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Cab Calloway in Cartoons

In case you were wondering if anyone has started archiving all the caricatures of Cab Calloway in classic Hollywood cartoons… I suggest you check the amazing French language Hi-De-Ho Blog. Among its treasures are links and frame grabs to Calloway’s many animated homages. His Max Fleischer cartoons are curiously missing, but that aside I highly recommend a visit to this terrific tribute site. (Google offers an English translation of the site here.)

(Thanks, Will Friedwald)

  • Yay! 2009 is already shaping up amazingly! I can’t wait to really start exploring that blog, thanks soo much for sharing :)

  • Chuck R.

    This is really neat, thanks!

    More than any celebrity (with the possible exception of T.Hee’s Kate Hepburn) I get a great charge out of seeing Cab Calloway caricatured in Animation. Maybe because it takes me back to those Betty Boop cartoons that first exposed me to him. Maybe because it takes me back to the sheer pleasure of seeing him perform live with the Cincinnati Pops. What a performer! He could really work a crowd, even in his ripe old years.

  • Two of Cab’s Paramount musical shorts are up on YouTube:

  • Hi Jerry,
    And many thanks for your kind words and the many visitors your note drove to my website.
    For your convenience, I’ve especially put online several pictures of caricatures of Cab (on the right side of the screen). Many more will be added soon, thanks to new discoveries I’ve made in newspapers…

    There are many other cartoons I’ve talked about on The Hi de Ho Blog :

    > Old Millpond
    > Porky at the Crocadero
    > Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood
    >Swooner Crooner
    > Clean Pastures

    N.B.: I haven’t posted any article about Betty Boop’ cartoons yet because I think that they have been screened a lot and everywhere. My purpose is to show rare cartoons. For instance, soon, there will be an article about the Bosko series. I can’t find “The Babysitter” (Little Lulu, 1947) cartoon (I’ve seen it once and there’s a funny caricature of Cab in it).

    Another guy has done a selection of Cab’s caricatures in cartoons :

  • Anthony C.

    I really enjoyed that page and all the cartoons on it..(with the exception of one of the Disney ones being a bit boring…)

    I’m curious has something like this been done for others-I’d love to see one for Al Jolson

  • John S

    There is one of Al Jolson where he is known as Owl Jolson. The one with the family of owls who all study classical music and the one owl is born who wears a red jacket insted of black like the others and hes singing the I like to singa song in it. its quit funny.