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Flintstones Stop-Mo

Here’s the way it should be: the stop motion sequence from Flintstones: On the Rocks (2001), by the gang at Screen Novelties.

P.S. Grab a higher quality download off the Screen Novelties website.

  • ArthurF

    Great. And precise timing – it flows, not only capturing the Flintstone movements and expressions in both Fred and the world around him, but by midway signalling that it will be a dream sequence that the viewer will pretty much can expect Fred to wake up from – which makes waiting for the end also fun. Just goes to show you it is possible to continue a known cartoon character’s characteristics, not always screw any life out of them as did the many versions and commercials of the Flintstones over the decades that followed.

  • professor widebottom

    Satisfying in an ersatz animated Viewmaster way. I thought some of the timing to be lacking but that’s small criticism, as this approach expands the novelty and charm of the Flintstones about as far as you can imagine taking it.

  • This movie is but one of many things I wish was on DVD

  • gabby goat

    sorry for the complete off topic, but won’t you guys comment on John K restricting his blog for invited readers only? I mean, doesnt everyone with the slightest interest in animation and their moms read that blog? That’s the second worse thing that happened to me this year, the first one being the death of my grandfather…

  • Connie Pinko

    That was awesome!

  • The first time we watched the Flinstones as kids, they annoyed us. Why? For a very silly and “kidlike” reason. In the opening credits, we couldn’t understand why Fred kept banging on the door instead of just climbing back through the window?? Seemed logical to us. And so annoying. Funny what you remember.

    Well, this little short movie may have redeemed the Flinstones in our

    This was great!

  • Hands down BRILLIANT ! This should be included in any compilation that shows the benefit of choosing (and executing) a technique for telling a story in animation ! It pluses so many aspects of character and story and flows seamlessly into the 2D. . . REALLY tasty ! It differs from the Viewmaster approach by showing all the roughness of the sculpting, etc. used to make the figures. The VM stuff is antiseptic in comparison. . .

    I really like this. . .

  • Vintage Season

    I loved it (again)! My only – small – criticism is that the aspect ratio is incorrect.

    The video was incorrectly encoded at 720 x 480 aspect ratio… which is actually the resolution of a full-D1 MPEG-2 frame for NTSC DVD. But this material was originally filmed in 1.33:1 (aka 4:3), so the video must be anamorphically squished to 640 x 480 in order to be properly viewed.

    As I said, a small complaint, but even Fred Flintstone wasn’t THAT rotund.

    – M.

  • RobEB

    Love it! I just wish Fred’s legs were a little longer.

  • My life is better now

  • Chris

    This definitely need to make it to DVD with loads of extras. I have the show on VHS somewhere.

  • drmedula

    DA-YAMN! I’m not a Flintstones Fan, but that guy is cooler then James Bond!

  • Mike Johnson

    That was fun to watch…captured the look and spirit of the original series pretty darn well!

  • That was really great! But it bugged me that Fred’s eyes were closed almost the whole time…

  • gabby goat – Yes, it’s true. John K has closed his blog to all but selected invitees. Steven Worth at the Asifa-Hollywood Animation Archive is working with John to make the lesson posts from his blog available to students who want to work from his articles. It will take a few days to work out the details, so please be patient.

  • Stop-mo Flintstones looked great! I wonder why they haven’t put that out on DVD? It would seem like an obvious thing to do. If “A Man Called Flintstone” can be on DVD…

    John K blocked his blog? I guess whoever gave him that Lifetime Achievement award for sharing his animation knowledge on his blog will have to take it back now.

  • Tom D

    I liked John K’s blog. Most of the posts recently have been of the “kids, did I ever tell you about the time your old Gramps went up in a balloon?” variety, with artwork from the same few Spumco cartoons of yesteryear, so I wasn’t stopping by as often, but I’ll certainly miss it.

    Thanks to John K for years of hard work and dedication. Huzzah!

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  • Rob

    Screen Novelties always nails it! It’s live veiwmaster come to life. The stuff they’ve done for Flapjack is no exception.

  • Ian

    That was excellent, is the rest of this movie worth watching? Is it even available?

  • I’d be surprised if CN would ever release it, since they hated it upon it’s delivery; They buried it with little fanfare on a random Saturday night where no one would see it, and pulled the plug on the in-production Quick Draw McGraw special by the same crew.

    It’s an amazing gem of a cartoon.

  • Cartoon Network buried it?!?

    It was fantastic! They should’ve gone ahead and completed these for all the Hanna-Barbara library!

    Another exclamation point is in order!

  • Ian: The rest of the movie is totally worth it, you can find it in chunks on youtube!

    The whole movie is completely amazing, I remember seeing it once on TV and then never again! Love the bounce on the bowling ball in this sequence.

  • The Mediocre Gazoo

    I love the girl in this scene! She’s really cute and sexy in that Shane-Glinesy sort of cartoon dish way. I think I might be becoming a stopmosexual.

  • Lippy

    I simply ADORE this sequence — and thanks, Brewmasters for serving it up again!

    I want the Blu-Ray version — YESTERDAY!

    Actually, I’ll chip in $40 bux to invest in a Flintstones FEATURE in this style! Who’s with me??!?

  • Jorgen klubien

    That’s the way the Flintstones should have always looked. It’s like those cool original Ed Benedict designs finally getting the absolute right treatment. Somebody pay those guys to make a feature just like that!

  • Jorgen klubien

    I see the $40 idea above my write now… Great idea… Hell I’ll chip in $4000.-

  • Donald Benson

    I recall stumbling across the movie halfway in and being genuinely puzzled. On the surface it was an early TV episode, but everything was at once cartoonier and slicker. And the story itself wasn’t overly committed to “kid-friendliness.” I remember a scene of a disgruntled and not-speaking Fred and Wilma in their hotel bed, trying to ignore Barney’s and Betty’s loud nonstop giggling next door.

    Whatever it was, it was certainly more interesting than the sadly generic TV movies of Pebbles and Bam Bam getting married, etc. Maybe they can release it with one of those intended-for-collectors notices.

  • Tom D

    Anybody know why this film has never been released on DVD?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thanks! That was a lot of fun. Reminded me of the old Fred Flintstone view master reels.

  • RayRay

    Just the sound of his toes tiptoeing made my weekend ^_^

  • Brad Constantine

    Every once in a while you put something up that makes me fall in love with animation all over again…this is one of those..keep up the good work, Jerry…you continue to inspire us all…props to the animators for keeping the flavor.

  • Gerard de Souza

    This is great. WHere can I see the whole show? Y’see? 2d characters can be 3d with a little love and understanding of the source material.

    All stock HB sound fx too! Am I right?

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • Yet more proof of *how* a Hanna-Barbera movie ought to be made. While I adore how “On the Rocks” was designed, directed and written throughout, this stop-motion sequence was the true gem out of the whole flick.

    Now if only the upcoming Hong Kong Phooey/Yogi Bear/Tom and Jerry movies could have been made in the same style…