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Baby Huey

Over the past year I’ve collaborated with Leslie Cabarga on several Dark Horse Books compiling the best stories of the classic Harvey Comics characters (Casper, Richie Rich and Hot Stuff). None has given me greater pleasure than the forthcoming collection of Baby Huey, which goes on sale in late September. The stories are all drawn by Dave Tendlar (see splash page below) and Marty Taras, who provide some of the best translations of animation-art-to-comic-panels I’ve ever seen. They are as pure to the original source (Taras created Huey and Tendlar was the series main director) as Connie Rasinski’s Mighty Mouse comics for St. John’s, and Gene Deitch’s occasional Tom Teriffic comic pages for Pines.

Amazon has just posted several pages from the book online, including the first Huey comic story from St. John’s Casper No. 1, published in 1949, a full year before Huey’s onscreen debut!

  • It’s taking too long to come out. I need my fix of massive duck retardation, STAT.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Although I’ve coveted all of the Collected Harvey Books, this is the one I will get the week it comes out.
    Herman and Katnip, Rags Rabbit and Buzzy Crow next, right Jerry?

  • well this looks like a cool character, should see when it comes. Although I am not much into 2D but then drawing always interestes me. Essential a little in 3D also

  • Bryan

    Popeye’s love-child?

  • Emil

    Wasn’t there an awful Baby Huey TV series about fifteen years ago?

  • goofy with an afro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting this Jerry,cant wait till late September !!!!!

  • Looks like a great collection! Can’t wait!
    A complete Rags Rabbit collection would be awesome.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Beginning picayune gripe…

    I could understand the appeal of the Baby Huey cartoons, but I never understood why his name became a household word when the “diapered retard” character that did everything Huey did, and did it earlier and far funnier – Junyer Bear of Chuck Jones’ hilariously subversive Three Bears series – remained obscure.

    …end of picayune gripe.

    That said, I’ve already got the Huey book on pre-order at Amazon, (as well as the next, next one – The Harvey Girls, with Dot, Little Audrey and Lotta!)

  • goofy with an afro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jerry, will the Harvey Comics series, continue beyond volume 5 ???

  • “Wasn’t there an awful Baby Huey TV series about fifteen years ago?”

    Yes “The New Baby Huey Show” done up here in Canada at Carbunkle. I’ve got a tape with all of them, they are actually very well done, though I guess thats a matter of opinion.

  • Faaaaantastic news!

  • The Male Man

    “Wasn’t there an awful Baby Huey TV series about fifteen years ago?”

    Carbunkle Cartoons did a version of Baby Huey. The couple of episodes I’ve seen were nicely done. Bob Jaques gets Famous like no-one I know of. I think the character wasn’t well known enough to find an audience when they were made.

  • Yes there was a Baby Huey cartoon about 15 years ago…. it was produced by some guy named JERRY BECK. And the greatest thing about it was that Sid Raymond came back to do the voice of Huey. He must have been about 90 years old, and there he was doing the Huey voice again.

    The Huey toons of the 90’s weren’t as good because they lacked the draftsmanship and leadership of Dave Tendlar and Marty Taras. They and Larz Bourne were the best choices to create the comics stories.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    While I do feel that both Dave Tendlar and Marty Taras were brilliant artists (in fact Tendlar’s one of my heroes), I don’t quite agree with Dave Mackey, who states that the 90’s Huey cartoons lacked talented draftsmen (and draftswomen). As others have mentioned here, Bob Jaques produced the first season of the new series, utilizing the exceptional skills of guys like Glen Barr and Vincent Waller, if I’m not mistaken. The second season was produced by Victoria Jensen out of Universal Studios, and even I had a go at boarding one of those episodes. Whether they were “awful” or not, as Emil suggests above, I wouldn’t say.

  • Love the Harvey Series, Jerry. Keep ’em coming!

  • Isn’t Baby Huey toooooo big! Can you imagine him drinking a bottle full of a cows milk? Anyway, it’s good imagination. Congratulations Kelly Armstrong! My favorite part is that he doesn’t die, he is a stone! The best part of this cartoon is THE TROOPSCOUTS. BABY HUEY, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!

  • darryl Campbell

    Famous studios, the stepchild of the golden age of animation but nonetheless I love them all I don’t think the storylines in famous cartoons werent as witty as those from mgm or warners, but I still love em, mostly new york artists tendlar and taras could have given any of the other studios a run for their money,…I think the carbunkle studios version was excellent, in fact I believe bob jacques fine tune and cleaned up huey and the fox, if you compare them to the famous versions, you will see what I mean, however he still managed to keep the classic look to them both, I only wished carbunkle would have animated herman, katnip and buzzy and made their series again, and I mean the classic katnip like from “rail rodents” not the ones where he looked supercheap like the ones from the late fifties.

  • darryl Campbell

    Anyone noticed in the carbunkle version of baby huey the fox had a mel blancesque voice and personality? it seemed fitting as I remember most of warners foxes from the 40s and 50s being voiced by mel.