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Flip The Frog coloring book


Chris Lopez has posted all the pages of a vintage Flip The Frog Coloring Book on his ComicCrazy blog. The beautiful artwork for this rare licensed piece was certainly done by the cartoonists at the Ub Iwerks studio. Says Chris:

The remarkable thing about this coloring book is that the colored pieces are original to the printing. They are beautifully done, too. The back cover is the same as the front, so I only posted one side. The cover is holding together by the slimmest of pieces. I dare not scan this book again. It’s stored away for safe keeping.

Chris also posts scans of complete comic book stories on his blog – including this Mighty Mouse classic by Jim Tyer!

  • Great item! Features the same layout and design as the early Saalfield Mickey Mouse coloring books – illustrations printed in color alongside the image the child would color. Great condition for an over 70 year old book, especially considering the low grade paper the images were printed on.

  • Gorgeous! Also, Flip’s horse friend appears to be “flipping” us the bird.

  • Charlie

    Flip’s friend also seems to looks to have a close resemblence to a Disney character.

  • Who owns the rights for Flip the Frog today?

  • If you can believe it, according to the 1931 Flip the Frog Annual, Flip’s friend (who appears in THE VILLAGE SPECIALIST, SPOOKS, THE MILKMAN, FIRE-FIRE and some other cartoons) is named Orace, not Horace, and is apparently a mule, not a horse.
    Yeah, right.
    In the 1980s, as a teenager, I sought the Iwerks estate’s permission to create and sell some amateur Flip the Frog projects. At the time, they told me personally that they owned the character rights (and they gave me permission to use him, for a little while).

  • It was very nice of Walt Disney to loan Ub ‘Horace Horsecollar’ ;)

  • Great post Chris & Jerry! Inspiring enough to get me started on another colouring book of my own for my son and some neighbourhood kids.

    (…they’re pretty easy to make, what with the computers and photocopiers around. If any artists reading this happen to make their own, let’s set up a snail-mail trading system! It could be fun, I tells ya…)

  • That Tyer comic is brilliant.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    How splendid to see some vintage Flip merchandise.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if “Orace” was giving the finger – as we know, he had quite a foul mouth, so it’s doubtful his morals in other areas were any less lax.

  • Fernando Ventura,

    You may already know that Amiga animator Eric W. Schwartz did several of his own cartoons with Flip the Frog (with his girlfriend Clarisse the Cat). They’re quite naughty, though, but very, very well done!

    I would assume that Schwartz got permission to use Flip. If not, he at least credited Iwerks, which was good!

  • You can see the Schwartz cartoons here.

    He’s Flip in name only really…and mildly NSFW.

  • John – Thanks for that link to the Schwartz cartoons. Why bother using the name Flip The Frog, though? For anyone outside of animation fans, the name means nothing. Then to animation fans, that ain’t Flip. So why bother? Other than that – nice work. (A little Ren & Stimpy tip o’ the hat from Schwartz, too.)

    PS – Would these be consider Furry cartoons? =)

  • wayne harris

    can help me i have the 1930’s flip the frog in colour book can you tell me how much this book is worth? if not where can i find out to in the u.k