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Coming to DVD: The Complete Pepé Le Pew

There’s hope for DVD yet. Our friends at just revealed plans by Warner Home Video to release a new single disc DVD collection in their Looney Tunes Super Stars series – this one solely devoted to Pepe Le Pew.

To the best of my knowledge, Pepé Le Pew: Zee Best Of Zee Best will contain 17 cartoons (despite what the box art says) – including all 15 Chuck Jones’ Pepe cartoons, plus a Freleng Tweety in which he appears in cameo (Dog Pounded), and an odd Art Davis outing (Odor Of The Day). The DVD goes on sale December 27th. The titles included are:

Odor-Able Kitty (1945), Scent-imental Over You (1947), Odor of the Day (1948), For Scent-imental Reasons (1949), Scent-imental Romeo (1951), Little Beau Pepé (1952), Wild Over You (1953), Dog Pounded (1954), The Cats Bah (1954), Past Perfumance (1955), Two Scent’s Worth (1955), Heaven Scent (1956), Touché and Go (1957), Really Scent (1959), Who Scent You? (1960), A Scent of the Matterhorn (1961), Louvre Come Back to Me! (1962)

  • Oliver

    “There’s hope for DVD yet.”

    The DVD format has never remotely been in danger of going away anytime soon, regardless of what the Blu-ray fanatics (whose opinions of DVD make Rush Limbaugh’s attitude toward liberals seem relaxed and nuanced) will tell you.

    • Sat

      I don’t think DVD is in “danger” because of Blu-Ray, but because of streaming. DVD/Blu rental is going down everywhere and companies barely releases any catalogue films, which is why this release is almost a little miracle while a few years ago we took the Golden Collections for granted.

      That said, this is a fine release…

      • Funkybat

        Fears of either Blu-Ray or “streaming” killing off DVD are way premature. Cable TV & broadcast of new episodes of TV shows are in the most danger from streaming and even DVD, people are opting for those methods of watching shows rather than the old “tune at at 8 on Thursday” model.

        Blu-Ray is almost pointless for anything originally broadcast on TV, unless film masters are available. That goes for a lot of animation. “Streaming” via the net is going to become less appealing when the ISPs (including cable companies) start capping bandwidth use as if it were a cell phone or old-fashioned long-distance phone calls. Every little byte will count when it comes to people’s wallets. DVD is the most ubiquitous A/V format at this point, and is more than “good enough” for most people. I still meet people who consider the leap between Blu-Ray and DVD trivial compared to the leap between VHS and DVD.

  • DW

    Wow! So this will be a complete collection if it contains all 17 shorts!

  • Le Happy!!!

  • This is great news! Between this and the Blu-Ray set, we’re getting quite a bit of new-to-DVD/BR Looney Tunes material this year.

  • Thank you for posting this. The Pepe cartoons are great looking cartoons. I would enjoy having better looking copies of these!

  • uncle wayne

    that always “irked” me that people think he is actually IN “Odor of the Day”….which, of course, we purists know better. But it is a GREAT A.D. cartoon! “Gesunheidt!”

    • Thank you uncle wayne!The skunk in OOTD is NOT Pepe, but a generic Warner Bros. cartoon, with yes, a certain resemblance to the other fellow.

      Here’s even a greater stretch: The 1986 VHS release “Pepe Le Pew’s Skunk Tales” includes (along with OOTD) “Much Ado About Nutting” A Chuck Jones short starring a coconut-obsessed squirrel. As far as I can tell the only reason that cartoon was included is the squirrel has a bouffant-plush tail rivaling Pepe’s.

      • “Much Ado…” was included because most of the titles in the “Golden Jubilee” series contained one one-shot or otherwise unrelated cartoon…just to sort of include some of the better shorts that didn’t star any of the major characters. There was usually no clear connection to the video’s starring character.

        But yeah, put me in the “not Pepe in OOTD” camp, but at least lumping it in with the Pepes over the years has given an otherwise obscure Art Davis short some mainstream exposure.

  • Clint H

    Awesome! TOTALLY gonna get this. But there were ONLY 17 shorts? I always thought there were more than that.

