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GIVEAWAY: UPA Jolly Frolics DVD sets


I’ve got two copies to give away of TCM’s 3-dvd UPA Jolly Frolics set. It’s loaded with visual delights guaranteed to inspire any fan of the “cartoon modern” aesthetic. Simpy leave a comment–say anything you wish–and make sure to include a real email address so I can contact you if you win. (Your email remains hidden and will not be used for any purpose other than to contact the winners.)

RULES: Contest will be closed at Saturday midnight (Eastern time). If you’ve won anything recently from us, you can’t win again. One entry per person. Multiple entries will automatically disqualify you.

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  • This looks awesome! It would be a great reference for design work :)

  • megamaniaman

    I Love UPA!!

  • Jeremy Sovereign

    Looks like an amazing set!

  • Dennis Campa

    I’m VERY excited about this set! I plan to play excerpts from the Magoo in Hi Fi album on my radio show. Kudos for this coming out!

  • Justin Howe

    This will go to the first 3 commentors, right?

    I would love to own this collection! Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve been waiting for these to come out. Rooty Tooty Toot is one of my favorites!

  • eeteed

    my friend got this, and he tells me that it’s great!

  • Rich LaPierre

    Hi guys,
    I’d love to have a shot at winning this prize. I love Mr. Magoo!


  • I love your blog and I love me some UPA. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks!

  • Miles

    This looks amazing. I’m a huge fan of all things UPA, and I’ve heard a lot of great things about this set.

  • selene

    Woah, sweet!

  • Ooooooo! I could definitely learn something from that!

  • UPA rules. Got your Cartoon Modern book a couple years ago and would not stop looking at the images inside. I’m still not tired of them, either. Looking forward to the Ward Kimball book. Cheers!

  • Craig B

    Bummer its only available at TCM’s website.

  • Matt P.

    Fingers crossed that I can win this!

  • Abel Salazar


  • George Papazoglou

    That’s great:D!Very beautiful animation,I love that old style!

  • RENO Cartoons

    Wow, thank you for your ever amazing generosity Amid! , i’mve become a regular cartoonbrew reader for the past months, i’m still just a fresh animation student although i don’t live in the U.S, so i do apologize for not adding much to the usual animation conversations around here.

    Anyway i’m quite sure that any two guys or gals that win those dvd’s will enjoy them a whole lot, and if by any means i do get one, i’m willing to pay the shipping cost in case there’s any trouble with the mailing towards my current location :-).

    In any case, please keep up your continued efforts to bring a warm fuzzy feeling to the animation scenario! my most respectful and heartfelt cheers to you and everyone in the cartoonbrew crew!


  • I love the modern style of UPA cartoons! This set would be amazing!

  • I wrote a paper on the UPA and Gerald Mcboing
    Boing many years ago in college. The cartoons were absolutely essential in my decision to pursue motion graphics and animation. I don’t think I’ve seen all of the cartoons though – just bits scattered on YouTube.

  • George Papazoglou

    That’s great:D!I love that old style animation!

  • Tris Mast

    I am a friend of UPA artist Cliff Roberts. Love this stuff.

  • jeff

    wow..great prize.

  • Tristan

    I’m 15 and studying animation. Some of my favorites are on here!

  • Bob Harper

    I was just about to order it online, so save a poor father of three the cash, so I can shows my kids some great pieces of art to make up for then watching I-Carly.

  • Jeff Bryson

    Aw man! I love cartoon modern! I recently watched “Gerald McBoing-Boing” and “Rooty Toot Toot” in my animation history class with Howard Beckerman. I would love too see them (and the rest of the classics) remastered! and to have them for reference!

  • Those previously posted screenshots kill me. WANT!

  • Greg

    I’d love to share this with my son!

  • frye

    Alright i will give this a shot.

  • tom

    anything you wish

  • Eddie T.

    I can’t wait to own these!
    I love Bobe Cannon’s animation.

  • James Coffey

    I have been waiting and waiting for this set to come out! I need it to round out my collection but can’t afford it at present time. Does anyone know if it’s limited edition?

  • Wojtek Traczyk

    Count me in, please.

  • steveg

    It’s great that these cartoons are finally on DVD. Thanks for offering this.

  • Matthew

    Jolly good prize!

  • It looks like a wonderful set!

  • Jed

    I would love to add this to my collection! Looks amazing.

