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Felix the Cat studio photo


Just spotted on ebay: a vintage publicity photo showing the producer of the Felix The Cat cartoons, Pat Sullivan, and his wife Marjorie, in Sullivan’s office with an avalanche of Felix drawings. They are apparently judging a “Draw Felix” contest, but of greater interest to me is the rare one-sheet poster (Gym Gems, 1926) tacked to the wall, the Felix doll in the corner, and the many framed, autographed photos of stars of the day. Nice find!

  • To bid or not to bid… oh, easy – they don’t ship overseas :(
    But, yes, wouldn’t you love to have the poster in the photo, not just the photo? :)

  • PorkyMills

    I want the Felix doll in the corner (or is it a cutout board?).

  • The contest was sponsored by Cartoons magazine. I have a copy of the magazine with this photo in it at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive on loan to us for digitization.

  • It has never been proved that Otto Messmer created Felix. Otto was having a tilt at gaining the lucrative copyright but he could not prove it
    back then and it still has has not been proved, so what do we get instead… contradicting propaganda! The Canemaker book is in effect the case Messmer would have run…but he made fatal flaws… go to
    See Otto’s lies for yourself… I think Felix is not the only Aussie creation that was hi jacked,,, check out The Mask, The Panther, Vixen.