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Bosko and Honey: Unmasked!


We’ve seen merchandising related to Bosko before. But here’s a pair of items featuring the first Looney Tunes star and his girlfriend, Honey, recently unearthed by our friends at Heritage Auction Galleries, that has us scratching our heads. Dave Tosh writes:

A client has found this pair of 9” x 6.5” plaster or chalk string holders in the shape of Bosko and Honey. On one edge of Bosko’s face, the words “Vitaphone Copr.” is embossed; on the other edge, it says Bosko. I’ve never seen anything like them, but I figured if anyone knew about these, it had to be you. Any thoughts on value?

Sorry, Dave. I’ve never seen anything like these before. I almost wonder if they weren’t merchandising, but perhaps theatre publicity to promote the early Looney Tunes? Perhaps one of our readers know something? If so, let us know – or call David directly at 1-800-872-6467, ext. 1232.

  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, longtime acquaintance of Mr. and Ms. Talk-Ink Kid, would later tell the story of his close friends’ passing. “I sat in on the shooting for CONGO JAZZ. Couldn’t get on camera… contract wouldn’t let me guest. But then I noticed that Bosko only had a spring, you know, or a wire connecting his head to his body. I asked him about it later, between takes. He said “oh, that’s nothin’,” and mumbled something about Honey being built the same way. That it was just another reason they were so well matched, the two of them. That she was his honey and gosh, it was funny, but they had a wonderful time.”
    Rabbit’s button eyes grew morose as he continued. “Ever since then, I’ve been kind of tut-tutting. Waiting for the inevitable, tragic news that those poor heads of theirs had at last been detached for good. I mean, I got beheaded in a cartoon once. You have to stick it back on really, really fast or it’s not good. And you have to have a real neck.”
    “Little” Wilbur Selkirk-Rex, Mr. and Ms. Talk-Ink Kid’s former legal ward, is today frequently spotted at disreputable pool halls and dives; much as he has been since the age of six. Of his loved ones’ passing, he said: “I want an ice cream cone!”