  • Skip

    I’m glad that this DVD is finally available, Now if only someone can put together a Complete Tex Avery DVD set.

  • Jed

    Looks amazing! Would love to add it to my collection.

  • Nathan

    Been wanting to see these for years

  • JonCow

    My boss said I should enter this for him, as part of my intern duties. And, of course, since the email will never be shown, he’ll never know if I entered his or mine. Well, back to the old grindstone!

  • Erin Gaughen

    I would love to show these to my son! Fingers crossed!

  • I think the comment of “Oh Sweet” sums it all up

  • Brian Kidd

    Oh, man, how much would my life be happier right now with this set? Answer: a lot.

  • Scott Breitbart

    What a treat to revisit my childhood. Wait. I haven’t left it yet. :-)

  • fkosun

    I want to get Jorry Frolics!
    I tried to get this. but it is hard to get by japanese cartoon fans.

  • Bill s

    Just ordered When Magoo Flew so this DVD would be a great compliment to the book.

  • Randi

    Pick me! :-)

  • David VanTuyle

    This DVD set looks really great!

  • I’m very excited about this DVD! I can’t wait to get a copy of my own. Although I’m very young (about 14) the UPA stuff that’ve seen has blown my mind

  • I’d love to win a copy of this set. Although being very young (only 14) I’ve seen a lotta great UPA stuff and it’s brilliant

  • vince

    UPA is awesome and have been looking forward to this set. So here’s giving it a try!

  • I love UPA. I love cartoon brew. I love the sketch you did for me in my copy of Cartoon Modern Amid. I love the book too. Cartoons are good for your health. In particular, nicely designed cartoons. it’s scientifically proven. (at least in Guam)

  • Whoo Hoo!! Sounds like such a great set! Ive loves UPA’s style before I was even sure who they were :)

  • Nice! That set would go great with the rest of my animation DVDs.

  • Phillip Salomon

    This looks like a fantastic collection.

  • JonMJ

    Must have! So glad UPA is getting some love!

  • Finally, these cartoons are available to the public in a worthy collection. I can’t believe it’s taken so long… AND, I can’t wait to start watching them!

  • Gabe Del Valle

    Yay! I’d love to own this piece of animation history!

  • This might well be the must-own set of the year! I’ve never won anything from Cartoon Brew – perhaps my time has come?

  • I really want to get this set, but i need to find another job, and Amazon seems to be out of stock on this set right now….I would be really happy if I won it…

  • Irving Mendez

    I love UPA!!!!

  • Brian Meyer

    This collection looks fantastic!

  • John Hall

    I can remember seeing “The Tell-Tale Heart” at a Saturday movie matinee at the Auditorium Theatre sometime in the early ’60s. It was shown along with “House on Haunted Hill” and The Bowery Boys in “Hold That Hypnotist”. I have since loved all things UPA!

  • JP

    Should I win the contest, I’m going to donate the set to the film department of our local university. I can’t think of a better way to share these wonderful shorts than to expose a new generation to them!

  • Eddie Rhodes

    Looks great!

  • thoth5000

    I love UPA!!! I would love to win that set.

  • Degeaffusunuman


  • I love old cartoons! Hope I win.

  • Jesus159159159

    I like anime :>

  • Luke

    I have never seen a UPA short in my life, this would be a fantastic way to discover them.
    Pretty Please?!

  • Neil

    Not available to residents outside the US (Im in the UK) so i’d love to have this
    ps: will pay for postage : )

  • Jason W.

    Greetings from Nebraska!

  • Worth a shot; it’s been years since I’ve seen any of these.

  • Eric Graf

    Me want also.

  • Siemasko

    I hope I win this!! This could replace my worn out VHS of Gerald McBoingBoing. Good luck to everyone!

  • The Forbidden Dook-bag

    Rooty toot toot me with a copy of this set.

  • zippy

    Fingers crossed…

  • Gene L.

    I’m a baby boomer who grew up watching Terrytoons, Popeye,Out of the Inkwell, Ruff’n’Reddy, Crusader Rabbit and that was just the start. I remember going to neighborhood theater for 17-cartoon spectaculars and seeing those “modern” UPA cartoons. It would be fantastic to see them again.

  • I’m not going to win

  • Chris

    Love classic cartoons!!!!!!