  • There are only 15 canon Pepétoons?
    I thought there were thousands.
    Apparently I spent my childhood watching the same few over and over, thinking they were different.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’m with you Frank!

    • More like 15 versions of the same cartoon. I never cared for Pepe cartoons; perhaps it was due to my allergy to Chuck Jones overwhelming cutesyosityness.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I suppose back in the day, we didn’t think of how many there could be as we only practically saw Pepe once or twice a week depending on how they were presented via the Saturday morning program or the weekday syndie package on local stations. We certainly did not get an overload of that cutesyosityness as you put it, but it was very noticeable to me as a kid!

      • I have to agree – to a degree – with Scott!’s ’15 versions of the same cartoon’ comment. As.much as Pepe is an attractive character, all his cartoons have basically the identical ‘smelly skunk pursues freaked-out cat with white stripe on her back’ plot. On the new Looney Tunes show they were smart enough to make him a wedding planner. (‘Your wedding day is the most important day of your life – and I should know, I’ve been married 7 times’) – still a romantic idiot but in a new way.

      • Robert Fiore

        How unfortunate Mr. Shaw’s allergy renders him incapable of appreciating one of the great artists of the medium. And how odd that he seems to be proud of this handicap.

        Weren’t the Road Runners all the same gag, too? If the gag weren’t durable there wouldn’t be 15 different iterations of it.

  • The Expert

    “we’re getting quite a bit of new-to-DVD/BR Looney Tunes material this year.”

    NO WE’RE NOT!!!!!! This kind of ridiculously misplaced Oliver Twist optimism really pisses me off.

    2 or 3 new-to-disc shorts that you HAVE TO BUY that stupid double-dip laden Blu-Ray set in order to get and THIS do not “quite a bit a bit of new-to-DVD/BR Looney Tunes”, regardless of what you try to delude others into thinking.

    Every at Warners who is blocking the release of a PROPER successor to the Golden Collections is an inbred freak with Drano cutting the circulation of oxygen from their frontal lobes.

    • This comment by “The Expert” actually met the Cartoon Brew comment policies?

      • Funkybat

        I think it’s likely that there would be at least a few thousand copies sold if an all-encompassing “Looney Tunes Collection” were released in the $700-$1000 range. They had a $1200 DVD collection of all of the various Star Trek TV shows and movies a while back. I’m sure that sold more than a few dozen copies, given the Trekkie fanbase.

        Of course, I suspect most home video divisions of major media companies aren’t interested in producing anything that would only sell “a few thousand copies.” The “dozens” market is served by the Warner Archive made-to-order biz, which I do very much appreciate. Better to sell a slightly marked-up made-to-order copy of some rare niche thing than force people to look for pirated copies. But that would be cumbersome for a complete Looney Tunes set, and the number of orders would probably be overwhelming compared to the normal production volume they must get for those archive titles.

        Maybe someday, but in the meantime, I guess we should be glad for any releases of previously-unreleased cartoons on DVD.

    • Kellie

      I do kind of understand where they’re getting at with this one. While getting some new-to-DVD/BR material would be great, I think they wanna start with re-releasing old stuff in improved HD quality and I can’t really blame them for that because it’s something I’ve secretly been wishing for. Hopefully they’ll get to more new material on the next Platinum Collection if they ever release one.

      • Occams Breadknife

        Sadly, they will drib and drab a few tunes out every so often, and never have one complete set. It has been their tactic for over 15 years, starting with video, and they have shown little interest in doing it any other way.

        I have the golden collections, but I just can’t get excited to rebuy, for a third time, numerous shorts I already have just to get one or two more. H*ll, I’d be happier if they just sold the whole collection by individual short on dvd, so I could put the whole thing together myself

        I know it may make them more money to do it this way, but they are burning bridges with the fan base. I don’t expect any amount of our griping will change their corporate minds, as I would be shocked if Jerry Beck has not already made the argument for one complete set to their faces on more than one occasion.

        The only thing to do is just *not* buy the dribs and drabs and hold out for the whole thing.

