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Eddie Brandt (1922-2011)

Animation writer, musician and most notably, movie memorabilia dealer Eddie Brandt has died. He passed away week ago Sunday, Feb. 20th, of colon cancer at age 89.

Brandt was a piano player for Spike Jones and his City Slickers, who drifted into writing animated cartoons – first for Bob Clampett on the animated Beany & Cecil cartoons, then for Hanna Barbera on Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles, Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor and The Catanooga Cats. He was best known for the past 44 years as the proprietor of Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee, the best video store in Los Angeles (Mural, above, in front of the store by Howard Freeman). His store will live on – but he will be sorely missed.

The store sells vintage movie photos and posters, and rents videos. Brandt’s is well known to have tens of thousands of movies in stock – practically every movie in existence. Mark Evanier has a nice remembrance of Eddie on his site. TCM did this tribute (below) to his store.

  • An awesome store- (slightly odd smelling) but awesome store.
    Video captures the place well.

  • Snap-On Tools

    It is not uncommon to find gofers for Hollywood A-list directors searching the aisles at Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee. The place provides crucial vintage film reference at a depth not remotely comparable to the usual retail chain establishment.

  • What’s funny is I used to walk right by there and I never knew what that place was till now. Next time I’ll stop in there when its open. However that place always looked closed.

  • Ron

    I remember back in the 90’s you could always tell what genre Disney animation was diving into by what they were checking out of Brandt’s.

  • jordan reichek

    Happy trails, Eddie….

  • Brooke Keesling

    Eddie Brandt’s was definitely a big part of formative years of growing up in the valley! The bonus is that it’s so close to the amazing Iliad Bookstore…so you can get your rare, difficult to find videos and then pop over to find an out of print art book!

  • I will miss Eddie a great deal. I used to stop by Saturday Matinee almost every week in the 1970s. The video business was just beginning, and Eddie had a lot of great stills and movie posters he sold for a pittance. ($20.00 for an old cartoon one-sheet!) I had the great pleasure of meeting Mike Maltese there a couple of times. Eddie and Mike would mainly talk movie history, usually lots of Betty Grable, Farley Granger and Maria Montez stories, they hardly ever talked animation, even though they both worked in it. If I’d known more about the wonderful cartoon stories Mike had penned, I would have definitely tried to put him back in his animation shell! Great times, great memories.

  • Both the place and the owner are showbiz treasures. I can’t count how many times my itch for the obscure and offbeat has been satisfied at this place… Haven’t been there in a long while but if Eddie Brandt’s doesn’t have it, it pretty much doesn’t exist in any form…

    Condolences to the family.

  • Lemuel

    Fortunately Eddie’s son Donovan and many of Eddie’s ex-wives continue to operate the store, along with his faithful canine. The Saturday Matinee has a far better succession plan than Blockbuster.

  • Eddie Brandt’s is an old Hollywood Treasure. If you ever were dying for a copy of Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat and Emile Jannings in The Man Who Laughs, you can count on getting them at Eddie Brandt! RIP Eddie, long may your store live on!

  • Sure sounds like a place I would frequent, especially if I could find just about any piece of vintage film ever used. Sure wish this kind of business were a chain, because, believe me, in every part of these United States, there are film lovers, cartoon lovers who would love to fill any dreary corner of their town with something truly useful and worthwhile, like this, a kind of takeout version of the Museum of Television & Radio. Long live Eddie and his legacy. Any man who has kept the memories of great animators and the wackiest classic filmmakers alive should be revered above all others. Wish I were there to partake of that legacy with all the time on my hands!

  • I am saddened to hear the news of Eddie Brandt passing. I had the honor of painting the two murals in front of his video store. He was a very nice man. He will be missed.

    Thank you Jerry for the credit.