  • Why yes, I would love to win one of those UPA sets! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • snoopy

    cartoon brew is the shizzle!

  • Doug Anderson

    UPA is my favorite studio!!

  • I want!

    Like Mid-Century Modern Animation and this Blog

  • Unmatched

  • Yes please

  • AdrianC.

    As someone who has probably seen maybe one or two UPA cartoons in his entire life, this DVD would be a great way to familiarize myself with some of the work from this influential animation studio. As an animation enthusiast, I think watching these cartoons might fill some gaps in my “cartoon education.”

  • GW

    I’d like a copy.

  • “The Unicorn in the Garden” is such a great film.

  • Tom


  • Dan Leon

    Aw man, it’s nice to see other stuidos FINALLY their cartoons get a release.

  • Oliver Gerestein

    Love those classic cartoons and would kill for this box set!!! Thanks…!

  • Y’know this DVD would go great with my copy of Cartoon Modern ;)

  • Courtney

    Would love this! Did not win art of Pixar, did not win megamillions!

  • Jen P.

    Here’s hoping!

  • Smith

    I am amazed and inthrawled by the fact that the UPA cartoons are now remastered on dvds….as I write this I am slapping myself senselessly with joy :D…..I also love the cartoon history books by Jerry and Amid…cant wait for the Ward Kimball biography…keep up the great work!!!!

  • Tyler


  • Jodie


  • Jeff

    It would be cool to get this.

  • Amos

    Would love to get this. It’d be near impossible to find here.

  • Sky James

    UPA all the Way!

  • So exciting to see a quality copy of these great cartoons.

  • Hal

    Only one word…Finally!

  • UPA cartoons are something I haven’t watched in quite a long time! I’d love to watch some again. I am, of course, very interested in the birth of limited animation, back when it was used artistically.

  • Vicente

    Teaching animation for a better world… Best!

  • A great time in animation history for sure! Being interested in both animation and graphic design, the UPA style of cartoons is extremely influential and appealing to me! Been waiting for a collection of these shorts for a while! :)

  • Vicente

    Teaching animation for a better world…

  • Scott B.

    If I were smart, I’d get my son to enter this. He wins everything. Me? Never.

  • These look really cool. Hope I win one!

  • Grey

    I love that 50s style. Like your Cartoon Modern book. Love that stuff!

  • Whoot! Sign me up. Thanks!

  • Grey

    I love that 50s style, like in your book, Cartoon Modern. :)

  • Thanks for the opportunity. These look really cool.

  • Rogelio E. Toledo

    I like contests…
    I like this! :)

  • snorenose

    Please enter me in your contest. I really want this set. But the shipping costs to Canada are so expensive on the TCM website. Thanks.

  • Sign me UPA!!!

  • Stuart Cook

    Great to see such a collection beautifully restored! Animation justice!

  • Jason

    Yay free stuff!

  • Richard

    Man, I would really love to win this! I haven’t had an addition in my animation DVD collection in a LONG time.

  • I would love to have a copy of this…

  • Yeah, I’d like to win a copy of this!

  • Joe

    Hoo-Ray for UPA!

  • Mogambo Dust

    Looking at this DVD set illuminates just how many notes that have so far NOT yet been hit during the past 25 years of furiously trying to recapture all that was hip in mid-century American 2D design by the present day pretenders. UPA’s five or so best known shorts have been available in blurry, faded out prints on You Tube and its ilk during much of this time but they contain only those design elements that have been beaten to a dead horse pulp by the horde of latter era imitators. To see the entire breadth of the UPA design bench in its remastered glory is to regenerate atrophied limbs. The lucky would-be usurpers of past design greatness will fill their intellectual coffers to the brim with the cornucopia of visual wonderment heaving therein. Whether this will be a good thing or not only the next 25 years may tell. Unless, of course, December 12 of this year turns out to reflect the rumored eschatological phenomena which the obsessive doomsday crowd considers as fact.

  • Damon

    3 DVD’s of UPA animation?!?!? Holy guacamole! Their character designs and style still look amazing.

  • River

    Sounds like my thing. I hope I win. As for the previous contest, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to double post. I thought my first one didn’t come through.

  • I don’t comment enough on your excellent blog and I feel guilty I’m doing it to enter the draw! (Not that that will stop me from commenting and entering!) Thanks!

  • Uhmm…Please, Amid?

