Betty Boop filmstrip Betty Boop filmstrip

Betty Boop filmstrip

Here’s a curio: a 1930s vintage toy projector slide show, featuring Max Fleischer’s Betty Boop, Koko and Bimbo in a new adventure in the “real world”. If you ever wanted to see Bimbo naked… here’s your chance!

(Thanks, Milton Knight)

  • I have one of these – a different one – part of which I reproduced in our Betty Boop special edition of Animato, the animation magazine I once co-owned and edited. I’ll scan it and put it up on my site.

    I actually found the projector for it at a flea market in Brimfield, Mass., but it was way too rich for my meager income!

  • Gerard de Souza

    Thought it was going to be a “Tijuana Funny” by that showering panel!

  • Artisticulated

    Interesting that they made the characters the same size as “real” people. Betty seems to be about 5’6″ with a creepily giant head. I’ve had to mix Betty Boop, Bugs, Daffy and others with photos of famous people and it worked best for us when I made her about 4’6″ tall. We never put Elmer Fudd next to a real human. ;-)

  • Robert Barker

    Would love to know a little bit more about this. Strange mix of Fleischer and some other unrelated style.

  • The “realistic” characters look like the ones printed on old New Year’s Eve noisemakers!

  • John A

    Ol’ “Johnnie Jones from Brooklyn” seems to be dredging up a past event that Koko would rather forget.

  • What was happening here, physically, with the film? Were there two pictures – maybe one above the other – that the projecter switched between? Or did you just see picture A, then picture B, and go on to the next pair? Or what?