Coyote catches Road Runner Coyote catches Road Runner

Coyote catches Road Runner

Speaking of Chuck Jones, an anonymous Argentinian Youtube user called “Lafacukur” recently uploaded a video of an edited version of the debut Coyote & Road Runner cartoon, Fast and Furry-ous, with an obviously tacked-on ending where the Coyote actually catches the Road Runner. The video has become viral and the Latin American press and TV media have made a big deal of it. Most of the press reports say that this is cartoon made by an animator by request of a Japanese millionaire that was sick of never seeing the Coyote succeed. I rather doubt it–but it’s a nice try.

(Thanks, Andrés Sanhueza)

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  • I think they spend the millionaire’s budget on that “THE END” credit slate.

  • It looks as if that “Japanese millionaire” paid upwards of five whole dollars for that new ending. Flawless!

  • Jack

    A Japanese benefactor would have hired a better animator.

  • uncle wayne


  • *sigh*
    The Coyote DID catch the road Runner! At the end of the 1980 short “Soup or Sonic”!

  • Katella Gate

    Whatever. This was funny like the drunk chicks in “Girls Gone Wild” are sexy.

  • Hold it.

    Which episode of FAMILY GUY was this in?

  • Jerry, this is a personal deal for me. This crap first appeared in my country in an important news-site called (website of the most important newspaper here in Chile)… the official information SAID THIS WAS MADE BY WARNER BROTHERS BY REQUEST OF A JAPANESE MILLIONAIRE!… I sent an e-mail instantly telling them that it was absurd, and that I felt ashamed for their lack of professionalism. A journalist answered me anonymously in my blog, saying that my “drawings were ugly” and signing as “The Coyote”. Next day, this stupid story about the video was printed in every newspaper in town, and also on TV.

    I felt like “Wow, the press is managed by a gang of ignorant pigs”.

  • Is this from the same guy who did that crummy “WB SPLAT!” art exhibit where most of the WB characters were killed? Someone has some serious cartoon anger management issues. Take it out on the ones that really deserve it, like all those nasty Filmation cartoons or maybe even Clutch Cargo.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Didn’t Jones himself let Wile E. catch the Roadrunner in an 80’s cartoon?

  • Jacob

    It doesn’t matter if the tacked-on animation is of low quality.


  • Hi Jerry,

    Thank you for posting this. It is very interesting that Senor Lafacukur decided that if Wile E. Coyote ever caught the Road Runner that he would do it with anger and spite.

    The one thing that Chuck (my grandfather) always said was that Wile E. was just being a coyote (albeit a fanatical one). He was hungry. In Chuck’s rendition of “Wile E. Coyote’s Impossible Dream,” he wasn’t bashing the Road Runner in his dream, he was able to finally eat the Road Runner.

    And, yes, in Soup or Sonic Chuck finally envisioned and delivered a scenario where the Road Runner is caught and with napkin around his neck and knife and fork in hand, he is quite perplexed to know what to do with a giant Road Runner he has finally secured.

    Would Chuck be upset? No. My guess is that he would suggest that these frustrations be directed toward an area where Senor Lafacukur better understood the motivations and the rules of the characters…

    Thanks again for sharing this, Jerry.

    Craig Kausen

  • Another, far earlier (as you can tell by the then-current Terminator 2 references, and the also then-cutting-edge-for-home-computers Amiga animation) take on the same idea:

    Also, here’s a classic Straight Dope column that delves into the question, with a great Slug Signorino illustration and a quote from Jerry Beck himself — there were persistent rumors of an unofficial Roadrunner-gets-caught cartoon being shown in film screenings as a prank, made to look like an official cartoon at first so that people are surprised:

  • Does anyone remember a certain Trix commercial from the early 90’s where the trix rabbit actually eats the trix?

    It was part of a nation-wide kids poll. Something about him winning a race and the judges couldn’t agree on whether or not to give him the trix prize, so you could mail in your vote. Some sixth months later, a commercial briefly ran that announced the results. And he finally ate the trix.

    I’ve been trying to find the commercial, and am starting to worry that I imagined the entire thing.

  • Jason

    At least it argues the point that if the Coyote wins, it’s not funny.

    And as for the 80’s cartoon created by Chuck Jones in which the Coyote caught the Roadrunner…I remember it. SPOILERS!

