photo album of classic and contemporary animators at their animation desks.

  • This is probably my favorite form of inspiration, not just seeing the finished animation or art, but the artist working on that. Reminds you that a human created it. Thanks for posting this link!

  • I agree with Jessica Plummer. It’s very inspiring to see these artists at work, photograph or video clip. There should be a poster made with all these pics, or something of a post-card to carry around. Those photographs are terrific. Is the site still being updated, because I think it could use some more images of contemporary animators. Still, great site.

  • Emmett –

    I am continually updating it as I find new photos. I have a whole slew of more contemporary animator photos from the Orlando, FL Disney studio taken during the Mulan – thru – Brother Bear years that I will be posting as soon as I can get them all scanned . Director/storyman Tim Hodge just sent me a few more which I’ll be adding .

    In retrospect, I didn’t take nearly enough photos when I was at Disney. I suppose I was busy drawing and didn’t really stop to consider the fact that it would all come to an end one day …. that place where “every day was like Christmas ” .

  • The caption for the early Walt one should read “I can’t draw this crap. I need to find some talented artists stat!”

  • Ha great to see Borge Ring up there. We once paid him a visit here in Holland to show him our storyboard. He had alot of great tips and stories about them old days and how Disney alwasy asked him to come work for them but he never wanted too. Plus funny stories how he got fired from projects (by Spielberg) cause he thought they where shit. Though it was kind tough to understand what he was saying through that beard and heavy Danish-southern Dutch accent :)

    Anyhoo great pictures in general!! Keep’em coming.

  • Thanks for including me in this wonderful gallery! I’m chuffed.

  • I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the photos.

    Of course, I still need to get a few photos up there of animators sleeping at/under their desks just for a touch of realism …