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Daily Christmas Card (#5)

Another nice one from the Selzer family: making his characters work over the holidays, to clean the studio (at 1351 N. Van Ness, still on the Warner Sunset lot in this pre-1955 card) so the artists will have a clean office when they return in the New Year.

(Courtesy the collection of Tim Walker)

  • A very nicely drawn Christmas card. My guess is that this is the handiwork of Hawley Pratt.

  • Could be Pratt. I was going to say Art Davis or Ted Bonnicksen because it’s a little too angular for pre-’55 Pratt, but it’s someone from Friz’s unit, and a lovely card all the same. Thanks Jerry, and thanks, Tim, for posting these. They’re not getting a lot of hits/comments, but that’s because you’re posting cartoon art of real substance!

  • Scarabim

    Wonderful card! It’s my fave so far, because so many of the Warner Bros. characters are in it, not just Bugs.

  • top cat james

    “What in the hell does all this laughter have to do with the cleaning of animated cartoon studios ?!”

  • xevo

    I wonder if Richard Selzer, who was working as a gofer on the Warner lot (and later became the fashion designer/critic Mr. Blackwell), was related to Ed.

  • It definitely feels like the work of Art Davis here – the way Bugs and Daffy look seem to say his pencil work was present.

    A neat little card, though =)

  • Roman

    Love it! My birthday is Jan 4th so it’s even more awesome! :)

  • Christopher Cook

    Bugs’ pose led me to think it’s Gerry Chiniquy. Still, a very nice looking card (as are the others!)

  • The Gee

    I’m horrible at deducing who did what unless their drawing approach had really distinctive tics.

    But, I will say that is a tricky little drawing, just because of the perspective the artist went with and how the design of the facade is drawn.

    While I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be HaHaHa funny, would would add some pop to it is if Sylvester were in a chainlink trashcan on the rt. side of the walk. He’d be sprawled out in it and “cleaning up” the empty liquor bottles that fill up the can (and by “cleaning up” I mean, GlugGlugGlug).

    It might work in the design though it might make it too busy.

    As it goes, these Days of Christmas pictures/card designs are quite cool. If there was a way to Like a post without Liking a comment, that would probably show that people aren’t just overlooking the card images. It’d be tough to overlook ‘em. And, I doubt people hate them. Like Tad suggested, people tend to post en masse when they hate stuff or about questionable quality stuff.