    The Roadrunner was about 50 feet tall at the time (thanks to some kind of potion concocted by the Coyote), and the Coyote ran up and grabbed the bird by the leg. The Roadrunner looked down at him in a perfectly friendly way, and the Coyote, completely at a loss (the Roadrunner is now too big to slay) stared out at the audience and then whipped out one of his conveniently handy signs, which read: “Okay, you wanted me to catch him…NOW what?”

  • Robert Barker

    That was surprisingly non-satisfying. I want that stupid bird waterboarded, then clamped down as the Coyote eats him piece by piece while still alive. Trix are for Rabbits!

  • John A

    Already happened. Doesn’t anyone remember the old “Beep Beep Yerass!” T-shirt design from the seventies? Reportedly it was drawn by a former WB artist. When Jones was asked about it at a convention, he replied he had seen it, and he knew who did it, and that the only thing that bothered him was that it was drawn so poorly.

  • Proof positive that people with too much money think that they have the power to change the world as they see fit.
    This idiot doesn’t get the gag or the premise of the series if he wants Wile E. to win.

    Hey Mister, why don’t you do something positive with your money, like help feed the needy and homeless?

  • Showing the Coyote finally catching the Road Runner is like finding incontrovertible proof for the existence of God: it misses the point & takes the fun out of the whole thing! ;-)

  • The problem is, it’s been done, as Joel mentions above. And John A mentions the unofficial t-shirts. A friend of mine had a truck window decal with Wile E. holding a frying pan containing the Road Runner’s smiling head, with the caption “Gotcha!”

  • KarmaRocketX

    Japanese millionaire, my ass.

    I’m astonished that anyone could be stupid enough to not immediately realize this ending is shitty flash animation with bad cutout drawings that clash with everythine else being poorly manipulated around.

    Not to mention the hilariously obvious cut-and-paste of sound effects and music cues, that lead into a VERY tacky orchestra clip, that is insaney overused on flash movies by idiot 7 year olds.

    And yes, I have to agree with an above poster. This makes the absolutely perfect and flawless argument about how actually catching the roadrunner completely eviscerates the rest of the cartoon and renders it absolutely not funny in the least.

    This is such a stupid and worthless idea that not even Seth McFarland would think it was funny.

    Not to mention how poorly executed it was.

    Which just makes me have to laugh at the above statement about how the press is managed by ignorant pigs. What does it say about them, when even an idiot with half a brain could tell this was crappy flash animation, and they can’t tell the difference?

  • fishmorgjp

    One rumor used to be that there was a cartoon of the Coyote eating the Roadrunner, made specially for the enlisted men in the Marines.

  • vzk

    I saw like 8 or 10 years ago a Cartoon Network ad for the “ACME HOUR” block where the Coyote finally captures RR by using a pair of rocket-powdered roller skates NOT by ACME, but from a generic brand. The narrator said (roughly) “ACME Hour: Because another brand wouldn’t be the same.”

    I aired in Latin America. Don’t know if it was ever shown in the states.

  • George

    “Does anyone remember a certain Trix commercial from the early 90’s where the trix rabbit actually eats the trix?

    It was part of a nation-wide kids poll. Something about him winning a race and the judges couldn’t agree on whether or not to give him the trix prize, so you could mail in your vote. Some sixth months later, a commercial briefly ran that announced the results. And he finally ate the trix.

    I’ve been trying to find the commercial, and am starting to worry that I imagined the entire thing.”

    This commercial most certainly did air Stephen, I remember it quite clearly. I’m sure it exists on a recording somewhere out there, perhaps on a VHS tape of Camp Candy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from a random Saturday morning.

  • George

    Not quite what you were looking for Stephen, but I did find this:

    Great use of his ears at the end of the spot!

  • Ryan

    I remember seeing a Road Runner thingy where Mr. Coyote builds a big robot coyote, which caught the road runner, but then something went wrong. Probably in a comical way. I think Red Pill Junkie says it best though.

  • s porridge

    Pizzaforeveryone, your memory serves you well: I was one of the urchins who sent in a “yes” vote to let the Rabbit finally eat his coveted Trix. However, that was in the early 70s, perhaps the idea was recycled years later. General Mills did do a follow-up (70s) commercial, but the details are lost in that tide of Kashi that’s started my days lately.