      • Now THAT’S ridiculously misplaced optimism — “If these decent Looney Tunes releases don’t sell well, they’ll realize that it’s only because we’re holding out for one all-encompassing super-release!” I’m pretty sure that not buying the current DVDs will only result in NO releases. One complete set of all the Looney Tunes is a ridiculous idea from a retail perspective. Sure, as a fan, it would be great to have that, but no casual fan would be willing to pay that much.

        Mr. The Expert: I should have qualified my statement– what I meant was “we’re getting quite a bit of new stuff COMPARED to what I was expecting: none.” I wasn’t trying to delude anybody.

      • Trond M.

        Occam: I’d love a complete set myself. I really would. But have you considered the cost? So far, the MSRP of a cartoon release has been about $1 per toon. There are about 1000 cartoons in the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies series, which means that the most likely MSRP for a complete WB cartoons set would be about $1000. Let’s say $995. You’d probably get it for $699 at Amazon, though.

        Does anyone really think that a complete set like this would sell more than a few hundred copies?

        And let’s not forget about production costs. Restoring a cartoon is not cheap. If you have to restore all 1000 cartoons before you release any one of them, you’ll have huge expenses before you earn back a single dollar. That’s an enormous financial risk, and I doubt you’ll find a single company willing to invest in a project like this.

        A complete set of restored cartoons will simply not happen. At least not until all cartoons have already been restored and released in smaller sets. And even in that case, a complete set will most likely just repackage all the old discs. If you want the shorts chronologically, you’ll have to rip and reorder them yourself.

        Personally, I’m a little disappointed that the cartoons aren’t available for purchase online. If WB had made them available for download at $1 or maybe even $1.50 (let’s say $1 for SD and $1.50 for HD), continously as they finish resoring them, I’d buy them in a heartbeat. A subscription system would be even better.

    • Trond M.

      As far as I can tell, only three Pepe Le Pew shorts were included in the Golden Collections. So this release alone will mean 14 (or 12, if the cover is right) new shorts on disc.

      The Blu-ray set contains 7 shorts not previously on DVD. Not “2 or 3” as you claim. It also includes 4 shorts released in widescreen on the Bugs and Daffy Super Stars discs. This will be their first proper disc release, so you really get 11 new shorts (and all fifty will look stunning in high def, of course, so they’re well worth buying again).

      We’re also getting a Super Stars release with 9 Larriva Road Runners and 3 “modern” Road Runners. The Larriva shorts are far from the greatest bunch of Road Runner cartoons, I agree, but I want everything to be released, and that includes these.

      In total, that means that we’re getting 37 shorts that are new to DVD/BD this year. I think this counts as “quite a bit”.

  • uncle wayne

    i’d sure like to see some of the “Bugs Bunny Show” wrap-arounds with him, too!

  • Anthony D.

    I’m so buying this! My question is this; Are the new-to-DVD shorts going to be restored/remastered? I don’t want any off-the-shelf copies.

  • How can this be considered “zee best of zee best” if it’s every one ever made?

  • Robert Fiore

    More importantly, are they going to be in the proper aspect ratios? If it’s not then it’s not for me.

  • B.Bonny

    My dream DVD releases would be a set of “The Complete WB Chuck Jones” followed by a set of Bob Clampett’s entire WB work. This comes the closest of anything so far and I’ll be ordering it as soon as I can.

  • Will there be any behind-the-scenes documentaries? If not… well…

    • John English

      This is what I really miss from the GC’s too.

  • By the way, I agree with everything Mark Evanier says about this release:

    • Gerard de Souza

      I find Pepe cartoons varied enough. It’s the variations that happen on top of the premise that make it interesting…and one doesn’t have to watch them all at once. I never do.

      Don’t know if I’ll buy this. But I am happy with what WHV has released in the past. Can’t please everyone, including me. And us nerds are a fringe element without the bucks to make a big impact, I assume. These sets are made for the general nostalgic boomer demographic.

      An option like the Disney Treasures would be nice but I don’t care to see chronologically, necessarily. What I want is to jump around (from disc to disc, form title to title) and be surprised.

      One day I’m gonna pay a kid to sit there and rip all my cartoon compilations so I can put them in Itunes on shuffle.

