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Beany and Cecil DVD Vol. 2

Here’s a DVD I’ve been waiting to see for over a decade – Beany & Cecil: The Special Edition Vol. 2.

Volume 1 is a must have for all fans of Bob Clampett. It was loaded with bonus material and rare footage we’d been dying to see for decades. Volume 2 promises to be more of the same: 11 classic Beany & Cecil cartoons, remastered from 35mm camera negatives, and several bonus features including rare Time for Beany kinescopes and an alternate version of Beanyland. It’ll be available September 8th from Hen’s Tooth Video.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I love Beany and Cecil but I think the DVD’s are overpriced.

  • Nice. I’ve been waiting for this for years! I’ve got the old snap case Volume One, I look forward to sturdier packaging.

  • Some Guy

    I’ll be buying this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Professor Widebottom

    I loved Vol.1. The extras were exhaustive and done with a lot of care. ‘Looking forward to this.

  • Volume One is still the best DVD release I’ve ever seen. It managed to pack more onto one disc than I’ve seen included in most box sets. Still not sure how they managed it. It was one of (THE?) first classic cartoon works ever pressed on DVD.

    Wonder why Image dropped the ball and this volume two is being released by a different, more obscure label.

  • so rad!!!

    i bought vol. 1 a few years ago JUSt for those extra features pretty much! but i love the whole thing! i definitely have to figure out who i lent it to and get it back! hah!

    but yessss this second dvd will be amazing, thank you so much for bringing it to our attention!

  • Jay Sabicer

    Yes!!!! Hopefully they will pick up the gauntlet that Image Entertainment so thoughtlessly drop nearly a decade ago and release on a regular schedule ala Popeye or the Looney Tunes Golden Collection. Most people younger than I, scratch their heads when I talk to them about B & C. Always looked forward to Sunday mornings in the 70’s when they aired them on the old Wonderama show.

  • I think the DVD is UNDERpriced – I’d pay THOUSANDS of dollars just to see another Beany and Cecil DVD.

    But what about the first volume? Will that ever be put back into print?

  • Christopher Cook

    You’d probably have better luck finding volume 1 on eBay.

    I’d love to see the show come out in volumes like RCA did on videotape in the 1980s–six volumes, each with 13 cartoons in broadcast order.

  • Mark McD

    More of the puppet show kinescopes? Great! I had been afraid we only got the scattered few on the first disc because they were the only films of the show that were made.

  • I am so unbelievably excited to hear this! I really hope that we get to see some Buffalo Billy and Flyboy this time.

    I have honestly played the Vol. 1 DVD over a thousand times between constantly re-watching the cartoons, and kinescopes, in addition to enjoying the Audio Interviews while I work. It’s the best DVD ever.

    The only real flaw with Vol. 1 is the unfortunate DVNR clean up that they did to the cartoons.

    If the people who are making this DVD read this, please be aware that the DVNR clean up really RUINS the enjoyment of the cartoons. I don’t like to have characters features wobbling and disappearing. The VHS versions of the cartoons that I have look a million times better. PLEASE LEARN FROM THE PAST.

    Also, the First DVD had beautiful packaging all around. The cover “art” featured here is looking pretty bad. Unless the Captain polishes his belly, or Cecil is some kind of shellacked freak, I would recommend loosing the shine on everything.

    Is there really anyone that thinks shiny cartoon characters look good?

    Great post… I am desperate to see more Time for Beany!

  • Ben

    Volume 1 is amazing. Not the best selection of cartoons, but I absolutely love the Clampett interviews and the 4 episodes of “Time for Beany”.

    I was afraid there would never be a volume 2.

  • Tinker Ramone

    Alternate version of Beanyland makes me very excited!I am happy to see a Vol. 2 is coming, but I wish they would put Vol. 1 back out. I missed my chance.

  • Volume One was like a special features tree that just kept giving and giving…It was awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on V.2.

  • Jack Jarlsburg

    Volume One was the measuring rod for all subsequent animation DVDs. If Volume Two is even half as good, it will still best all the other stuff out there in this oversaturated, mature DVD market. There are plenty more black and white kinescopes of “Time for Beany” that could be released should demand warrant.

  • Steve Humphreys

    I agree Vol. 1 was an excellent
    DVD set. Hope Vol. 2 is as good
    as that was.

  • Ben

    Tinker, check out – that’s where I found mine. $60 for a used copy with a video rental sticker on the case. Sixty bucks well spent in my opinion.

  • It’s great that there will be a Beany Vol. 2. I hope that ALL the existing Time For Beany shows will be out on home video one day. A lot of them are still around on 35mm kinescopes, all that keeps them from being released is lack of demand. So buy a lot of Vol. 2, give them as gifts, and maybe that will translate to a mandate for more Beany releases! I hope this can happen before all the film goes vinegar!