    John A, I can also bear witness to the “Beep Beep Yerass” (among other spellings, knockoffs abounded) T-shirts, also from the early 70s. Available at your friendly neighborhood head shop, and the classifieds of “Rolling Stone.”

    As for the revisionist history, I give it a “meh, it’s been done.” But “Carmina Burana” — great music for barbecues!

  • The coyote’s actions shown here are violent in a realistic, non-cartoony way. It doesn’t work. Jones’ cartoons tend to be pretty gentle, even when they’re suggesting something fairly sadistic (Chow Hound). I don’t think Chuck Jones would have liked this at all. I think it’s sad that the video went viral. Do people actually think this is funny?

  • Keith Paynter

    Well, that was…interesting. After all, Wile. E. Coyote is a “super genius”, according to his business card. It’s Acme products that routinely fail (or in some cases, are ineffective – remember, Earthquake Tablets do not work on roadrunners…)

    Always read the fine print, or at least keep the receipt!

    Now, where was the blood, a la ‘Family Guy’, in that head stomping scene?

  • I doubt a Japanese millionaire would commission something like this. The animation looks even more retarded than John Kricfalusi’s earlier Flash toons. If I were a millionaire, I’d have gotten someone to do more fluid and elaborate animation.

    Other than that, it was still pretty funny!

  • Well, that’s 4:33 minutes of my life that I won’t get back.

  • Speaking as an eccentric millionaire myself i have to say that this type of thing is very common and often discussed at ‘millionaires only’ parties. I know for a fact that the king of Dubai had a full episode of tom and jerry made in which they get along very well, do each others hair then go shopping for ugg boots.

    This is just rubbish… completely pointless… once again the secret of the viral slips through our fingers

  • George (and others),

    While I don’t usually weigh in on commercials, I do remember a similar “kids vote” campaign to let the rabbit eat a bowl of Trix in the mid-1980s. Maybe timed to the 1984 or 1988 election? I remember the rabbit downing one bowl and asking for another, only being told to wait till the next election.

    In the 1960s and early 1970s there were multiple commercials like the one you showed, with the catchphrase “Trix are for kids—and sometimes tricky rabbits.” I can only presume that historically, the rabbit used to win fairly often, but it’s been completely forgotten.

  • FP

    It might have been funnier if the Coyote caught the Roadrunner, then went all Pepe LePew on him.

  • Matt Sullivan

    This is why we need to crack down on copyright infringement :P

  • I’ve always felt that the Road Runner gave Wile E. Coyote reason to exist and vice versa. The coyotes “job” was to attempt to catch the Road Runner but never succeed. The Road Runner’s job was to avoid being caught and to frustrate the coyote. The relationship between the two characters was intertwined, you can’t have one without the other.

  • C. Augusto Valdés

    What really bothers me is the mentality of Latin Americans that get away with explaining everything with the “eccentric millionaire did it” card,
    “Do snuff films really exist? Yeah, eccentric millionaire did it”
    “Were elections tampered with? Yeah, eccentric millionaire did it”
    “are cartoons corrupting our youth? Yeah, eccentric millionaire did it”
    “Hey, we don’t have water to drink! Eccentric millionaire did it”

    I bet I’ll be listening to this nonsense at the watercooler today.

  • Christopher Cook

    In this 70s, noveltly shops were flooded with T-shirts depciting the Coyote in sneakers holding the Road Runner by the neck in his right hand and an axe in the left with the caption “Beep Beep yer ass!”

  • Chris Sobieniak

    If only I had that commercial, pizzaforeveryone, I’d be the savior of the planet! ^_^

    > *sigh*
    > The Coyote DID catch the road Runner! At the end of the 1980 short > “Soup or Sonic”!

    That’s really the only ending I could tolerate.

    Thanks to whomever linked that Amiga vid, I felt that had more creativity than Diego’s little MovieMaker piece. Not that I want to add more misery to his pain, but I’m surprised how gullible the media down there to think of this the wrong way. Course I know if I did something that ended up in the public eye, I’d probably ride on the wings as “that guy who did what everyone was thinking at that very moment”. It would be short lived obviously, then I’d have to top myself from then and there.