    • Funkybat

      As someone who enjoyed and continues to enjoy Scooby-Doo cartoons, I have to say the repetitiveness of the Pepe cartoons never bothered me. ;)

      I get the complaint, but the same can be said for the Road Runner series, and to some extent, Tweety and Sylvester, not to mention other “classic” cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and Popeye. Also, a lot of what brings me pleasure in watching Chuck Jones’ cartoons is the visuals; the poses, the takes, the little facial tics and so on. The “content” of the “story” is really secondary or even tertiary, it’s just a set-up onto which gags can be explored (and yes, reiterated ad nauseum for some folks’ tastes.)

  • This sounds fantastic! I love Pepe Le Pew. My favorite episodes are “Little Beau Pepe” and “For Scent-imental Reasons.”

  • Sam

    Jerry, I know this is kind of far fetch though, but on this DVD, will we see Sent-imental Over You fully restored with it’s original titles? does an original print even exist?

  • BJ Wanlund

    Well, it’s come to this: The new Pepe Le Pew DVD will probably be the last DVD I buy (excepting the DVDs of Muppet Babies when that FINALLY comes to modern home video, although I’m not even so sure myself that Muppet Babies will ever escape from the licensing rights hell it’s living in right now. Heck, Disney isn’t even releasing the final few seasons of The Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight on DVD right now, the last release has been in limbo for what seems like three years now.

    Maybe, if “The Muppets” is commercially viable (I’m not so sure at this point, their marketing for it [excepting the ABYSMAL “Green Album” release] has put their terrible marketing of the latest Winnie the Pooh movie to shame), we’ll get more Muppets on DVD. But I ain’t holding my breath, I think Disney is pulling a “wait-and-see” attitude when I believe they should be assaulting our pocketbooks with Muppet things that aren’t squarely aimed at just the young ones among us.


  • Geoff Gardner

    Excellent news!! Thanks be to whoever for making this happen … there are still Standard DVD Looney fans out here, and I’m among them!

  • William

    I agree with The Expert’s viewpoint, if not his choice of words.

    The only true successor to the Golden Collections will be a series that maintains the exact same values. If economic needs demand the model differ, it should do so only in the areas that don’t affect the content (the films), such as the number of discs per set, amount of extras, etc.

    The films themselves, however, must maintain the GC treatment: fully-restored, uncut/unedited, properly framed and (most importantly) ZERO double dips. With roughly two-thirds of the catalog still to go, there is no excuse for even one repeat.

    Any other video effort is either a sidetrack or an aim at a non-collector base. The Super Stars fall under the former while the Platinum Blu-rays fall under the latter.

    • The Gee

      Here’s the thing though:

      how many “Super Fans” are there and are they enough to justify pressing the discs, compiling and packaging it?

      From a business standpoint, it may–may–be a better deal to offer direct downloads of all of them versus expecting a DVD or Blu-Ray version of some omnibus collection to justify issuing it.

      Obviously, remastering and all that other stuff factors into the costs prior to issuing it, too. So, consider the economics of it. Don’t just think that somehow the demographics are going to make it more worthwhile for a Huge Everything Collection to be worth more to WB than it is to you or other Super Fans.

      • The Expert

        Are you guys just willfully ignoring or misconstruing what I and others are saying?

        Only a handful are talking about
        gigantic expensive megasets. I and other just don’t to have to double-dip or have to upgrade to a new format to keep collecting new-to-DVD Looney Tunes.

        Thanks to William for not making a strawman out of my original comment. And his ideas are great. If only Warner was SMART enough to take them to heart.

  • I am delirious over the release of this newest SUPER STARS collection and, well, about the possibilities of a COMPLETE LOONEY TUNES package, well, this could easily be done through teh archives and, to recoup the cost of actually restoring each and every title, the titles could be issued in future LOONEY TUNES PLATINUM COLLECTION blu ray sets for the casual HD fan (or for the fan who would rather own that wonderful library in that format; I’m still not sure that blu ray won’t someday become the collector medium that laserdisk used to be)

  • Fleischer Fan

    *sigh* It’s “d*mned if you do, d*mned if don’t”
    when it comes to trying to please classic cartoon fans.

