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Frank Tashlin’s Van Boring on Facebook

Cartoonist-animator-filmmaker Frank Tashlin drew a comic strip, Van Boring (He Never Says a Word), for the Los Angeles Times between 1934 and 1936. A Facebook page devoted to the strip has started posting the pantomime panel, one-per-day, exactly 76 years from their original publication dates.

Written under the pseudonym “Tish-Tash”, the character was inspired by Tashlin’s former animation boss, Amadee J. Van Beuren. It’s well worth joining Facebook to “Like” this page.

  • Mr. Pencil


  • Stephan

    Oh man. I hate negative comments, but “Van Boring” is right. The drawings are nice, but the writing is deliriously dull. No conflict, no personality in the character, the jokes have little weight to them!? Still, amazingly cool that someone found these and is posting them online! Its just disappointing is all!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I couldn’t disagree more with the above offhanded dismissal. Tashlin was all of 19-years old in 1934. Although I have no doubt that Stephan’s published teenage work was superior in every way by comparison, I’m happy to finally see some of Tashlin’s early print cartoons at last. For those interested, Tashlin’s classic 1946 children’s book The Bear That Wasn’t has been republished in a handsome hardcover edition,
    available HERE.

  • james madison

    Great line work. Simple but not “simple”.

  • I like the 1934 Van Borings, but the strip really gets better in art and humour in 1935, and especially 1936.

    Just viewing a few of the panels, you may not see Van’s personality come through, but follow it for a few weeks and you will definitely get a sense of who he is.

    I’m glad you like the Facebook page! I’ll keep posting them until the end of the strip in 1936 then I’ll loop back around to the beginning few months that I didn’t post because I started in August (but that will be almost two year from now).

  • David Breneman

    This strip is absolutely charming, and I mean that in the genuine, non-ironic way. There’s still a place for “gentle humor” in this jaded world.

  • Love the roly-poly design of the Van Boring character!

  • Jimbo2K7

    Some of the images look remarkably like an early Porky Pig.

  • You got it, Jimbo! Some of the panels, especially in early 1935, I’d swear I was looking at Tashlin’s version of Porky! It is interesting to note that he did this strip BEFORE he started directing Porky cartoons! Tashlin’s Porky took on some very Van Boring like characteristics! I wonder if Tish Tash drew a lot of inspiration for Porky from his comic strip…