Chuck Jones: The Masters Series DVD Chuck Jones: The Masters Series DVD

Chuck Jones: The Masters Series DVD

In 1990, Chuck Jones sat down with animation director Jeff DeGrandis to discuss the art of drawing and character development. On February 1, 2010, the non-profit Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will release the chat onto dvd as the Chuck Jones Master Series. The project, designed to be a fundraiser for the organization, will be available on two separate 45-minute dvds. The first dvd can be pre-ordered for a minimum donation of $19.95. For more details, visit the official Chuck Jones blog and to order the dvd, contact DVD(at)ChuckJonesCenter(dot)org.

Here’s a preview:

  • james madison

    Good to hear! I’ll pick up a copy soon.

  • AWESOME! I can’t wait to get my inky mitts on this one. I’d love to support the Jones family and the talented Jeff Degrandis. Jones has always been pretty articulate, so hopefully I’ll be able to reinforce basic fundamentals and maybe pick up some new tricks along the way. Thanks for the heads up, Amid

  • “The dot is to the artist what the atom is to the scientist”

    Wow, definately getting this!

  • Looks interesting, although I hope the whole DVD isn’t like that clip where you can’t really see what he’s drawing.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Nice job, Jeffy! I’m reserving a copy of each. Good seeing you again, too…

  • Yeah it would have been nice if they had a 2nd camera on his drawing board, but either way this still sounds like a fantastic release. I’m definitely getting a copy and am happy to donate. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Diz Gruntled

    By the sample shown, this looks like an underlit, poorly staged, slapped together interview which is being trotted out solely to make money for the Chuck Jones Foundation. De Grandis is a pretty funny guy, but I don’t know if he can be trusted when it comes to really serious discussion of animation techniques. He is primarily a television animation “director”, not an animator.

  • Great news for all Chuckaholics (of the Jones kind)!!

  • Phil

    Umm, Sorry.
    Umm, mgiht be, umm, hard to watch if umm, he keeps umm, talking like this.

  • Diz Disgruntled..whatever. Particularly for youngins’ needing some inspiration, stuff like this is priceless. As a teenager I would have eaten this stuff up. As far as it “making money for the Chuck Jones Foundation” well oh my God..the very idea of supporting the arts! Unthinkable.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This is going to be one of those “ifs” for people in deciding to buy it or not based on how the video was conducted. I guess if there had been an effort to get a second camera or install a mirror behind those guys pointing down at the table, it would’ve been a little nice for those of us who wanted to follow along on paper as well as Chuck’s words. It’s nice that they’re able to share this rare recording for us anyway and I hope for the best that it can can help others despite the limitations.

  • Amazing how snarktastic people can be over something so benign.

  • Rio

    I don’t think I’ll be seeing this in theaters. I’ll catch it on DVD.

  • Anything that comes out there with Chucks work, is worth listening to.

    Priceless for all traditional animation fans(*or lovers of classic cartoons)

  • I think it would be more interesting to those who have completed the multivolume DVD course in the earlier post!

  • Hi Jerry, Amid and Everyone!!!! First, thanks Amid for posting this. I appreciate it. What an honor it was for Chuck Jones to be my mentor. Over the years he taught me and all of us so much. The opportunity I had was priceless. To sit side by side with my animation hero and good friend Chuck Jones during this session was amazing. Even more, it was an extreme privilege. Giving back to the kids and the World, what has been given to me. is the bottom line. Share your talent and wisdom. Chuck shared his life and career with me. As an animator, director and producer, I utilize all the skills, theories and decades of animation wisdom Chuck has taught me. Chuck is still with me as I proceed as an animator and artist. Thanks everyone!!!!! Your Cartoon Pal….Jeff

  • And thank you Chuck.

  • Marky

    Definitely going to buy. I don’t agree with Diz Gruntled, I think he might be slightly jealous that he wasn’t featured on this DVD set. Regardless, this is going to a great cause. As a cartoon loving guy, I’ve seen a lot of Degrandis’ work; he made some funny cartoons over the years.

  • Joe DeGrandis

    I have always been a fan of Chuck Jones and Jeff De Grandis–They are two wonderful people who have brought smiles and laughter to
    millions of people around the world—I am a bit partial since I have the honor to be Jeff’s dad– He has always brought happiness and pride into his parent’s hearts–
    I can remember years ago, a few months after Jeffs graduation from Calarts that our telephone rang —it was Chuck calling our home in New Jersey and wanting to speak with Jeff–my wife and I were so thrilled–Chuck wanted Jeff to go to california to work with him–We told Chuck that Jeff was out doing some freelance work–Chuck’s response was “forget about the freelance work and anything else he’s doing I want him out here with me” WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS JEFF’S HAPPINESS WHEN IGAVE HIM CHUCK’S MESSAGE–
    A few days later Jeff left for California and began his successful career
    We all need people like Chuck Jones in our lives–I know the love and respect that Jeff and our family have in our hearts for Chuck and his family–Thanks again Chuck and keep them smilin’ up there–