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For Sale: Max Fleischer’s Miami Home

Funny, the things you find for sale on the Internet. Got a spare $2 million? If so, you can afford Max Fleischer’s house in Miami. From the seller’s listing:

Designed in 1936 by Albert Anis for Winter Residence of famous cartoonist, Max Fleischer, creator of Superman, Popeye and Betty Boop… John F. Kennedy once visited this house… it’s full of history.

Full of history? I’m wondering if the basement is filled with cels from Gulliver or Mr. Bug. Obviously the house has been renovated and not much of original is left – however the shelves in the kitchen do look like something Grampy might’ve installed. Click here and check it out.

  • Did Max continue living here after he lost the studio?

    • No. He sold the home, and moved to Detroit, where he lived in the Seward Hotel during the war years while he worked at Jam Handy. After the war he returned to New York, and commuted until he finally left in 1951. The famous RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER was actually done in New York, not Detroit.

  • OtherDan

    Where do you find this stuff? I want that house!-just for the basement.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Say Jerry?
    Can I borrow $2 million from you?


  • Hooper

    Having lived in Florida most of my life, I can assure you there ISN’T a basement! (Sorry, OtherDan) Still….how I wish I had $ 2 million!

  • Iritscen

    I like the glossed-over language that says that Fleischer created Superman, Popeye, and Betty Boop, rather than just producing the animated works they starred in. Maybe someone simply made an honest mistake, but it’s a good way to talk up the house you’re selling, don’t you think? ;-)

    • It’s really not a “glossing over,” but a “short-handed” explanation to the general public who doesn’t know what a Producer does.

  • Chuck R.

    Iritscen, that struck me as funny too, but if I were writing the listing, I’d probably write the same thing just for brevity’s sake.

    Anyway, it’s not exactly false. Fleischer didn’t create the characters but he created the films with the same names. Some (Popeye, Superman) were among the best incarnations of those characters anyway, so I’m going to let the technicality slide. :-) :-)

  • Ron

    I was born and raised in Miami- not far from where the Fleischer studio once stood. I believe the studio is used as a welfare office now. If I’d known this house was there, I would have gone looking for it.

  • doug holverson

    If Florida doesn’t have basements, where do the nerds, geeks, and fanboys dwell?

  • Found a listing for the house that is only asking $895,000.00

  • sporridge

    Larry, quoting from Leslie Cabarga’s “The Fleischer Story” (1988 printing):

    “Max sold his two-story Spanish style mansion in Miami and headed for the Jam Handy organization in Detroit. There he helped with the army training films they produced” (along with an early animated adaptation of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”). Cabarga included the want ad from the sale (asking price in the early 1940s: $40,000, electric piano included).

    Miami (and South Florida) is quick to wipe out most traces of the past, and so it was with the Fleischer Studios (also subsequently used as an airline training facility, IIRC).

    To my knowledge, the most recent commemoration was a Sunday afternoon retrospective at the 1987 Miami Film Festival, held downtown at the Olympia/Gusman Center (where, as a Paramount movie palace, the Fleischer output probably made its original appearances). Made-in-Miami shorts and a Paramount “Popular Science” featurette with behind-the-scenes footage of Fleischer’s staff preceded “Hoppity Goes to Town.” Fleischer alumni, many of whom stayed in Florida after the studio left town, probably filled the first three or four orchestra rows. A most joyous matinee.

  • sporridge – The 1987 Fleischer tribute you cite was curated by myself and Frank Gladstone. It was a wonderful show. Thanks for remembering that.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Damn! 4 years ago I bought a fixer-upper in Pacomia for 2 million!

  • Ron

    doug holverson “If Florida doesn’t have basements, where do the nerds, geeks, and fanboys dwell?”

    Well that’s why I moved to California…but I don’t have a basement there either.

  • anthony

    Ha Ha

    I am not sure about all this I have owned this house since
    July of 06.

    Anthony Parks

    What Up?