  • Tom

    Hurrah! I’d like to win.

  • Neil

    If I win I will pet my dog. He’ll be pretty psyched.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I’d really love to win… I just bought Cartoon Modern and developed a huge interest in all things UPA.

  • Tim Fox

    Oh, Magoo… You’ve done it again! (Thanks for the opportunity…)

  • Jeff Hentosz

    For this I give you real e-mail AND real name!

  • Would love to grab a copy of this, seems like a really great collection.

  • This collection is just an easter egg on the Hellboy 2 DVD, right?

  • It’s quite something to see 100+ comments from people into UPA’s cartoons!! YEAAHH!!

  • Awesome, free stuff!

  • Craig L

    I am torn between being delighted that so many people share my love for the Jolly Frolics and frustrated that so many of them got their comments in ahead of me. The good stuff will never go away, as long as we can convince the corporate ‘rightsholders’ to take good care of them. This collection is great, and if I don’t win a freebie, it’ll be the next thing I buy when I get a little ‘disposable income’.

  • Well, this would be nice to win, but Olive Films better be planning their Betty Boop set, plus Paramount should go see the LACMA screening of classic Paramount cartoons so they can put out classic Technicolor cartoons and/or end the sublicesning of “Boop”.

    Ah, I have no chance of winning with those words.

  • Jim Lahue

    A set of UPA dvds would be a nice Easter present.

  • Mike

    Sure! I’d love to heave one of these!! :-)

  • I was just watching UPA’s Dick Tracy today.

    my life was so enhanced by these cartoons i carry this in to my own work,

  • Tory

    Don’t know if I missed it but I really want it and I’m broke and unemployed. :( Please pink me! I Luv youse guys.

  • I tried to buy it from the company, but they won’t sell it outside of America, so I’m taking my chances here! Would love to get my hands on a copy.

  • Lud Hughes

    Wow! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these beauties! ;-)

  • Eliran

    Amazing! UPA!

  • Cody

    I Love the UPA surreal animation and design!

  • Billy Polard

    Mr. Magooooooo!!!!

  • Robert Wales

    Looking to pick this up at the TCM Classic Film Festival gift shop next week and save myself the postage .

  • Jordan

    Great! set looks great!

  • Michael Rosenberg

    I simply adore UPA!

  • Mark Newgarden

    me, me me!

  • The G Man

    I’ve never seen these cartoons look better than they do on this set. Heck, ten years ago I never even thought there’d BE a set like this. Thanks, Jerry and Amid, for everything you did to make this possible.

  • Andrew Farago

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  • I’d love a UPA set. The only UPA cartoons I have are extras on the Hellboy DVD.

  • I would love to have this amongst my collection. I would love to see these films the way they were meant to be seen (quality-wise). I adore John Hubley’s work at UPA. The films he made are fun, witty, and filled with great character animation.

  • UPA is a definite must have for your library if you’re a designer or animator right now. Much of the classic techniques transfer beautifully to flash.

  • Andrew Snarls

    Every so often I pull out my Cartoon Modern: Style And Design In Fifties Animation if I find myself un-inspired. It helps me out. So I’d definitely enjoy winning this set.

  • Dave

    Took me forever to appreciate UPA, but now I love ’em!

  • Brian Blaquesmith

    Excelent!!! I want one!!!

  • Josh

    Oh wow, I’d love to own that!

  • Terry Pace

    I want this UPA set! I must have it! :-)

  • Topes

    This would be amazing to have!

  • I’ve been waiting a long time for a DVD the UPA cartoons, and a long time to finally post something on Brew. My comment: Why no Blu-Ray release of this set?

  • Gerald McBoing Boing is a masterpiece along with so many on this set. I have used that toon in the past as part of a lesson in a sound design class.

    Love UPA style!

    What a great looking set!

  • Hugo

    I love UPA!!!

  • Simply the best DVD compilation I have in my vast animation library. Along with WHEN MAGOO FLEW, a very nice way for me to enjoy this Easter season. Hope there is more UPA to follow beyond the theatrical Magoo cartoons.

  • If I win, can I get it in 16mm ?

  • I remember seeing THE TELL-TALE HEART at school when I was in the fifth grade and even though I was a lifelong cartoon fan and knew UPA from Mr. Magoo, the stylishness just blew me away! Been a fan of UPA ever since–44 years now!

