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Dwarf Fight by Bill Tytla

Snow White

This sequence of drawings by Bill Tytla from Snow White is a reminder of what attracted me to animation in the first place. Tytla’s mastery of draftsmanship, control over every element of the image, and ability to invoke vivid personalities from mere lines represents animation artistry at its peak.

  • WOW! ‘Nuff said.

  • Theodore Ushev

    What a master… Amazing drawings and sense of movement, and rhythm. From an epoque when at Disney were real creators… Vladimir Tytla has an interesting story himself, being a sculptor and fine artist, and never wanted to be the “second”… So he destroyed all his fine works, or it is what the legend says.

  • I’m just amazed at his tight control of five characters — each doing their own thing — and yet somehow still moving in concert with one another. In school I remember how hard it was animating two characters interacting well. He’s got FIVE going.

  • Jacob

    Truly, truly amazing.

  • Paul N

    Man, the amazing stuff that the interweb brings us. Remember how hard it used to be to come across awesome reference like this? Thanks for the link Amid

  • Diana

    Tytla has always amazed me. So sad what he was reduced to at the end. Mr. Limpet had its moments, but Little Lulu and the Trix Rabbit?

  • Stuff like this makes me so happy.
    The man is a genius…

  • These drawings are beautiful.

  • JJ

    The massive book on Tytla out a few years ago is fascinating. It needed a good editor, but I’m glad to have everything in it–even un-edited.

  • God! I wish I had access to this when I was younger!