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Disney backgrounds

Art director Hans Bacher (Mulan) has started up an incredible new blog called Animation Treasures. He’s painstakingly recreating pan backgrounds from classic animated films currently on dvd (mostly Disney ones) to offer a sense of what the original backgrounds looked like before the characters were composited on top. There’s lots of insightful notes to go along with each image. Truly a terrific educational resource that everybody should take advantage of. Thanks Hans!

  • Chuck Rekow

    Yeah, these are great. But the Moonbird grabs…woo-Hoo! I wish they were bigger.

    Nice work, Hans!

  • K.Borcz

    WOW! These are cool

  • I’ve been doing similar compositions for quite a while now, simply for the fun of it. The results are often breathtaking.

  • Chuck R.

    I thought Disney DVD’s were notoriously hard to get screen grabs from. I’d be all over Dumbo and Lilo and Stitch if I could get my system to work for me.

    A similar source of inspiration is the Japanese book “The Art of Disney” which devotes a lot of space to backgrounds —Sleeping Beauty in particular. They may still have a copy or two at Stuart Ng

  • WOW – this is GREAT!! I don’t know where you get the time. You are truly amazing. Thanks so much for this.

  • Oh, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU sir! More wonderful than refrigerated shell-shaped butter gracing glutinous dinner rolls, and more useful than an eighteen-piece fondue set!