    Course the whole concept of “how it should have ended” has been done a zillion times, but the best I saw some years back was from this webpage of interest to check out…

    Noticing the sidebars of YT too often, here’s another attempt at the coyote getting his way, and promoting some guy’s biz at the same time!

  • Thank you for trix comments. I appreciate the help. I am glad that the trix rabbit actually getting the trix on one or more occasions wasn’t some horrible and uncreative childhood fantasy of mine.

    I never had a problem with wile e never getting the roadrunner. He was a rather mean-spirited fellow. But for some reason I really thought that rabbit deserved some cereal.

  • …now can some “millionaire” finally have a cartoon made where Pepe LePew actually gets a a female who really ‘wants’ him? It’d be kind of fun to see if Pepe would get all squirmy, or if we’d have some new form of Warner Brothers animal porn on our hands…which, if you follow the whole Pepe LePew thing to it’s logical conclusion, is, well…perhaps we should resist logical conclusions in this particular case…

  • Jules

    Someone also needs to do an alt ending of “Pop-pie a la Mode” where the flattened sailor doesn’t eat the spinach. Step up, eccentric millionaires!

  • Christopher Cook

    ^ It has been done. At the end of “For Scent-imental Reasons,” The female cat sees Pepe in blue paint and gets the hots for him. And I believe it was “Who Scent You?” where a female black cat with a a stripe already one her back sees Pepe as her soulmate, but one whiff and she’s aghast. The climax had Pepe deodorizing himself and the cat getting all stinky, with the role-reversal ending. (“Oy vey, what a day!” quips Pepe.)

  • shouldbeworking

    “I remember seeing a Road Runner thingy where Mr. Coyote builds a big robot coyote, which caught the road runner, but then something went wrong.” -“Ryan”

    That was a Rudy Larriva Roadrunner. Coyote has a remote control dial with commands typed on. After the Robot Coyote catches RR. Coyote dials to the command “Eat Stupid!” (missing comma, if I recall correctly.) The Robot drops the RR and eats Coyote.
    Larriva couldn’t be all that bad as this was a tense choldhood viewing moment for me; breaking from formula.

    If there are any Japanese Millionaires out there, I can mash-up a cartoon twice as well for half the price;).

  • shouldbeworking

    ” …Warner Brothers animal porn on our hands…which, if you follow the whole Pepe LePew thing to it’s logical conclusion, is, well…perhaps we should resist logical conclusions in this particular case…”- Mike Johnson

    Didn’t in one of his books Jones mention a frame from a Pepe cartoon in which the cat and skunk are in a sexual position? He doesn’t say which cartoon and I seem to remember it was a bit of subversivness towards a producer or censor.

  • Mitchell Craig

    Having seen this in all its “glory”, I can understand why lackafur wishes to remain anonymous.

  • dan

    That was the biggest waste of my time ever.

  • I doubt that a big Japanese millionaire got contact to a person from Argentina and asked him to make his own version of “Wile E. catching the Road Runner” with Photoshop-clipart pasted Flash animation and footage from “Fast and Furry-Ous” all edited on Windows Movie Maker. Nice try though.

    How I see the ending of “Soup or Sonic” is that Wile E. had caught the Road Runner… but he was 3 inches, and since he was small, He might get eaten or squashed by the Road-Runner in an un-seen epilogue. So to put it simple, how I saw it is that Coyote still hasn’t (officially) catched the Road-Runner… yet.

    Craig D. – “Hold it. Which episode of FAMILY GUY was this in?”

    I think it was from “I Never Met the Dead Man” from the first season. It’s on YouTube if you’re looking for it:

  • Ray P

    Animation snobs cry! Haha!

  • I think this is the funnies show i hawe ever watch the coyote alwayes gets hurt and i think it is funny when the coyote alwayes gets hurt.

  • Lori

    sorry to me but this took the fun out of the idea of Roadruner and Coyote having growen up watching this cartoon with my dad on sat mornings
    in the 50,s and early 60s the fun in it was that Wile never did catch roadrunner and never gave up trying despit all the (anamated pain he went throw)

  • Agron

    This is quite funny and interesting. Little violent, but not more violent than original coyote faildowns.

    It doesnt matter if somebody arranged it or the animator did it himself. It was quite funny for me, and I didn’t feel sympathy for road runner. At last , coyote has something to eat.