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Chuck Jones Article by John Canemaker

This six-page article about Chuck Jones was written by John Canemaker in the late-1970s. I don’t remember how I got it or where the article was published (perhaps John can tell us himself), but I found the scans a few days ago and had to share them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Chuck had written a book of drawing and animation advice like the kind that he shares with Canemaker in this piece?

UPDATE: John Canemaker informs us that the article is from the March 1980 issue of Cartoonist Profiles (#45).

  • Chuck Jones is my hero, I literally taught myself to draw by watching his cartoons.

  • Hi Amid,

    The article appeared in the March 1980 issue of CARTOONIST PROFILES (#45). Chuck Jones made the drawings at my NYC apartment on Thursday evening, December 18, 1975. I recall that Mike Sporn and Candy Kugel were among the animators gathered to listen and learn from the master.


  • Erik


  • I may be wrong, but I think I might be the one who posted these on Shane Glines’ message board back when I was going to school.

    I think I found them in a bound together copy of CARTOONIST PROFILES magazines that was available in the art book section of the UCSD library. I recall that I photocopied this one and some other interviews with Grim Natwick, Gene Hazelton, and possibly Ed Benedict that were good too. I scanned the photocopies in at school and posted them on Shane’s message board, if I remember right.

    Thanks for sharing them again. I had forgotten about it. I should have more of those other articles around somewhere. I’ll have to go look and dig them up sometime.

  • Thanks for the post! I think I learned something today!

  • bob kurtz

    i feel so lucky to have had teachers and friends such as marc davis, t.hee, don graham and chuck. john,my dear friend, thank you for reminding all of us what greatness is. all those ideas chuck was talking about were taught at chouinard. some great teachers and a lot of talent came out of that place.what a time!!!

  • amid

    Justin: You are probably right. I found these in a folder of my scans, but they are much smaller than the resolution I typically scan at, so it’s very possible I downloaded them from Shane’s board. Thanks for posting them however many years ago that must have been!

  • I’m a recent animation graduate and I have to say that this is really a treat! To read Chuck Jones’s own views on drawing and animating is inspirational. I love the part about “difficult perspective”! We all have creative license so change it if it’s not working. Great advice! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Alan Woollcombe

    This is exactly the reason why Cartoon Brew is the first thing I look at over morning coffee. Bravo, and thanks to all concerned. And yes, I adore Chuck and all his works – heck, who wouldn’t?