  • Hugo

    I love UPA!!! (:

  • Andrew Dunn

    I love that stuff! Also named my pet Magoo.

  • Luke


  • Ooh!

  • Stewart Patton

    UPA Rocks!!!

  • Anthony Taylor

    Magoo in 2012!

  • Brooks D.

    I really love the UPA cartoons. Just recently watched The Tell-Tale Heart and besides James Mason’s awesome narration, I was totally blown away by the look and design of the piece… so ahead of it’s time!

    This UPA DVD set looks to be a real treasure trove of classics and I’m glad they’re finally getting out for us animation lovers to see…

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for one of those DVD sets…


  • I want this DVD set! I deserve it more than anyone here! ;)

  • Right in the snoot!

  • mark R

    I WON!!! I WON!!!!! YAY

  • Joe

    I’d love to get a FREE copy :) UPA yay!

  • TWANG! TWANG! ahum! Boing Boing Boing SLAM pow CRACK! meow…

  • WOW would love to win this UPA Classic set. Great way to study the classic modern design of the 50’s. Would make a great addition to my collection of animation. Thank you Cartoon Brew!

  • Andrew Atteberry

    Banana Hammock FTW!!!!!!

  • Antonio

    The screenshot is enough to give me animation particle-acceleration!

  • Awesome, thanks for throwing such a cool contest!

  • Thanks for the cool contest!

  • Xelioth

    Oh, man! I was just thinking today that I need more old animation to study!

  • Donovan Jones

    Winning this dvd set would be the bee’s knees!

  • Laura Hohman

    Love the color in these! Gorgeous!

  • Thanks to everyone and anyone who helped make this set happen. If I win I promise I’ll only watch with someone great next to me.

  • Antonio

    Just the screenshot alone gives me animation molecule-acceleration!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    UPA is no doubt one of my many inspirations and I hope more people will rediscover this studio and it’s work for years to come!

  • Laura Hohman

    Love the color! Gorgeous!

  • Amy

    I looooooove UPA!

  • The great Bill Melendez loved UPA, that’s good enough for me!!

  • Really want this DVD!

  • Tom

    only seen a few of these cartoons before in my life time. what i have seen was very entertaining. love cartoonbrew.

  • Nicole A

    So happy that this set is out and from TCM to boot :D

  • Andrew

    As my order at TCM is currently listed as “backordered,” this would really make my day.

  • Mark

    I would love to win this amazing set!!!!!

  • Emmett Goodman

    Hi. I like UPA cartoons a lot. I’d like a chance to truly enjoy (as well as artistically and scientifically study) them in a controlled DVD set.

  • I remembered going to a UPA cartoons screening in Ottawa that you (Amid) were hosting. I discovered tons of awesome cartoons that day and it changed the way I see animation forever. Later, I also bought the great book (Cartoon Modern) you put together…

    I don’t if this is a hasard kind of thing or what, but I surely could use a copy of UPA Jolly Frolics, treat it with good care, for inspiration and pure quality entertainment!

    And besides,it’s 22.95 to ship this DVD to Montréal trough “TCM”.


  • I could sure use some Jolly Frolics in this here household!

  • Bill

    Hello there!

  • I’ve seen some UPA cartoons and from I’d seen, I’d really like it. So, yeah, I would LOVE to win the Jolly Frolocs set, please.

  • boaktree

    I love UPA!!!!!!

  • Steve Vitale

    Very cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • theblackhatclub

    Be proud to win this set.

  • MarkMcD

    Oh, Magoo! You’ve done it again!

  • boaktree


  • JWB

    I stop at the site everyday! Thanks for the scoops!

  • I really like cartoons and cartoon brew. And that’s just how it is.

  • kevin

    Please can i get a copy!!

  • Crabjuice

    I’ve never won anything in my entire life, now’s the time to change that! I want this so bad.

  • Steve Halvorsen

    UPA did such amazing work. I wish more people had an opportunity to see it.

  • austin


  • So glad this came out. I would to win it. Fingers and toes crossed…

  • Ryan M. Maxwell

    I wanna view Magoo!

  • anything you wish

  • it’s for me! the miracle of Eastern will happen to me!

  • Cheyenne Curtis

    i wanna wiinnnnnnnn!!

  • Kyle



    Thank you for the generous offer.

  • At last UPA on DVD! I hope I win.