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The blurry image above is a frame from the “lost” ending to the early Bugs Bunny cartoon Hare-um Scare-um. David Gerstein found the missing sequence while researching this title recently at a major film archive — and now he’s written a post about how he discovered it on Ramapith: The Prehistoric Pop Culture Blog, his new website.

Gerstein, whose books include Mickey And The Gang and Nine Lives To Live: Classic Felix the Cat, is one of the most knowledgeable writers and historians of animation. His new blog will be worth checking on a regular basis.

  • I spent some time with David here at Disney a few weeks ago. His knowledge of this material is amazing. Be it comics or animation, he really knows his stuff.

    In fact, David knows more about my work than I do.

  • uncle wayne

    Holy Hare! (And I thought the ending we always SAW was pretty funny!)

    The 2 books mentioned sound great. Thank you to C.B. for plugging them! Can’t wait!

  • Thad

    Yeah, when it comes to animation and comic books, there’s little David doesn’t know. When it comes to being economic on food costs, though…;-)

  • Floyd, thanks for the compliment—I’m blushing like a beetroot.

    It will not go unavenged. Ladies and gents, Floyd is a brainiac himself with unforgettable stories and memories of Disney’s internal workings… several regimes’ worth, with a special focus on comics. Calling him a Disney Legend (his official title!) doesn’t begin to do him justice.

  • Holy crap, that’s amazing.

    It’s a shame that the Golden Collection has been discontinued. This “lost ending” would’ve been a great bonus.

  • Christopher Cook

    Terrific find. One other abuptly ending cartoon still needs to be examined for missing footage that I know of, Frank Tashlin’s “The Stupid Cupid.”

  • George

    “The 2 books mentioned sound great. Thank you to C.B. for plugging them! Can’t wait!”

    Uncle Wayne, the two books mentioned aren’t just great, they’re phenomenal. Especially “Mickey and the Gang”, chock full of fascinating text, and beautiful imagery.

    David, if you ever do signing on the convention circuit, please say so on the blog, I’d love to get my book signed! Thanks for taking the time to do a blog too, I’ll certainly be visiting often!

  • Findings like this make me more hopeful that the original ending to “The Heckling hare” surfaces. That too would be awesome to see. David, is there any way you could put this on youtube?

  • -So they were worried about copying the ending of a previous Daffy Duck Cartoon, but not worried about copying Daffy Duck’s personality and his voice for the new rabbit?

    -What does “D.T.” stand for on the rabbit’s bag?

  • Bobby Bickert

    “D.T.” = “Delirium Tremens” = “the shakes” = alcoholic withdrawal symptoms

  • Robcat2075: “So they were worried about copying the ending of a previous Daffy Duck Cartoon?”
    I speculated that they *might* have been worried about that, but at this point I can’t say for sure with any certainty.

  • You know, there are lots of tiny bits of animation deemed lost forever for any number of reasons. I have a somewhat fuzzy DVD transfer from one of my old VHS tapes of a film print of “WHO KILLED WHO?” in which the revealed live action figure who “dood it” weeps a few seconds longer; why this was cut for the current print is anyone’s guess, and look carefully at that “director’s cut” of “HARE RIBBIN'”, more was edited out of the blue ribbon print than just the “alternate” ending. We’re all glad that these things do surface and, if the GOLDEN COLLECTION series is truly over (again, I never say “never”), then I hope that all this stuff and more becomes a large part of the currently successful WARNER ARCHIVES series. In fact, I hope the full animation library becomes part of the WARNER ARCHIVES series so we can complete our collections little by little. I’d rather see the stuff genuinely restored, but it don’t seem as if that will happen anytime soon.

  • Christopher, the original ending to “The Stupid Cupid” (according to Greg Ford) has the rooster and hen kissing, then Daffy comes up between them and the rooster is kissing the back of Daffy’s head. The hen calls the rooster’s attention to the problem, and Daffy says “If you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.” Robcat2075, I believe the “D.T.” on the rabbit’s bag stands for “delirium tremens”, a symptom of advanced alchoholism. It’s a play on words, “D.T.” instead of “D.R.” or “D.D.”

  • Robert Hill

    As a diehard fan of LT’s & MM’s, this is one of the greatest discoveries EVER!! Whenever the next official Looney Tunes DVD release comes out (and it STINKS that there won’t be one this year), PLEASE let this uncut version of “Hare-Um Scare-Um” be included!! Just seeing the still-shots of the formerly unseen scenes is outstanding! I always thought the ending of “Meet John Doughboy” ended abruptly as well, so I wonder if Mr. Schlesinger snipped something there as well. Again, this is GREAT!!

  • Davon

    hey david gerstein could it be possible if i asked you to upload the extended hare um scare um on youtube

  • Danielle W.

    Now we need to find a red leo title card droopy’s good deed print to truly show what was made in 1951. The re-issue blue leo is not proof positive of a complete or unchanged drawing. One could turn up in Europe…