  • Best news I’ve heard all year. Thanks for the heads up.

  • doug holverson

    So why did Image drop the ball after B&C #1? Lack of sales? Lingering bad politics with ABC?

  • Well this is kind of stupid because no one is rereleasing Volume 1 for this to be in context with a Volume 2.

    I hate Beany and Cecil Vol. 1 because I can’t get ahold of the damn thing. Seriously, 60 bucks for a used DVD? How is that okay?

    I missed out on Vol. 1 when it used to be $9 new because I was too busy buying other stuff only to find out I waited too long. I demand a rerelease of that first… from… er… someone.

  • Siles Mills

    Can anyone tell me if either DVD will have the 60s-era original TV end credits with Dishonest John pulling off his mask and the typewriter clicking end credits? used to scare the hell out of me.

  • uncle wayne

    and thank HEAVENS for the Vol. II. Thank YOO for that fabu info!!

  • uncle wayne

    Oh…and by-the-by….for those YOUNGER readers….B&C was THE Ren & Stempy, the Beavis & Butthead, the South Park, and the ultimate in “adult” toonery…early 60s. Even as a kid you knew you were watching an adult-comedy, per se! “Over-the-edge” is not the word!! I can’t wait!

  • You REALLY have to be a Bob Clampett die-hard to buy this set.

    I’ve seen some episodes and boy are they stupid (and I mean that in a bad way). WHY in the world did ABC give this a prime-time airing?

  • Dave

    I have been trying to buy volume 1 for years. It’s only available at an ungodly price on different websites. I don’t need to own it that bad.

  • AaronSch

    I regret having parted with my copy of Beany & Cecil Vol. 1, so I shot an email to Hen’s Tooth Video regarding the possibility of securing the rights and reissuing Vol. 1. This was their quick response:

    “We are in discussions about that. The more we sell of Volume 2 the more likely Volume 1 will be reissued early in 2010. The cartoons are not in any kind of “sequence” so each volume is worth having on it’s own.
    Thanks for writing.”

    Well, I guess I’ll order Vol. 2 and keep my fingers crossed.

  • sporridge

    Will drop off my preorder, and help out this worthy cause!

    Apologies if this has been asked earlier and oftener: Is anyone aware of the whereabouts of Rocky & Bullwinkle Season 4 (being aware that the Classic Media library changed hands at least once)?

  • kevin mummery

    About time! I must have viewed Vol. 1 50 times already, and those weren’t even the best B & C cartoons, just what was available. The extras were fantastic, I really got the feeling that Bob Clampett was an extraordinarily talented (and pleasant) guy, much more so than the overrated Chuck Jones. Hopefully the Three-headed Freep makes an appearance in Vol. 2…good new about the possible re-release of Vol. 1.

  • Peter

    I just wish Volume 1 had featured more cartoons. Extras are all well and good, but those TV episodes were what I was there for.

  • I know there’s 30 comments already, but can I just say that I grew up on these cartoons on BETA Max tapes, and it’s my favorite TV cartoon ever?! I know no one cares, but I just have to say so.

    I’ve rented the Volume 1 DVD many times before over the years, but not sure if I can afford to shell out $55 for it… AaronSch, I’ll definitely order Volume 2. Definitely. A re-issue of Vol 1, heck, even a video download from Amazon or iTunes would be good.

    Mark Kausler, you are so right, as usual. I’ll order, like three of these puppies. I’ll give them as gifts to my friends.

    I’ll tell them, “You like The Misadventures of Flapjack? This is the original blond-kid-with-a-best-friend-sea-creature show, and is a thousand times better!” (Not that I don’t like Flapjack…)

  • Christopher Cook

    Perhaps the episodes were “stupid” because it was 1961 and the standards for a prime time cartoon weren’t what they are today. Bob Clampett was going for a family show, not an adult show.

  • Looking forward to this, I still have a number of volumes of B&C on VHS that came out in those clunky “clamshell” cases. DVDs fit much better on my shelves, but I’m guessing I’ll still have to hang on to those tapes for the odd short.

    Too bad they weren’t doing a box set a la Roger Ramjet or Rocky & Bullwinkle…

  • Holy cow, some dealer on Amazon Marketplace wants over $600 for Volume 1! I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous prices on there, but even Dishonest John would be taken aback by that one.

    Every time I see something on there for that much I always wonder if anyone actually pays those prices.

  • Amen, Amen, Hallelujiah!!!!!!!!!!

  • doug holverson

    How would these compare to the competition from Bullwinkle?

    It seemed to me that as Beany & Cecil got into the later seasons, the more it was written for grade school kids and the more limited the animation got.

  • David

    I have to admit that I really didn’t care much for the Beany and Cecil cartoons. They were okay, just nothing I would care to watch again. The Time for Beany kinescopes were much more interesting to me.