    Some complain because Warners isn’t releasing new stuff. Then they announce a disc that is almost entirely new stuff – and they get slagged because it isn’t the new stuff some fans want.

    While I would love to own the complete (or at least complete up through the 1950’s) library of Warner Brothers cartoons, I understand the impracticality of such a project at this time and in this economy.

    I continue to believe that at some point in the not-too-terribly-distant future, once downloading has been perfected and proven as a sound business model, that Warners will offer their library for the very small number of us that are completists (along with the M-G-M library).

    Until then, I am looking forward to the Pepe release.

    As to Mr. Barrier’s column, there is a simple solution – don’t watch the entire disc in one sitting. Watch one or two at a time and take as much time between them as you wish.

    • William

      I can’t tell if you’re addressing me specifically, but you’ve opened a door. My concerns about the Superstars are two-fold: one, the series began in fits and starts (delays, double dips, framing issues) and has never really laid claim to a consumer base. It releases new films, which appeals to collectors, but does so with double dips and on single discs, which is the traditional model for general consumers. The late addition of full screen to widescreen-only releases, to address the outcry about framing, did nothing but cloud this issue as it then appeared WHV wanted it both ways. So I’ve never trusted the series, and still don’t.

      The second problem, of course, is that this and Blu-ray releases are happening, but there’s nothing to succeed the Golden Collections.

      I will say that, despite this, I am mildly happy the line is continuing. Healthy Superstars sales allow for more restoration and an increased chance of worthwhile sets coming along. That’s an unquestionably great thing.

      I don’t really care which films come first, especially since the GCs were out of chronology anyway. I do care that collectors are being addressed with releases aimed at them. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

      And sorry, but downloads are not collectible. DVDs, thank you.

  • Finally! The complete collection of my favorite “Looney Tunes” character (and first cartoon crush) on DVD! Le yay! Now if only they’d release Volume 4 of “Animaniacs” as well as “Wakko’s Wish” on DVD in time for the 20th anniversary of the show in 2013.

    • Funkybat

      I suspect very few people currently working in Warner Home Video are more than vaguely aware of Animaniacs at this point, the seasonal releases ended years ago. Like many other very popular TV cartoons from the 80s and 90s, Animaniacs and Tiny Toons will probably have to wait until Blu-Ray (doubtful) or more likely, some future streaming/downloadable offering before we can get a “complete” series. I’m still cranky about Gummi Bears getting ONE set, and it was the longest-running Disney TV series!

      • Not all of the “Animaniacs” and “Tiny Toons” cartoons are available for streaming and I agree that it is doubtful they’ll be on Blu-Ray before or even after their DVD collections are complete (if WB does complete them). Of course, it doesn’t hurt to at least be hopeful. But it might help, too, to write to them, let them know we want “Animaniacs Volume 4” on DVD sometime soon. …and the sooner the better.

      • Funkybat

        Probably wouldn’t hurt, I agree. But I suppose I’m rather dispirited after repeatedly writing to media companies to urge them to release certain titles/TV series and seeing no response. I doubt I was the only one to email and call BV Home Video and Disney themselves about the partial releases of Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck and the Gummi Bears. Not to mention the whole Gargoyles thing. I really wish I had kept all those VHS copies I made off the air in the 90s, I never expected that I’d still have to resort to bootlegs 15 years later.

        Oh well, at least the Disney and WB series had some kind of release. Eek the Cat and Earthworm Jim never even made it to DVD!

  • Justin

    I’m definitely getting this when it comes out! Pepe Le Pew is one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters!

  • Jim Roebuck

    PORKY PIG, dad blast it!

  • MissConception

    Le gasp! I simply must have it!

  • God

    As there any possible of Warner Home Video releasing all of Chuck Jones’ Sniffles The Mouse cartoons digitally uncut, restored and remastered in the future, what about commentaries, documentaries or something and a lot more to come. I just don’t think Jones’ characters Pepe Le Pew, the brutal and not great Three Bears (hate them all) and the way he turned Bugs and Daffy into his different answer to Mickey and Donald now that sucks weren’t all that funny at all, I prefer some of Jones’ characters I like Charlie Dog, Wile E. Coyote and Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot they were okay to me.