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Bob Clampett’s Maps of Warner Bros. Cartoons Studios

Bob Clampett Map

Don’t miss these never-before-seen hand-drawn maps by director Bob Clampett illustrating the various Warner Bros. animation facilities (called Leon Schlesinger Productions at the time) and identifying where the artists worked.

It’s a nice complement to this recent photo that turned up on eBay that identifies the various buildings on Disney’s Hyperion lot in the 1930s.

Hyperion legend
  • Justin Delbert

    I can’t wait to look at it in detail; I have a map of the Hanna-Barbera studio cira 1963 (home of Squiddly Diddly as Mark Evanier calls it).

  • paolo

    it would be interesting to compare this map with the LT “You Ought To Be in Pictures”, which takes place at the WB studios

  • Does that say “apartments” there in the Disney map?

    Not a surprise really. Animation, especially then, was a time consuming art form.