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Canemaker talks McCay at Ohio State

More John Canemaker news! John will present his do-not-miss lecture/screening on the art and life of animation pioneer Winsor McCay (1867—1934) at the Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, next Tuesday November 3rd.

As part of the lecture, Canemaker presents Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) the way it was meant to be shown — as a vaudeville act with live musical accompaniment (photo above is from Canemaker’s recent screening in Annecy). The program starts at 7:00 pm at the Wexner Center Film/Video Theater, 1871 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio. The event is part of the current Winsor McCay: Legendary Cartoonist exhibit at the OSU Cartoon Library and Museum. For tickets and information, please visit the Cartoon Museum website.

  • Mark Lensenmayer

    Sounds like a great program. I attended a lecture with Mr. Canemaker a number of years ago, and it was outstanding. We’ll definitely plan on heading down to campus for that.

  • Jason

    Man, I’ve always wanted to see Gertie in all her big-screen glory. Especially as part of the original vaudeville act McCay created. Wish I could be there, but a little too much geography’s going to get in the way. Bummer.

  • Paul N

    Consider this an official request that John bring the act to the Bay Area.

  • Valuable information as always whenever Canemaker gets involved.